Fastest People in Slow Motion

Fastest People in Slow Motion

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  1. 5:28 he's always pulling the trigger…

  2. I’m more impressed that he can actually hit the carrot than that he can cut through it

  3. So he can’t just quick draw normally? He has to cheat with a specialized holster and stance? I mean the gun is pretty much already at level. I wanna see how “fast” he is when drawing in an upright stance.

  4. Mcree vs Jon Riviera

  5. Oh true to life hisoka 😲😲😲

  6. this video is 9:11

  7. Flash: Am I joke to u

  8. 4:45 the middle ballon color is yellow, when comes to 4:47 it become blue

  9. I've met Rick. Super cool guy and a great performer.

  10. You should also do "slowest people on fast motion"

  11. 6:50 he like hans solo

  12. 4:45 magical color changing baloons

  13. Anyone else wondering why Dans arm is in a cast half way through the bideo

  14. Wait… that's illegal

  15. It’s funny how 1 Minecraft video in 1-7 months can beat views and likes on a video from 1 year 😂😂😂

  16. NOPE the sherif used aim assist that’s not fair

  17. I bet none of u can pause the video while the bullet is still flying in the air

  18. Did anyone else notice the balloons changing he said you guys ready

  19. What happen to your hand??

  20. Has anyone noticed that this video
    Is 9:11 long

  21. 4:49
    This real life version of the dead eye

  22. 2:59 look at his face

  23. Awww no modern samurai (i forgot his name.) that can cut a bullet…

  24. Make them joker's cards he'll be killing people


  26. What are you?
    God of gamblers 😂

  27. The gunslinger is Jack marstons great grandson

  28. Sound at 2:27 feels like they're practicing nen LOOOL

  29. Give Rick a shuriken and let him be a hero.

  30. Rick smith junior also tested in dude perfect

  31. Look at the time of the video 911

  32. This gunslinger is waaaaaay slower than the late Bob Murden.

  33. That cowboy was like macre of overwatch

  34. I’m not watching this video right now it’s just a glitch

  35. The total vids is 911 min

  36. The handgun guy probably fires quicker than mcree

  37. reconize a upcoming artist who wants to inspire ppl by his art! :3

  38. reconize a upcoming artist who wants to inspire ppl by his art! :3

  39. Choose your weapon:


    Him: a black jack card

  40. Ricksmith must be twisted fate

  41. If i ever complete my time machine and want to go to the old west, i know who to bring !

  42. I meant Rick Smith jr

  43. Did anybody see the guy try playing it off😂😂😂 6:07

  44. Why is Dan wounded on the left arm and hand??? Horrible sharp cards??? 😉

  45. 4:45 4:48 the balloon color changes

  46. Are you leaving this video without seing "yeehaw" ?

  47. I’m the fastest after switching off the lights

  48. They were making fun of Rick's face but Dan's at 1:56 was… interesting…

  49. Thumbnail kinda look like a guy bouta whip my head with a force of a bullet train

  50. never disrespect a mans concetrations face

  51. 2:48 Is it me or the celery is precut? He's just aiming on a line. It can be very confusing. Or it's a master shot.

  52. Video paint drawing

  53. Are those bullets sub sonic? Seemed like they were moving really slow

  54. i always watch this channel but 2x

  55. Hahahah. I was expecting Usain Bolt. Hahahaha

  56. Fastest people + slow motion = normal speed

  57. Secret ingredient is crushed walnut shells

  58. I always use to do that with Pokémon cards

  59. "i cant fix my ma face im sorry"…wtf is wrong with two of them 😂😂😂

  60. oOPS,,, they accidently exposed Mr. 6 gun for what they are. These "showmen" use rice or salt / wax bullets as to cover a larger Area. think shotgun.

  61. Look guys look the seconds when the video ends ….its 9:11 or 911 they need an ambulance because this guy is too fast!

  62. Harley mobile legend

  63. The balloons color changed 4:44

  64. Hey, the camera operator od Dan's clone

  65. hold my shuriken.

  66. That guy use to be a deputy think if you pulled a gun on that guy

  67. The cowboy like lucky luke

  68. How many noticed the change of ballons in the target..??
    04:40 Check the ballon colours
    04:46 Check the ballon colours

  69. Baloon colors change😂😂

  70. Look here >>

  71. In the scientific community, the force of a thrown play card is measured in celery.

    That's why to fight Gambler, you need to wear a 3-layer celery suit.

  72. The gun was shooting bird shot. So 15-20 little BBs hit the balloons.

  73. Six shooter fortnite

  74. I bet the card thrower guy can hurt u with his card . He dont need a knife 😂

  75. Those guys are real life action movie protagonists

  76. John Rivera uses the Deadeye 🔥
    Someone in 2019?

  77. Discovery channel in youtube..

  78. 0:13 Watch the gun guy in 2×

  79. He’s holding the trigger while he’s cocking it back

  80. Super mega slo mos that's a super mega win

  81. I can throw a card

  82. Wanna see if the card goes through my finger

  83. that police dude with the pistol he could survive any zombie apocalypse outshooting any marauders sorrounding him to rob him.

  84. 05:28 plat at 0.25 speed u can dee the bullet 😀

  85. just what kind of scientist you guys should be .. ? 🙄

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