Faulty appliances: Repairmen reveal industry secrets (CBC Marketplace)

Faulty appliances: Repairmen reveal industry secrets (CBC Marketplace)

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  1. so dont buy whirlpool or samsung, got it

  2. I buy miele in Europe. Reliable and good appliances. 10 year guarantee.

  3. In the daytime Repairman – nighttime Batman.. the raspy voice says it all.. 😀

  4. Bet they would love to load those appliances in the back of a pickup and shove it off in front of the corporate office.

  5. This problem is straight up monopoly. Bring in competition this problem is order. Don't ask government they produce this mess in the first plan through lobbying and payoffs. In a highly competitive market only the customer wins not government.

    Stop asking government to solve every problem…it doesn't and can't. Warranty is not the answer in a monopoly you will need a house load to pay for it. Screw government we need less and more open free market to fix such problem.

  6. They are all crap today but definitely stay away from LG and Samsung refrigerators.

  7. It would really cut down on pollution if manufacturers were not allowed to discontinue inexpensive parts on older appliances. I had to throw out an oven over a $5 part that is no longer manufactured 30 years later. It would be better for consumers and manufacturers to be able to install upgrades as technology improves rather than to have to buy whole new units.

  8. Jenn-Air bottom fridge doing same thing! Has now cracked the kitchen floor

    Inlaws have 20+ year old stove and fridge, NO ISSUES

  9. Don't be fooled by the glitz but anyway they are all the same…. There is no good option there…

  10. I had an LG oven that would not shut off and instead would turn itself to highest heat sometimes the light would go off and you could see the electric coils heating elements losing the red GLOW and you would walk by the oven and stovetop and you would see and feel cooling down elements then hours later walk into the kitchen and you could hear the clicking of the stovetop burners cooling down…one day we had made lasagna we made garlic bread and promptly turned off the oven…2 of us checked the dial and the clear all cancel clear and would leave oven door open to check again as we were doing dishes and closed oven door…then one night we had dinner did dishes everything was off hours later after watching 2 movies we were bringing SNACK bowls to kitchen and it was dark but nothing was turned on and everyone went off to bed and i smelled burnt toast and I got up walked down hallway and could see the red GLOW of my oven from the was not only my oven it was the broiler and the self cleaning feature and on the other side of the kitchen 2 of 5 burners were red hot turned on full blast even melting a kettle bottom to the burner…nothing we did would shut off the crazy oven or stovetop.we had to go to the house electrical panel and shut off both oven and stove cooktop….my new oven developed 4 deep scratches in the bottom of it and no one has so much as used soap on it..I only use baking soda and water…

  11. ,found out lg oven turned itself on burning down a house and thank God family had smoke alarm.

  12. My LG tv burst into flames not even turned on,


  14. The replacement market is how companies make money.

  15. IMAGINE SMART HOME….. What could go wrong with the planned obsolescence i.e. stuff made to fail on purpose….?

  16. "I must be crazy"….we are not talking about old appliances we are talking about new …the old ones work well but the new ones don't there all the same sooooo what do you do? What company is worth buying from?

  17. Sears is gone out of business in Canada.. I wonder why hhhmmm.

  18. The new energy efficient, water saving dishwashers take 5 hours to do a load. 30 years ago I knew a guy who just let ants clean his dishes – that was even more efficient & took less time than the new dishwashers! They never broke down either!

  19. where is ur booties how rude

  20. 49 dollars a month ,u keep appliance warranty like car insurance you need no way around thank the government for energy star and efficiency. Not manufacture fault they force manufactures to make appliance efficient.

  21. recall is a safety issue dah

  22. Thanks a lot.. The result is we have no hope and government is not interested in helping consumers..

  23. All talk no action

  24. Samsung nooo I was rooting for you!

  25. I heard there is one man who owns the rights to all appliance parts in Canada! If you know the part number you can get it cheaper in the U.S.

  26. Where are these manufactured

  27. Three minutes of information in a 22 minute video.

    1. Appliance Manufactures know about the issues you're having and refuse to admit it.
    2. Sales people are no longer experts so they tell you the products are reliable. By the time the warranty runs out, chances are – your appliance sales person is now selling cars
    3. Replacement parts are expensive – like car parts – it's where appliance companies and the repair industry make their money

    You're welcome. I just saved you 21 minutes of having to watch this GARBAGE production.

  28. Never but LG or Samsung appliances, i have a Samsung fridge, nothing but headaches

  29. Lol, shame on consumers that don’t do their homework!

  30. Almost bought a Samsung fridge until I saw all of the reviews and issues. It's all over the internet. People just need to do their homework.

  31. Whirlpool and LG is the best as far as giving a damn about customer satisfaction. I’ve got whirlpool washer and dryer works great whirlpool fridge and stove. Stove is glass top digital haven’t had a problem from it at all broke the glass front once but easily enough to order replacement. Do my own repairs. All cheaply vs calling someone

  32. Why do vehicle have recall but other big tickets items don't

  33. 30 year tech well said guys. If the consumer only knew the rest.. they only told you half of the secrets lol

  34. hundreds of these videos and ppl being like wHy oH mY GoD. one word – capitalism.

  35. Remember this information, the next time you hear a politician say "deregulation".

  36. Samsung TVs suck too

  37. They print their receipts with disappearing ink so that you don't have an original receipt in 3 months or less. The store has it on record that you purchased the product from them but they refuse to pull it up unless you get rude with them. I've made copies of my receipts so that I have one that's legible. They still want the original when they show up to do warranty work which you won't have on hand for them when they come to do the work. Samsung is a horrible product even if they do the warranty work it's still a garbage product.

  38. 1 min of actual information…lots of nuthin

  39. I wonder what type of appliances both of these guys have in there home?

  40. Why do you need to show the same footage of lady with the water in the crisper 5 times???

  41. Terri is annoying as hell.

  42. Looks like the manufactures are following Apples business model of having you buy a new product instead of repairing them.

  43. It's a long known fact the more basic any machine is built the more reliable it really is. Washer/Dryer/Stove-Oven/ Dishwasher that are loaded with features will fail in no time. But' today even brand or model makes no difference nor does price level, they are all simply built with short lifespans in mind. To just be fully replaced by us just as fast as any incandescent light bulbs burned out in the past did. No reason for that to occur to bulbs either btw.
    We just bought a new basic top load Whirlpool washer/dryer set a few months ago after moving, both perform excellent. Other than a scratch or two they perform like brand new, the set is from 2002 btw. I bought the full set from an appliance store for $200. Old dial designs not today's digital crap.
    Myself I have always bought base model vehicles too for this same reason. Reliability!!
    Everyday people toss out their perfectly operating machines for the next wonder machine that has it all. In fact I know people who spent almost $3000 on a new washer/dryer set and within a few short months I watched them drive their clothes across town to family members for washing/drying. What is simply remarkable & horrifying to me is how come people today simply keep buying this same ol' crap over & over just hoping to get a good set.
    We need to all unite and put (1) big name corp out of business for doing this to us just to send a very clear message. Also' (1) big gas/oil corporation too over their decades of price gouging on us, but hey' relax everyone, people will never do this today. Although with todays social media it's more possible today than ever people just can't unite for any reason long enough to do anything of a sort.
    We the people truly are just slaves that always do what we're told by our big corps. Simple cowards who lost our country, united we stand? What a huge load of BS we were taught there?

  44. yet they want to charge us with carbon tax even tho they design our important items to break .. feeling robbed yet ? mim wage job can barely pay to live .. but hey 1400 on a fridge that don't last longer than a year unbelievable cheaper to buy new than to fix it ……. seems to be an epidemic lately in the last 20 yrs

  45. Even the repair parts are crap. Our dryers heating element burned out and I went online to find one. The ones on amazon seemed great bc they ran for $20 but upon further review, i found that the quality is trash and people had their elements burn out again within a few weeks. Had to purchase an OEM $110 one and so far its been holding up good after a month.

  46. You know how long things last by how long the warranty is. If it's a year then it wont last more than 2. Things always break right after the warranty. Same on cars and computers and everything else.

  47. The repair guy knew EXACTLY what was wrong with it!? What a hack fraud!

  48. Fluff. Cameras inside appliances when opened. Perky sitcom music. Rehearsed customer scenarios. Nuff sed.

  49. Why's his voice so raspy and burn marks on his lips?

  50. Forget Samsung refrigerators.

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  52. It's ALL appliances now not just white goods, also vacuum cleaners as well. If you have grandparents that have older appliances and they are downsizing, grab them!

  53. I got all my money back from Samsung for their pos fridge! CS is run by Sears. You have to be persistent and not let their insanity of acting like you never called not get to you. Take detailed notes in one notebook every time you call. If it's within warranty you can get your $$ returned to you.

  54. That repair man has sore throat after so many repair calls per day!

  55. I have fixed my washing machine , tumble dryer, dish washer and oven. Get the info off the internet go on you tube look for tutorials find a parts company and buy the parts yourself .

  56. Maytag is the absolute worst you can buy. Bought new when their front load machine first came out it cost$1,800 for the washer and right at $1,100 for the dryer. Within two months the washer flooded my floor, the lock opened. I called Maytag for the warranty repair. It took a act of congress and almost a hour and half talking to a complete jerk just to get the service scheduled for almost 2 weeks out. It was the mother board, it was replaced. Not 5 weeks later had to call again for something else, whites started turning beige, colors not clean ECT. & cycle not running right. Again it was the mother board replaced and the rubber seal because clothes started getting stuck between the seal and not washed at all. I'm thinking man you think how much I paid for these I wouldn't need to be worried about not working and it was the main reason I bought them. I'd just become disabled due to a very bad accident,had already been through several major surgeries and multiple still to go through,my kids just in middle school. I thought that buying the front load was going to make life easier for me. Wrong. It kept being one thing right after another with these Maytag. And this company and the way they treated me on the phone made me where I absolutely will never buy another Maytag product ever. I did let them know I didn't appreciate the attitude I was always spoken to, how rude they were and I would make sure I always told anyone never buy Maytag. This was 1998 and I've never owned anything else by this company. I had a washer and dryer that was 28 years old and was working perfect when I gave them to a friend when I bought the new set.i know 3 years later the set I gave away was still working.

  57. My refrigerator was made in 1928 and it works like brand new.

  58. I have a Samsung smart TV (46 inches, bought in 2015 from Walmart), and a refrigerator that's about 4 years old (GE? Hotpoint). Both work well. I studied the manuals when I got them and am careful when I use them. I also realize they could fail one day unexplainedly, and purposely make it a point not to get upset at an appliance company. I also have an 11-year-old Dynex HD 32 inch tv (bought at best buy). All of these things work well. And also my Dell laptop (though it has downloaded software that makes it unable to browse the internet and I've done like three system restores on it to fix that (purchased in 2012)), is working good. I think it's important to be careful with your electronic things. 🙂 If you can get them fixed, do so and save money. I also have a 1997 stereo receiver (Kenwood) that works well. And 2002 VCR that still works well, and 2008 Blu-ray DVD player with internet apps that works well. I had a Sony 13 inch tv bought in 1987 that lasted 28 years before have something interrupting the picture and sound when you watched. I think that if you're grateful for your things, that this helps them work well. 🙂 Maybe? Definitely be careful with things and try not to use them to fast (I think) as maybe that puts a strain on their parts. Cars are made with plastic parts versus metal to cut costs. Maybe that's true for other things. Some things (very cheap brands) electronics have failed though. I try to research the brand before buying.

  59. I think as man lives longer and longer (potentially), maybe due to health practices; that he'll want his things to last longer and longer. This is a process and is evolving. Things have grown enormously in complexity (and we have more things than ever before). A lot of things I have been lasting a long time. I rent an apartment, and my new fridge( I think about 4 years old), Ge Hotpoint has worked just fine. 🙂

  60. People….
    Companies have no accountability
    It’s a corporation not an individual who started the company. That’s what happens to us all when we let them get so big.

  61. Yup, they’re junk. Fixed every appliance in the house even though they’re only a few years old
    I’m sure how much of it is “planned obsolescence” and how much incompetent engineers

  62. I paid $2700 for my whirlpool refrigerator and the plug started with the water after a year

  63. I don't see anyone fixing the problems.
    They are now using amonia as a refrigerant. My neighbors fridge blew up and burned his camper to the ground.
    This was a high end fithwheel trailer the appliances came in it new. It burned to the ground and damaged his business too.
    Very dangerous. Before the explosion they were inside cleaning.

  64. That’s y u go to ur neighbors house wait till they go to the bathroom and u take their motherboard before they come out n put it down ur pants n walk out with a stiff leg 😬

  65. Dated Engineering. Build it to get through the warranty period.

  66. They build things to break nowadays. Ethics have gone out the window. Everywhere you buy products these days, they always offer an option to buy a warranty. Ironically however many years that products' warranty is for, is about what you'll get out out it, before there's a problem. I've seen parts that take abuse go from steel, to plastic. They want it to break! Lawsuits are the way to change things unfortunately. However, again the consumer never sees a competition from something like that. Little guy always getting pooped on!

  67. What did froggy do snort to much drano or bleach answer that question

  68. Well you bought a fridge designed by a company that is known for their TV's, what did you expect? 10:51

  69. In the USA the BBB is easy to contact and fill out complaints online. If they get flooded with complaints they may take more aggressive steps to intervene. At first, they contact the company with the complaints and allow a set time for them to respond before taking further action.

  70. We have one of those yellow color washing machines from the 1970s or early 80s. It replaced our computerized washer that stopped working lol.

  71. It’s all made in China with our garbage we toss out. Then they ship it back to us as a product that won’t last like they should. When are we going to get ALL AMERICAN MADE PRODUCTS again? Cloths that fit right and shoes that love your feet. The list goes on and on. And what’s the deal with these short pockets??

  72. Miele are the exception, a privately owned company not connected with any of the other brands and still designing stuff to last an average of 20 years. Generally by far the most reliable, but the only down side is if you are unlucky and do need a repair the parts are expensive and most independent repairers struggle to get them and can't access any info from Miele.

  73. As society moves away from its Christian moral standards, it then becomes all about getting the cheapest made product out on the market for the best price.
    I expect things to get worse, not better.

  74. My HP printer stopped working within 2 years. Was told the parts were made too cheap to work for long. It can't be fixed. My HP laptop died in 4 years, after being sent back to HP the first year for repair, 2 days before the warranty expired. Was told it was a design flaw because "these HP laptops heat up and burn the components." It can't be fixed.

  75. My Walmart vacuum cleaner broke down within 2 years. Was told the plastic parts should have been metal. It can't be fixed.

  76. My expensive Meiele refrigerator broke down in 4 years. The repairman wanted $1,100 to fix it because there were no parts for it! I chucked it and bought a Haier. Within 3 years, the freezer stopped freezing, the fridge filled with water, the seals deteriorated, and the noise from the motor became so loud I had to put doors on my kitchen. Was told even if it were fixed, the price was higher than the fridge was worth and the seals would deteriorate within a short time, again, and a replacement hose, and some other part, to stop the water in the fridge wouldn't be worth the cost.

  77. My Panasonic stereo was bought in the mid-60's and lasted until it broke in transit in the early 90's. No wonder Panasonic isn't around anymore!

  78. I'm on my 3rd microwave in 5 years. When I called a repairman, he said outright on the phone, 'don't bother it's not worth it. You have to buy another one. ' What he didn't say was 'you have to buy another one, and another one, and another one…'

  79. The plug in cord to my expensive Apple iPad had to be replaced 3 times in 2 years because they were so flimsy the part that went into the iPaid kept coming apart from the wire. I bought the iPad for games, Youtube and Netflix on the go. Now Apple discontinued Netflix citing something like an 'incompatible' issue, whatever that is.

  80. My faucet began leaking heavily with 4 years of use and after having it checked by the repairman, and paying his fee, it couldn't be fixed because of faulty parts. I bought a new faucet, the identical style, which doesn't fit the same connections as the broken one, and had to pay a premium to re-drill the hole and some other things. Why aren't the faucets the same anymore?

  81. Segue: Make sure your dry wall does not come from China. Their dry wall panels deteriorate quite rapidly and have to be replaced within 2 years of installation.

  82. Let's face it. Appliances come under the category of "disposable," like most things these days.

  83. my LG works great… My one issue my icebox started cracking after 6 years, found a used one for $45

  84. I never intended to become an automotive and appliance repairman.

  85. I tell people to buy the cheap models. The expensive models are identical to cheap ones with more bells and whistles.

  86. This is a poorly put together video. Too repetitive and redundant.

  87. Shame on Samsung, good for Whirlpool for making things right finally.

  88. Whirlpool. Never. Ever.. crap

  89. Make them better at higher cost and by law you must buy the high cost long life ones. We are in a buy lowest price and besides most people want a "new" look after a few years.

  90. I remember when i bought my first computer it was an hp and it broke after like 4 years after 2001, when i called they replaced it no questions asked not even a reciept, those were the days, they even sent a replacement first and said to place the broken one in the same box and paid for return shipping.

  91. That crisper is also a condensation tray lol.

  92. What I think is so appalling, is now it costs more to fix them, then to replace

  93. CBC should have mentioned front load washers. They are all junk, the spider arm that attaches the drum to the motor is made out of cheap metal and will fail in 3 to 5 years From corrosion and it is an expensive repair.

  94. Just confirms what I already was aware of. We call it 'built in obsolescence'. If you look at cookers that where made 30 – 40 years ago there is no comparison to what
    is made today. Old cookers where made with cast iron and thick sheet steel which was enameled. Controls and parts were more robust. Cookers really lasted for ever if you looked after them, but as time moved on parts became impossible to get so you had to trash them. Also people don't want a modern kitchen with an antique looking cooker or fridge.
    There is also the concept of modernity and fashion. That's why people generally change their kitchen layouts and update to 'newer' units and alongside this more modern appliances. Supposedly Samsung make good reliable products, as do Neff, Miele, Bosch etc. You pay quite a bit more for these manufacturers appliances and you supposedly
    are getting better reliability and quality — but I don't know if this is the case anymore. Manufacturers change designs and modifications like the weather, so your product become outdated within a few years. They should be made to make all parts available for at least 10 years after they stop manufacturing a particular model. But then again they will just put absurd prices on the parts. They have got you every which way.

  95. My Samsung fridge has the exact same issue and the little aluminum tab did not fix the problem!!! Junk!!!

  96. everything has become Riff Raff to get their hands in our pockets

  97. They are screwing us out of our money

  98. … A L L this stuff is already well known by just about everyone with half a brain .
    No point in making films with disgruntled customers / frustrated repairmen ….. ten a penny .
    The CRUCIAL film would be getting someone VERY HIGH-UP in the manufacturing company and nail them to the floor ON SCREEN .. ON RECORD . NO PRETTY PLEASE NONSENSE .
    Same issues with cars/TV's/music equipment/ etc etc – the list runs on endlessly .

  99. I repair my own appliances myself, I even repair my own circuit boards, I can EXCEED any repairman, I can do MORE repairs than any repairman

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