FIFA Mobile – TIPS & TRICKS for PRESEASON – Ranking Up, Legacy Squad, Market advice and more

FIFA Mobile – TIPS & TRICKS for PRESEASON – Ranking Up, Legacy Squad, Market advice and more

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  1. Keep making videos

  2. If i packed 3 now and later player (without hazard) should i claim 20 now and later point??

  3. Please tell me….how can i get coins….please

  4. I will subscribe to everyone who replies to this comment! Feel free to subscribe back! 🙂

  5. I unlocked felix n have a 120 ovr squad. Shld i focus on now n later tokens , or get coins n rank tokens to upgrade my squad

  6. 99Herrera is in my legacy squad will he same rating in 20

  7. What to do with coins?

  8. How likely is it that EA will drop another gem pack in the store closer to the end of preseason that is better value than the 8750 gem preseason bundle offer?

    Hope that made sense LOL

  9. What if I put the now and later players in my legacy team. Will they still not be there in my legacy team next season??

  10. Great video 👏😍
    Sir ,Please checkout my latest video on Wayne Rooney h2h card 🔥

  11. I am going for the positions where they give 4 mil coins (60 contract points each also they are just one after another) in contracts chapter. I have 600 rank 2 tokens (no players upgraded to rank 2 yet) and will be ranking up with that coins, but first i need to buy a holding Boost RB (i am going for Joao Cancelo from pre season). I have a 116 rated(117 actually, i sold my RB) squad with 7 rank 1 players. Do you think i can get up till 120? I am not focusing on Now and Later players. …..Any new suggestions?

  12. I can't train my player over 90 ovr

  13. 0:52 made me laugh so hard lol… I visit your website all the time, and if I had the cash handy, I'd go and become a member 👍👍

  14. Keep making videos you are doing great work !!!

  15. Will you be creating a public league for FIFA20?

  16. Honestly this helped me a lot

  17. where's market advice

  18. So no now and later players we go into our FIFA 20 so wats gonna replace them because i have four who i trained too a hundred

  19. When he said if you have a low ovr team go for a now and later player I would say go for the coin offer so you can buy more high rated players I have been going for the 3m on the contract chapter and already for 23m today will get 26m but by the end of the event I should have 44m just a suggestion

  20. Hit a like because i have exams tomorrow and i am watching a 23 min video of an old man talking about fifa mobile

  21. If I don't have my now and later players in my active squad

    Will it still go through next season?if I don't have them in active squad

  22. What possible ways are there to get now or later hazard?? Is he even possible for F2P?

  23. I am so done with this season of fucking up my squad.

  24. Now a days your site becoming P2P not F2P

  25. Will TOTS van dijk and pre season Griezmann price will drop after tomorrow

  26. Greetings from Algeria , We love you

  27. I hope they won't make us spend gems to use this goddamn legacy team, but will be a free part of the game or, as you said, a separate tab like last season's World Cup's tab.

  28. what's your take on PES mobile…I think its great and will soon topple Fifa mobile as the best football game on mobile. best part…its not a shameless cash grab like Fifa mobile.

  29. Now & later points may not be valuable as they were this season

  30. I’m 103 OVR, should I focus on boosts and getting players?

  31. I think you can get 50 Now& Later points each from each tab(transfer…) instead of 60 points. So total 190 points for F2P

  32. I’m new to the game less than 2 weeks in and I’m up to 97 OVR right now whole team is preseason players, is the 8750 gem bundle still best for me or is there other things I should be using gems on at my level?

    Also I can’t train OVR’s higher than 90 so best I can get is whatever their starting OVR is, that’s why I’m just trying to get as high as possible OVR pre season players, highest so far are 95 Kompany and Bekou? (Rw).

    Thanks for the video

  33. Hey finallyhe sleeps….i think the legacy team will be used to get that prime zidane

  34. great video
    do you know the date of fifa 20 release?

  35. If I keep hummels for legacy team…… it ok??

  36. Should i buy players for my squad because 96+ preseason players have dropped plz tell

  37. I don't have my players at base 100 because I didnt get MAX OVR 100… I can't get my players to 100 Base and only have MAX OVR 98.. How do I get it?

  38. Please help, my account got logged out and now i everytime i try to login the game crashes. Any advice?

  39. For me, it's all about cash and XP (for expensive positions like GKs and defenders). I'm trying to get to 100 OVR in each position so I can have a decent legacy team. It's an achievable goal and one that you can map out.

    But I can't plan or map out this Now & Later stuff. It's is so, EA. Why can't they tell us how it will work? The fun part isn't getting surprised by opening the event without any prior knowledge. The fun part is planning as best you can because you have actual information about the event.

  40. 17:25 How do you know? Is it confirmed? Pls answer as quick as possible. Thanks

  41. I just made my team out of most preseason players….. If they all go what's the point of even getting them?

  42. Will preseason players come with you in your legacy team?

  43. What node to go for skill boosts in training camp

  44. Cant we go back to the same node and get more now and later points?

  45. So if I put Felix and hummuls in my legacy team

  46. sir bought 70 rated sancho for 300..its been a day whenever i put in the card the suggested price isnt showing anything…did i do something wrong??

  47. Bruh will the coins carry on to FIFA 20 coz I have like 259 milly

  48. where was I all season… this guy is lit

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