FBI raid could affect 140,000 UAW workers’ contract negotiations

FBI raid could affect 140,000 UAW workers’ contract negotiations

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  1. More democrat corruption?

  2. Time to investigate McCarron of the Carpenter Union, selling cards in chitcongo like churros on the corner.

  3. Time to go on strike.

  4. Is this union not supporting Trump

  5. I like these two reporters. They carry themselves well, and are well-spoken and seem unapologetic but not arrogant about their beliefs.

  6. Julian Assange is my hero

  7. The unions all of them have always been associated with Democrat politicians. You know the Democrats are crooked so there can be no other opinion. The upper management of the Union's are embedded with them deeply.

  8. 150k workers are so upset that they're being represented by criminals…not

  9. sounds like a large corporation is trying to do whatever it can to cut costs at the working mans expense. an effort to oust the union? maybe leverage to lower future contract costs?

  10. Corruption among union “leadership”?…do tell!


  12. Union Corruption?😱omg

  13. Why is it, that I don't feel so sorry for self-entitled, punkass bully, union workers?

  14. I am glad i dont pay criminal that hold office on union dues. An rob ppl of 401 to vacation pay. Lol an alter the w 2 tax forms as well.

  15. The workers get $250/week…wow when my union went on strike we got $15/week, if we walked the picket line.

  16. That’s because they spend everything on terrorism. Following their evil false religion.

  17. OMG this country has too many crooks. We will see how this pans out.

  18. Even though the contracts run out… just extend the existing till the government gets done… oh stop… these uaw workers make an above average salary. a strike will send them to the poor house….give me a break buy a tent

  19. One crooked word sticks DEMOCRAP enough said.


  21. Fox gives the Communists air time and support. What about the job creators?

  22. All the auto manufacturers are horrified about this, all that bribe money wasted.

  23. How soon before this union boss turns states evidence or commits suicide?

  24. No wonder the dems want to unionize the whole country

  25. Meh. Sounds like part of the negotiation process. UAW owns whatever happens.

  26. Too much estrogen on fox & the MSM.

  27. The lady in red high af ot wtf is going on. Never seen someone act like a witch

  28. This is not a reason to end unions, but to restructure them giving the workers more power to fire them. We need to stop throwing the baby out with the bath water

  29. unions are corrupt and run by the deep state.

  30. Here we go again. Unions holding us average people hostage under the disguise of there members. The only way these “Leaders” are hurt is when they have to skip a tee time to do a 30min photo op at the expense of everyone’s pension

  31. Who will be next? United Way, Red Cross…Goodwill??? Universities and Colleges??


  33. As an auto worker I'll explain whats going on here. These manufacturers have been making record profits. Production is way up and has been for a while, yet the workers have yet to receive any type of raise. They are trying use this a bargaining chip so that they can pay workers less, and weaken negotiation power, even though these companies never lost a dime. ALL of the money that went to Union came from the WORKERS. ALL OF IT. So if they wanna foot the bill for this investigation, ok. But I'm not going to act like I don't see what's going on. We're still going on strike.

  34. I thought UAW stood for United Auto Workers not Aerospace

  35. This is to funny, the Dem's have been screwing their own people for years and getting rich off of them nothing new.

  36. Why in this world would snowflake college kids or their socialist professors member into UAW? What loon worked that out? Unions have been corrupt since the 1920s, but colleges? Another avenue to rake in tje $$$$$$$$$, outrages! Glad that maybe someone will bite the dust!

  37. A lot of these big corporations were depending on Hillary to cover for them. Now Trump will put the crooked execs to the flame.

  38. The FBI didn't have this evidence before contract talks begin? Coincidence or coincide with?

  39. The union is nothing but the mob under a different name they need to be shut down and all of the union bosses taken to jail.

  40. UAW seems to have been corrupt from their start

  41. Labor and management are both being milked by these greedy men. The UAW become so corrupt that businesses had to leave the country in order to produce a product that would be affordable here in the States. When factories closed in places like Detroit not only were factory workers out of a job but all of the businesses that depended upon those workers, like grocery stores and dry cleaners and tire stores, either went out of business or had to move. Unions have become too corrupt and sometimes just too powerful.

  42. Did they find Hoffa's watch and ring?

  43. ALL unions are corrupt!

  44. Sorry I Quit MSM 10 years ago! I'm Tired of being Lied to! Great Reporter too bad!

  45. Well slap my sweet azz silly, you don't say🥴

  46. Why didn't someone tell her she has a booger hanging from her nose. Grosse! What's up with her lipstick? It showed every crease and herpes on her lips. I was totally distracted by that boogey. I don't want to watch it again to find out what they were talking about.

  47. Seems like a shift away from the corrupt Doj,Congress and Trump

  48. What's New the UAW hasn't changed since formed in 1937. Have run amuck since it started.. They are like concrete/asphalt Gypsy families, they steal the unexpecting blind … UAW has about 1million members in USA, Canada & Puerto Rico… THIS AFFECTS THEIR MEDICAL INSURANCE & RETIREMENT BENEFITS WHICH OVER 1/2 OF THEIR MEMBERS ARE…. SERIOUS BUSINESS.

  49. The UAW has been notoriously and infamously corrupt since the time it was formed.
    Investigating appears to have been the right way to go. I have no problems with them
    being probed, prodded, and being sifted for any and all manner of corruption, deceit, and other criminal activities.

  50. Thought that agency was too busy running a fake investigation of Hillary, who broke 18 USC 793…

  51. A union boss is a crooked slimeball. What a shocker!

  52. Gary Jones's mistake? His name isn't "Jim Comey!"

  53. aw, poor socialist/communist lefties. uaw is the same as any UNION in the soviet UNION. they stand to change the current system into an integrated s__t hole that ussr used to be. it's time to go back to what made north america successful – CAPITALISM and free market economy. suck it up whiners. it's time to face reality – big government is a disaster. demo-rat government is a suicide. look at california and other blue states. any questions?

  54. This country is a joke. (((Thanks)))

  55. Not surprising AT ALL.

  56. Please someone from Fox explain how this affects us uaw members directly. His house being raided doesn’t hurt us. Some might not trust the officials but it won’t hurt my paycheck. We have bargaining officials that do the bargaining for the contract. Not the president of the Union. He has a say, yes. But we will vote on the next contract and his vote is ultimately one vote.

    And we need to be on strike for 2 weeks to get the $250/week. A 2 week layoff won’t happen. They’ll extend the current contract for another 2 weeks and keep bargaining. And if we do strike it won’t last long at all.

  57. Maybe now union workers will finally get it through their thick skulls that unions do NOT have their best interest in mind.

  58. Nice crib, wonder how many members have homes like that?

  59. Wow these people might have to live on $250/week? Try living on $0-$15/week. $250 is a lot. These people are also free to use the food bank which I do.

  60. No surprises, all unions are corrupt.

  61. Grew up in Detroit & knew more than a few folks in the auto industry. The UAW has been corrupt for decades. They screw over the employees they "represent" & leadership live high on the hog at the union members expense. Don't know why the members tolerate it. Time for a in depth study of the books & a complete overhaul of the union!

  62. The "f.b.i.", raiding the "u.a.w.". Talk about the crips and the bloods.

  63. universities are union members? this better lead to raids of the universities. This story is far more corrupt than anyone knew. The crooks have taken over the country.

  64. the Unions are responsible for wrecking more jobs than anyone else. Never joned a union. the biggest hypocrites they are. Strikig will see more jobs going to Mexico.

  65. Uaw use to be United Auto Workers? What did she say?

  66. Looks like a pretty nice house for a 'Labor Chief' Do these workers know where their dues are going? Not likely!

  67. Uh surprised? That group has been crooked for years. Just like our dems.

  68. Is this woman the girl that couldn't date jerry Seinfeld because he was a Comedian and she couldn't respect him?

  69. Moral of the story? Takeaway of a lifetime?

  70. union= extort of workers

  71. Same union workers scam an fraud happening all over the US. With the head Union President scamming an stealing money from the working man

  72. is anyone surprised here?? This is disgusting and the strikes are not going to help anything but cause more chaos in this perverted union who almost sank us into bankruptcy (not Ford). Sick fat cat monopoly

  73. UAW is the most crooked union of them all.

  74. Union Goons….Obama's pals

  75. UAW should call DJT to negotiate for them

  76. UNIONS are all communists. MANDATED DUES. Some are called "Volunteer dues", but YOU ARE FORCED TO PAY THEM.

  77. The the jack booted, overpaid, Catch-22, union THUGS strike…..bring in Scabs to replace them temporarily, and if the jack booted union THUGS don't compromise, FIRE them and hire the Scabs PERMANENTLY!

    Screw Unions!


  79. Unions serve a purpose but I don't agree with mandatory participation.
    If I had choice I'd ditch the union and take a job with a 401k match instead of pensions.
    Pensions are never properly supported and bankruptcy just wipes then out. Huge unnecessary risk.

  80. If my company ever unionized I would quit, I deserve better.

  81. And- Jimmy Hoffa was hiding in the Closet…

  82. Send the crooks to JAIL!

  83. Yes filthy rich and crooked it’s good to see a raid expose about these criminals. Yes we still have some good FBI after crook Comey.

  84. UAW corruption. What a surprise…not.

  85. Rico laws should be applied to EVERY union in America!

  86. Not just uaw is corrupt all unions from all over the world are corrupt

  87. All unions dumber pay dues every week for What

  88. I grew up in the UAW and worked there for 10 years. They told us to vote democrat all those years. Most of the workers I know all voted Trump in 2016. Especially after that horrible NAFTA deal took all the jobs to other countries. It’s no surprise there’s corruption at the top. It’s all about power and favors. Especially with the left.

  89. Oh well. Something wrong, and you know what Ole Nadler says… one is above the law. Can’t wait to see and hear what they’re looking for.

  90. Any bets Epstein's number is in his lil black book?

  91. What about the Epstein case.
    Seems like a good distraction from the closing of it…no?

  92. Looks like something the deep state would pull and of course with the corrupt Comey FBI right at negotiations, they really want a recession, and this they will say is president Trumps fault.

  93. how long until they say this is Trumps fault lmfao

  94. They should not quit we should keep working and under the same terms until something is negotiated if they want to quit they should get fired and never come back.

  95. They elected a corrupt Union boss its there own fault are they need to keep working

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