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  2. One question, if I ask them to give a upgrade but not free that you have to pay?

  3. Guy talks like a rapper 😆

  4. Is this yes theory

  5. You deserved more than a million subscribers. Nice Story!

  6. This video is awesome !!

  7. What a finesse jeez

  8. The one step that always works for me is to walk up to the counter at check in and hand them a business class ticket. Always works.

  9. Solid advice👍thnks.

  10. lol so basically 1. be hot 2. be nice and you will get first class..cause this NEVER works with me

  11. Well done – on how you got the upgrade AND making this fab little video. Made me laugh! Clever tips

  12. I love this video is it even possible that this guy hasn't gone viral?

  13. Lol. I was travelling with mom and my young bro, we all got upgraded to business class because we signed up for membership at the time of booking, and asked about business class upgrade pricing several times. So yeah, it’s a miracle we all 3 got the upgrade.

    It was Emirates flight from Hanoi to Warsaw via Dubai.

  14. You are very inspirational I have to say.

  15. I flew buisness class for free cause my dad works in an airline (air canada) so we always fly for free! Also in business Class

  16. Not saying this will never work, but 9 out of 10 times airlines upgrade according to frequent flyer status rather than whatever story you come up with.

  17. Too close to Casey Neistat style. Practically a copy. Can't you be a bit different maybe to show some value?

  18. Wow, NEVER ask for an upgrade?! That was the first thing I would think of trying! Great video, THANKS!!

  19. Bullshit. Do you even know how many people are members of airline loyalty programmes? No one cares… Only status passengers and high fare class passengers are standing a chance of being upgraded. Don’t buy this crap 😂

  20. i really felt the "YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaahHshahHHsaahaaaaaahhhhhhhHhhhHHhhhHhHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" part of your video. 😊

  21. Thanks, brother! It worked for my dad!

  22. buddy your way is awesome except some of airplane which the business located on second floor of plane and this this way wont work and u will enjoy the sounds of flash toilet and people who always pass you for toilet. :)))

  23. Well, it wasn’t really for free…

  24. I'm so gonna try this

  25. That happened to me! On a Emirates flight too, didn't do anything. Being a long distance solo traveller has its perks!!

  26. WANNA HAVE THE BEST SEATS? Always, always be patience and BE THE LAST TO ABORD the plane. That it! Easy!

  27. This worked for me on a small, low budget airline called Allegiant Airways. I deliberately let the computer pick my seat knowing that it only selects the cramped, super budget seats, and not any of the extra legroom ones that cost extra (and you have to reserve at the time you're setting up your flight details). 24 hours before I checked in and my seat was, ofc, a tiny cramped one. I called up the airlines and said I was trying to upgrade to the comfy seat because I had poor circulation and just couldn't sit cramped up in their regular seats (which which true, but I'd been putting up with it for years on their planes). She upgraded me for free. It was the first time in years that I didn't spend all night with both legs cramping up so bad it brought tears. Had I purchased the seats at the time of reservation it would've cost an extra 25 bucks. Which doesn't sound like a big deal, but the point was to stay low budget. 25 bucks each way is an extra 50 bucks round trip added to the flight.

  28. How is this free,I thought you still paid for bulkhead economy seats

  29. I just pay it’s easier…

  30. Just find an airline that always overbook, but never actually punch people out of the planes (*cough* United Airlines *cough*), and get in the plane as the very last passenger in the boarding queue.
    More often than not, you get free upgrade just because they already book your seats to another person.
    Works with up to three people, although chances are bigger if you're alone.
    Got free business class upgrade once in AirChina with this trick, with one of my friend getting it too at the same flight.

  31. BAHAHA he's got his trolls posters posting about how " this works" to up the views and likes. Yea okay. Lets see that work on hidden cam. this may work 1 out of 10 times. They don't always have available seats and you're lucky if you get bulkhead seats. You're not the only on'e who's polite. There are lot more persuasive people who are good with their words who will also try.

  32. I tried this out, the gave me a bulkhead seat.

  33. Jesus christ he's a genius

  34. so the moral of the story the end doesnt matter is what you do to get to it that matters hmm intresting

  35. My dad has a Skywards platinum card and Emirates upgraded my whole family of 3 to business class for free.😀

  36. One way to get a upgrade for dirt cheap is to smile politely and ask "Is there anyway I could get a free upgrade?" and put a $50 or $100 note on the counter while keeping their gaze.

  37. My flight was full, I fled alone, I bought my ticket last minute because my mom was dying and I needed more room to rest on plane so that I could rush to the hospital after I landed. I asked politely if I could pay a bit more to upgrade to premium economy, the answer was I needed to add $700 Canadian (the ticket was $850)…. so mean.. then I asked if I could get a seat with more legroom.. the answer was no. By the way, I think I also dressed very nice. So what have I done wrong? All he asked was if my mom is contagious because he wanted to document it. He saw that my returned flight would be in three days. No one would fly 12 hours if not for family emergency. I was very upset.

  38. You got upgraded because you’re a good looking dude. Ugly ppl rarely get upgraded. As I’ve flown so much, I’ve rarely seen anyone upgraded who was ugly. You’re so not ugly.

  39. Always try to prebook your seats so that if later they might be removed, your could claim business class.

  40. Maybe your handsome …and that kind of sucks too

  41. I used to work for the airline and this is 100% spot on, how you carry yourself and how you present yourself will go a long way if you are looking for an upgrade. Also, never drink the hot water on the plane.

  42. I just upgraded business class for 3 people for FREE. Check out my latest vlog.

  43. There wasn't any seat available in Economy that's why they have given you a seat in business class. Otherwise you can always bid for an upgrade rather than paying for the extra legroom seat.

  44. Yeah the intro really makes it seem like a sociopath, or even psychopath, due to the planned, manipulated social interaction

  45. Good, common sense video. Bravo.

  46. This is the first video of yours I've watched. Its well done. I am very impressed by your overall attitude, shown in your comments at the end. I'll definitely watch more of yours. Thanks for this info!

  47. Great video dude!

  48. lol you said " the answer is almost yes" but then you said "the worst mistake you can make is expecting an upgrade"??? So that went from 98% to hit or miss????

  49. Wow that's amazing, I have registered 6months before hand as frequent flyer, is it too early??

  50. Intructions not clear i ended up putting my dog in a microwave

  51. I pretend to have a leg injury and got business class for free also it was an empty flight

  52. As someone who works for this airline, it’s true that the only way you can get upgraded for free (without using miles) is when economy class is oversold. However, it has nothing to do with how you’re dressed or whether or not you ask for an upgrade (although it is so annoying when people are constantly asking for/demanding free upgrades), but rather how much you paid for your ticket. The people who paid the most are the ones to be on top of the list (yes, it is an actual list!) for an upgrade, regardless of whether they are a Skywards member or not. Your membership status doesn’t play ANY role in this type of upgrade- I have witnessed Platinum members remaining in economy class while non-members get upgraded to business class (or first if business is full- if their original booking was business).

    Oh and one more thing- if you book through an agency, even if you paid the most for the ticket you will not get the free upgrade. Reason: we cannot access the payment details, only the agency can. To increase your chances of a free upgrade, book your ticket through the airline directly.

    Be polite 😀

  54. abt to fly internationally thursday! bought eco and imma try this!

  55. Is not how you dress is about the airline is trained to get new passenger to buy business or whatever seat that is more expensive so if you are a new member of their special group points stuff they would upgrade you because they will give you a free test so they hope you start buying more business or first class seats since hey give you a free trial

  56. Will this will not work cuz I am traveling with my mom and my brother sooo plan failed

  57. my dad and his friend once got an upgrade to first class because people were literally fighting in economy class over the seats and things and my dad and his friends just stood aside the flight attendants obviously liked their manner (not fighting) and upgraded them

  58. That was just sheer luck!

  59. I got free upgrade for two last month. We had argument and it turned out great actually 😂✌️

  60. You still paid for the flight…

  61. Yes theory vibes here

  62. Hahahah and 2 more uncontrollable factors: being white and male lol

  63. Stipud childe!!! You thnk you are smart don`t you? You fucking go on my fucking nerves listen at your bad english and stupid way of talking. No one can understand what you fucking mean. Small man big idiot. Go back to school or let you fuck in that beautiful mouth of yours.

    What a fucking trash video!!!!!!! I would not let you in any plane stupid childe. PISS OFF

  64. Most annoying thing to say to a gate agent – “I called ahead of time and asked….”

  65. You like yes theroy?

  66. Not the most frequent flyer, but i recently got 3 seat changes to comfort plus and bulkhead just by asking at the gate. i’m 6”5’ and i asked nicely if there is any chance to get one of those seats with extra legroom space.

  67. 3:20 When you're a metal head who gets a free upgrade.

  68. Dress smart, wears a cap backwards, fuck off.


  70. I am sitting at the airport right now😂
    Damn. I am wearing sweatpants

  71. Have you tried it again?

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  73. The ground agent made a mistake by assigned my seat to biz because my carry on was over weight. She had me unpacked then reissued a boarding pass. Surprisingly, when I was on board, my seat was a biz!
    Hope she didn't get in trouble!

  74. When I book the seats in Eco, will it go?

  75. One more uncontrollable step:

    Be Caucasian…….

  76. That's actually good advice overall.

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  78. First time flying alone, 13 hour flight sort of half full deck. If i put on puppy eyes and seem scared what are my chances

  79. Great video shots!😄

  80. I upgraded to 1st class 3 times, once with my husband. 2 of those trips were only $50, once was $100.00. each time those 1st class tickets started at $800 per person and an upgrade beforehand would of been an additional $200+ per trip. I just went online 24 hours before the flights to do online check-in & upgrades when available. Oh, you do to be a rewards member. So not free but free alcohol, great legroom and epic food is well worth the few extra dollars.

  81. Any advice for the age of checking in before you even get to the airport?

  82. It doesn’t work when you’re a minority. I’m sorry but that’s the real world babe 😂

  83. Fuck yea awesome video

  84. So basically his tips for us is “Luck” 👀

  85. I got an upgrade on an Emirates flight, and me and two other ps from our family got an upgrade to business class. Best moment of my life…

  86. I think it was because the flight was full, and the two others with me as well as myself signed up for skywards.

  87. Helps to be good looking or at least some kind of charm and charisma.

  88. Forgot one step:
    You can’t be socially anxious.

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