Finals Week- Dealing With Stress and Anxiety

Finals Week- Dealing With Stress and Anxiety

♪ Chillin’ with Blake ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ – Hey everyone thank you so much of
chillin’ with me today. My name is Blake Stafford
if you do not already know, and today I have a very special guest, another guest, but this guest is specific to this week. Now the week that this video is going up is finals week. If you’re watching this
outside of finals week, hello, welcome to our video on how to deal with the stress anxiety. But I have an amazing guest here and her name is Miss Amy Flavo. She is the, – I’m the Director of Counseling Services. – Awesome. So we’re gonna talk today about how you can deal with stress and anxiety and some super cool tips to, to deal with that. Are you ready? – I’m ready.
– Awesome. Anxiety is diagnoseable and stress isn’t. What are some identifiers of stress and what are some identifiers of anxiety that students may kind of think that like, Oh this is what I think this is, but it’s really just another thing. – Sure, yeah, so I mean, you know stress can be a lot of things. It can be just feelings. It can be I’m kinda overwhelmed. You know, I’ve got too much on my plate and I don’t really know
what to do with it. You know, and, and those are kinda
things that like happen, you know on a daily basis, and kinda normal, but there’s and ebb and flow to it, – Right. – So you’re not necessarily experiencing it everyday all day. A lot of times anxiety is a
little bit more than that. So it’s that, I experience it all the time. – Yeah. – You know sometimes it can
come with racing thoughts. Where you feel like you’ve got this movie going on in your head and the thoughts just keep
going and they won’t stop. You know sometimes it can
lead to things like panic. And so there’s a difference between high anxiety and panic as well. So you could just be feeling like a lot of anxiety and then you could also
have panic attacks. So there’s a difference there too. – Yeah. – But you know I think, sometimes it’s just the
kind of level, the frequency and the severity with
which it kinda comes with. – There’s obviously a difference between stress and anxiety,
– Yes. – So what are some tips
to deal with stress? – With the high levels of stress some of the best things to do is just take a second to breathe. – Mm hm.
– You know take a second, you know lower you know
the amount of things that are kind of on your plate, sit down and just kind of
reconnect with your breath. – Yes.
– And, a, you know lot of the times when
people start to get stressed or anxious they start
to breathe differently, – Yeah.
– And, so you know you kinda do that hyperventilation breath,
– For sure, – Where you’re like, and these kinda go up instead of, right exactly, instead of what you should be doing, which is breathing from your diaphragm. One of the things to do
would be to, you know slow down and take a breath. – What are some tips for anxiety,
like dealing with anxiety? – So anxiety is something that, you know some people may need to come and see a counselor about. Because sometimes people have had anxiety and it can be a genetic thing. – Mm hm.
– So, you know, if mom and dad have it, there’s a, there’s a higher chance
that you’ll have it as, – Yeah.
– You know their offspring. And so, you know that could be the case. You know mindfulness even just with stress is good. But mindfulness practices are really good. We have an app called WellTrack that we have through
the Counseling Center, – Okay.
– And you can kind of take a little test about
depression and anxiety and if you score high on
some of those you may, you may kind of be closer to the realm of having anxiety rather than, – Yeah.
– stress. And so it teaches you some
things about guided meditation, – Mm hm.
– And just some ways to you know, utilize deep
breathing and meditation, mindfulness in like an everyday practice. Like being, even like
doing a mindful walk. And so that’s one way. The other thing, I mean, in all honesty with, with
some types of anxiety yeah, you’re gonna need counseling and the possibility of medication. – Yeah.
– You know it’s, it’s hard to kinda feel
that way all the time, – Right.
– And so you know, some people do need medication because it’s a chemical
imbalance in the brain. It’s, it depends ’cause sometimes you can start to learn resources and tips and tricks to kind of help you like, put ’em in your tool box, to, you know, help you with that anxiety and to lower it. But then if those things stop working or they just never did work, – Mm hm.
– Then it may be a chemical imbalance thing that
you need some medication for and some people really start the medication and feel a lot better. – Yeah, wow so I learned so much just like sitting here and talking to you in this very, like sort amount of time. Hearing from a professional
about these types of things is, is really awesome. So how can students get connected with the Counseling Center? – Sure so in order to come in and see us you just have
to walk in our door. We are here to help. And so my entire staff
and I are here to help. And so we just want you
to come through the door. And that’s the hardest part. But we ask that students come in our door. We’re at 65 Valencia, right next to the tennis courts, in the Tinlin house. And what we do is we’ll getcha in. We get a little bit of
information from you and then we get you the
first available appointment. And so we offer individual counseling, we offer some groups and then we have some workshops as well. And so it kinda depends
on what your needing, – Yeah.
– And we getcha in kind of as quickly as possible. – And your workshops, normally you have a
workshop at least once, at least once a week. – Absolutely. In the spring semester we will definitely have more workshops. Normally our workshops are on mindfulness or the anxiety tool box. And sometimes it’s about
interpersonal relationships, like breakups and shakeups, you know, when those kind of things happen. You know and different things like that. So and if students are
interested in something we’d love to hear and get feedback so when we get feedback we incorporate it and we try to come up with something that’s gonna best help the students. – That’s so awesome. – Yeah. – This counseling center is a free service for Flagler College
students which is amazing. So take advantage of it. – Because you’ll never get free counseling ever again in your life.
– No, yeah. – The second part that’s really
good is we’re confidential. It’s kinda nice, you know, if you need to talk about something – Yeah.
– We’re not, you know able to say anything else and so you’ve got like a
really safe and private place. – That’s so awesome.
– Yeah. – That so awesome. Well thanks you so much for taking chance,
– Absolutely. To sit down with me.
– Thanks for coming. – Just to drop some knowledge. It was amazing. So we hope you guys are gonna have a great, awesome finals week. If you are struggling with finals or just the stress of finals feel free to come in and stop by the, the Counseling Center. They’re always lookin’
for people to talk with so that’s really awesome. And so thank you so much. – Absolutely thanks for having me. – Have a great day. – You too.
– Bye guys.

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  1. 4:21 Great to hear about counseling options and the help they provide. Love this video though. Mental health is important and we are also trying to talk about them in our app and videos! Definitely subscribing, looking forward to more about this!

  2. I appreciate this so much! This was something I worried about since I have anxiety and sometimes get myself frazzled for no reason! Thank you Blake!!! Glad this video was informational not only on the Flagler counseling services and also the differences between anxiety and stress <3 <3 <3

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