Fletch’s Anger Management Lesson – Blark and Son

Fletch’s Anger Management Lesson – Blark and Son

(grunting) – [Computer] Enemy double kill. – Zeke, I’m dying here! – [Zeke] Sorry man, I’m
so distracted lately. Regina has my head in
clouds, like spider on, – [Computer] Enemy triple kill. – Well can you lock it up bro, I need you to focus on the game. – [Computer] Enemy quadra-kill. – [Zeke] There’s no word
for it in my language, but in English, Regina
makes me what you call, Happy. – [Computer] Enemy penta-kill. – [Zeke] I think I just
really like her Son. – What? What was that Zeke? – [Zeke] I’m saying
I like Regina. – No, no, I can’t hear
you, you’re breaking up. Must be a bad connection
or something, bye bye. – [Zeke] I like Regina, – Bleck. – [TV] The most powerful
raptor in the Americas is the Harpy Eagle, Brazilian’s
call it the Royal Hawk, Peruvian’s death hawk but
the locals in this area refer to it simply as,
dear Lord will you give me back my baby, hawk. – I bet that street pigeon
thinks he’s a real hot shot. – [TV] Adult harpies are known
for their territoriality, engaging rivals in
staring contests, once the stand off begins,
the first to look away loses, and must surrender their
nest to the better eagle. – Wish I could just stare
done Stacy and take his house. (laughs) (caws) Crimson Kool-Aid
a harpy eagle, ha, this is proving to be the
best Saturday of this week. (upbeat music) – [Blark] Son. – [Son] Not now dad. – [Blark] Hey son. – [Son] Not now. – I love you son. (laughs) I should warn you bird, I was trained in
eyeball fighting by a carny named Bob and
he didn’t have any eyelids. (caws) (moans) – I am peeved,
PO-ed, I am enraged and I need to talk it out. – Son, are you looking
to dish with dad at the very same moment
mother nature’s presented me with the opportunity to best one of the most lethal
beasts of prey? (caws) – Yes. – Damn! Forced to chose between being
the best dad in the room and proving myself alpha
of the animal kingdom. (caws) Unfortunately losing
this animal standoff might end up being
harmful to you. Oh, I’m sorry son,
you’re on your own. (dramatic music) (growls) – Fletch, you want
to be angry with me? – Looks like the style
sections gonna have to wait. (laughs) (dramatic music) this is something I picked
up on my fourth tour of southeast Asia. A practice used by the
frustrated Generals of the Tang dynasty. The tradition is that
you verbalize everything that bothers you then
once inside the circle, you scream at the
top of your lungs at the height of your anger, the Mushi, that’s
me, yanks you out, hence this rope, leaving
your anger trapped in the circle. This technique has been called
many things by many cultures. But I call it, the anger zone. – And what do these
socks represent? – The socks are just your
socks, you guys are filthy. – This is dumb. – Oh really? Aren’t you just a
little bit upset that you’re gonna want
cereal in the morning but the milk’s gone bad. – I did see that. – And aren’t you just
a tiniest bit perturbed that you have zero
privacy in this house? – Yes, that’s an
ongoing problem. – And don’t you feel
a wee bit of anger when they tell you you gotta
wake up and go to school? – Yes, we should be able
to do everything online. – Can’t you feel the
blood in your guts turn over in fury every time
Zeke talks about Regina? – Yes, it drives me crazy. – Why does it drive you crazy? Why? – Because, – Because why? – Because I like her and
Regina was supposed to be mine. – And how does
that make you feel? Scream child, scream. (dramatic music) (screams) Scream child. (shouts) (caws) – Son, are you okay? Zeke said he couldn’t
get ahold of you. And I got scared, so
I came right over. And then I heard a
little girl screaming, what? Is that a Tang
dynasty anger circle? – And how does
that make you feel? – It makes me want to
punch Jane in the face. – Why? – She doesn’t know half the
things I’m going through because I don’t tell
anyone how I truly feel. – And what are
you going through? What do you feel? – I feel like Zeke doesn’t
like me and maybe I’m wasting my precious time? – Release the fire. (dramatic music) (screams) (gasps) This house, is clear. (laughs) – Wow, I am so sorry, that
was really embarrassing, I obviously have some stuff
to work out with Zeke. I’m gonna go now. See you later Son. I’m glad you’re okay. – Wait, Regina, you should know, Zeke
really likes you. – You don’t have to say that. – I know, but it’s true. He never stops talking
about how great you are because you are great. He’s probably too
scared to tell you because he likes you so much. – Seriously? – Seriously. – Well that makes me
feel a lot better. Thanks Son. – No problem. – You’re a true gentlemen Son. Aside from the one
time you almost let your father murder me. (laughs) You want to go back
inside and work it out? – Nah, is there such a thing
as a sadness circle? – Yeah, it’s called life and
you’re already in it. – Ah an anger zone, I haven’t used one of
those since I found out limes weren’t baby lemons. – Not even gonna touch that. – I’m ready for
your thing now Son, what’s going on? – Oh nothing, just lost
the love of my life. – Well it looks like we all
lost something today Son. You’ve lost a girl, which
I’m very sorry about. Fletch lost my respect by
trashing the living room, and I lost my bedroom to a
territorial bird of prey. I’m guessing we have 10 to 15
seconds before she figures out how to use the doorknob. (bangs) Run. (dramatic music)
(Caws) (shouts) Ow, oh, my spine. – [Son] Get it off me. – [Fletch] Show your
wingspan, do the jungle flight doesn’t make this any easier. (funky music) – [Man] Sweet. (upbeat music)

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