Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (3/10) Movie CLIP – The Hotel on Acid (1998) HD

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (3/10) Movie CLIP – The Hotel on Acid (1998) HD

# She’s a lady # # Whoa-whoa-whoa
She’s a lady # Hmm ? Mmm. # Talking about
my little lady # – Come on, take the ticket.
We’re busy here.
– # And the lady is mine ## Come on, take the ticket.
Take it. Take the ticket. – ## [ Continues ]
– l need this. Right ? l’ll remember your face. [ Duke Narrating ] There is
no way of explaining the terror l felt. – ## [ Continues ]
– [ On P.A. ] Attention,
all Mint Hotel guests. Will the owner
of a green Pinto… Minnesota license plate
TG0432– [ Duke Narrating ]
l was pouring sweat. My blood is too thick
for Nevada. l’ve never been able to properly
explain myself in this climate. [ Man Chattering ] [ Duke Narrating ]
Okay. Be quiet, be calm. Name, rank
and press affiliation. Nothing else. …hamburger stand.
She was a waitress about 16 years old. They chopped her goddamn head off right
there in the parking lot… and cut all kinds of holes in her
and sucked out the blood. They were after the pineal gland,
l think. Yeah. – No. How’s your mama ?
– [ Duke ] Ignore this terrible drug. Yeah. Pretend
it’s not happening. [ Grunts ] [ Shouts ]
Hi there ! Uhh– My name ? Uh… Raoul Duke ! [ Muttering ] On the list.
Freelance. On the list, then ? Total coverage.
Uh-huh. l have my attorney… with me… and l realize that his name
is not on that list… but we must have
a suite ! [ Muttering ]
Must have that suite. What’s the score here ? What’s next ? Your suite isn’t ready yet… but someone
was looking for you. Aah ! No ! We haven’t done
anything yet ! – l can handle this.
– [ Muttering ] This man suffers
from a bad heart. But l have plenty of medicine.
My name is Dr. Gonzo. Prepare our suite at once.
We’ll be in the bar. Aaah !
[ Grunts ] [ Woman ] l don’t know about you,
but l’m startin’ to feel that drink. [ Chuckling ] [ Growls ] Hey, beat it.
Beat it. Go on. [ Woman ]
l like the way you did that. Aaah !
[ Whimpering ] Come on.
Come on. Come on. – What’s that ?
– Come on, come on.
Let’s get some peanuts. That’s one thing
that’s good for you. Peanuts. Ohh ! Jesus ! – Two Cuba libres, beer
and mescal on the side.
– You got it. – [ Man ] l’ll bet you’re a Libra.
– Mmm. [ Wild Laughter ] [ Woman Moaning ] Who’s Lacerda ? He’s waiting
for us on the 12th floor. Room 1250. Lacerda. [ Duke Narrating ]
l couldn’t remember. – The name rang a bell,
but l couldn’t concentrate.
– [ Gurgling, Bubbling ] Terrible things were happening
all around us. [ Groans ] Buy us some golf shoes… otherwise we’ll never
get out of this place alive. lmpossible to walk
in this muck. No footing at all. ## [ Continues ] [ Woman On P.A. ]
Mr. Roger Pratt, please
call the hotel operator.

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  1. “How’s Your Mama?”

  2. I want the job but not without mdma and beer and amphetamines and midazolam.


  4. What’s the score here what’s next

  5. Watched this on a bad trip from some laced weed,my friend tried to comfort me with lasagna,sayin Mmmmm so good! While i was curled up in a ball in the corner of the sofa,full of fear not saying a word,this movie was the best and worst thing he couldve put on,i love this movie.

  6. I think the whole thing was a perfect representation of acid especially his "acting"

  7. Im on heroin watching right now. Lol

  8. This is amazing movie

  9. I love this movie to death but I don’t think it will ever stack up to the book there is just something so good about the book that the movie could never capture

  10. 1:19, when the drug of choice makes you forget how to talk but you still have to be human

  11. Can someone please explain this movie to me? I know Johnny is on drugs, this movie doesn't make sense to me for some reason

  12. Amazing acting and HST was one hell of a guy

  13. Amazing.. to be standing next to a man.. with the pupils the size of dimes. And hear him scribble about Golf shoes and no footing. Fantastic.

  14. Felt like this when I was high on mushrooms in work.

  15. I'll remember your face! LOL

  16. 0:53 "🤬🤬 rraaa rrra rraaa rrrra!" 😂😂😂

  17. Impossible to walk in this muck. No footing at all.

  18. 0:09 I watched this movie on acid, and this part, of all things, made me freak out. More specifically, the guy repeating "take the ticket."

  19. I wish i was my age today in the 60’s. All of my daily challenges would have definitely been harder but the fact that you could get away with so much would be so amazing

  20. Hunter S Thompson does herioc amounts of drugs and booze. Hes known as eccentric. I do the same thing. And suddenly I, "have a problem" and "need help"

  21. Saw this movie the first time I tried shrooms half bad idea half good idea lol I'll never forget

  22. Came here to relate to the comments 👌🏽

  23. You've gotta admire the dedication Depp and Del Toro put in this role. These guys were known for their looks back then but the changed their looks by putting on weight or shaving their head to make a comb over.

  24. Does he order Singapore slings with mezcal on the side at the bar?

  25. Anyone else notice the giant pentagram in the beginning

  26. Best movie to watch while tripping off dmt and dxm. What a great experience

  27. This movie depicted certain types of trips waaay better than any film i have seen

  28. The lizard scene on two hits nearly put me comatose. The rest of the movie is comedic gold.

  29. I feel how they look

  30. Every time I did acid I ended up with a broken cigarette lol

  31. I watching this while high feels so damn weird and insane, but also amazing.

  32. Been there…1984. Dead show. At consesdion stand buying a t shirt I effing lost it digging bills out of my pocket they felt like satin kerchiefs

  33. I was today years old when I realized that the man on the payphone was talking about a woman being murdered and her penal gland was taken out of her! Later in the film HTS consumes a drug that trips him out of this world! The drug can only be obtained from a humans penal gland! BOOM!!! Mind blown!

  34. Haha I've never paid attention to the conversation the dude is having while the carpet is unraveling hahahaha " hows your mama?"

  35. Brings back memories from my acid-trip-mushroom days!

  36. It may ruin your social skills, but the psychedelic experience is a must, some times things get weird, and when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro, I wish I has duke with me as I have been called gonzo in the past,

  37. 🤣🤣🤣 cracks me up this film 🤣

  38. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  39. Oh my days🤣🤣 I have this film on video that's how old it is I might of thrown it away actually

  40. Message from this film is not to do LSD 🤣🤣

  41. 🤣🤣✌️❤️

  42. It was 1976. My pal had driven his 1972 Ford Cortina at high speed along the M6 to the Lake District. At Lancaster the thee of us each dropped a half a tab of Black MicroDot. We had twenty minutes to get to the Lake District before the inevitable happened. It did. But we made it. We dropped the other half in the Windermere Hotel bar. It was Friday night and our other pal who was the DJ had already set up his equipment. Then things started happening. Sat at the bay window table full of drinks and drinking vessels as empty as most of the people in the place, a body got pushed into our mate's DJ gear. Groove zipping needle sound was followed by our pal launching the body across the dance floor. Retaliation was futile. Our pal was a big lad. His brother, who worked in the Cellar V [was that a play on the French: Ce's la vie?] beer and wine outlet was suddenly by his side. Bigger. I, we, were too out of it to get into it. So we watched. Tables levitated several feet into the air and landed upright – drinks in tact. The bar stool that went out the door, didn't come back. The pint glass went past my ear. I saw it coming and knew it was going to miss so no evasive action required. Within hours, it was over. The fight not the trip. That lasted another two days.

  43. I think it would be funny to watch this on acid 😂

  44. After watching this, I recall living like Duke for 2 years; spent 10 years fixing that mistake of a couple years. Just about on the other side of it all, but I wouldn't change a thing; we all make mistakes, make sure that yours come from the heart.

  45. Lol "my name is Jeff"

  46. 3:23 drops the tip of the cigarette… 3:32 tip is back

  47. 비아이보고 오신분?

  48. try taking acid, then smoking a joint on top and going in public…

  49. I saw this movie last week lmao still laughing

  50. One of the most underrated movies of all time.

  51. Used to religiously watch this on acid. Vials of silver for 150 bucks good times

  52. The guy on the phone talking about the dead young girl who had her pineal gland removed and then later in the film he does adrenochrome probably from the same girl who was murdered

  53. I watched the first half of this movie, twice. I have it on Blue Ray. I fell asleep both times, because i was too high and too confused.

  54. Best movie guys. Had amazing laughs with it, so classic !!! See it after you experienced some lsd lol.


  56. Drugs rock, well meth and heroins kinda weird. But, Drugs rock

  57. “What’s the score here? What’s next?”

  58. I’ve seen many of that’s but I’ve never taken drugs weird guy was talking about a girl being killed and that they were after her Pineal gland

  59. Yeah EYE👁 know JUST how YOU feel…
    WE will NEVER get out of THIS place ALIVE…

  60. Lmao Depp's expressions in this movie make me laugh so much.

  61. I ain't got no worries

  62. “Order some golf shoes, it's impossible to walk in this muck. No footing at all.”

  63. Kinda reminds me of transmetropolitan

  64. I saw the movie and its funny but doesnt make sense at all

  65. Can confirm.. I've done acid like 5347689 times woah dude its just like this!

  66. I was peaking watching this scene last night had to come back to see the difference lmao


  68. Never watch this movie fast forwarded.

  69. 1:12 talking to my parents high

  70. Mushrooms baby! All natural!

  71. Wherever wrote this was a genius

    Been hearing the texan rambling on the phone. Amazing.

  72. This movie just doesn't work for me. Hunter was a larger-than-life figure because he was a big dude, physically. Depp is a small dude. Bill Murray did a better Hunter in Where the Buffalo Roam because he was closer to Hunter's size.

  73. What's the score here

  74. 1:10 When you go outside to get some food stoned.

  75. So that's who Doug Walker parodied! I can't believe it's taking me this long to figure out.

  76. Gotta watch it tonight.. for the 8th time

  77. It was such a relief when the end of his cigarette finally fell off

  78. This movie always makes me want to accumulate the amount of drugs these two have in that brief case.

  79. I N E E D T H I S R I G H T?

  80. When I first saw this movie I thought it was an Oliver Stone picture. Reminded me of Natural Born Killers for some reason. Don’t know if anyone else out there felt that way or if it was just me lol

  81. "What's the score here, what's next". 🙂 🙂 🙂

  82. peanuts… that's one thing that's good for you man

  83. Had quite a few nights like this in my late teens and early 20s…flashback…yes, you never want to be left alone….especially with strangers…

  84. HI THERE! 1!!!!! 111

  85. I was tripping while watching this one time and I legitimately couldn't tell if the guy that Gonzo pushes away's face was morphing or not

  86. I WANT TO WATCH THIS!!!!! btw what he take?

  87. I WANT TO WATCH THIS!!!!! btw what he take?

  88. I WANT TO WATCH THIS!!!!! btw what he take?

  89. That's why you should't trip in public places LOL BTW so damn realistic

  90. No tracers…but the carpet scene is real AF. It’s all about the tracers though. Do you know what I mean???

  91. the guy who gave him the ticket is from casino too and this film was shot in the same time frame

  92. Lsd use to be good at that time

  93. I feel like this is just Johnny being Johnny.

  94. "Cut her head off right there in the parking lot….Nah, how's your Mama?" That small conversation sums up the craziness that was Hunter S. Thompson. May he Rest In Peace

  95. "They chopped her goddamned head off right there in the parking lot"😂😂😂

  96. Ah man, like, I'm really trippy after watching this. I still dig it though.😋☮️🇨🇦🎇

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