Fast food chicken: Testing Subway, McDonald’s, A&W, Wendy’s & Tim Hortons (CBC Marketplace)

Fast food chicken: Testing Subway, McDonald’s, A&W, Wendy’s & Tim Hortons (CBC Marketplace)

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  1. Lady with high pressure please! There are so many alternatives to save yourself from cooking in the summer!

  2. They tryna get sued sued

  3. Normally I wouldn't care too much about this, but they shouldn't put sugar into things. Why do companies always have to dump so much sugar into products?

  4. Chicken isn’t a element it cant be 100% real or 80% real

  5. Where exactly did you get these supposed “customers”

  6. •Gets chicken
    •Tries to sell it
    •Sells nothing
    •Puts not chicken in chicken
    •Sells 20 millions

  7. It's pure and simple. We're being treated as sheep and we start behaving as one. Baaaaa 🙂

  8. Foetal human d.n.a was not tested for ,even thuogh it is used as a food additive.As Rabbi Finkelstein said "We will mak you eat your babie s".

  9. 35 years in the meat industry from processing plants to retail. Seen it all!! Their is a simple solution though, don't eat at fast food places and cook at home. Its not rocket science.

  10. Come on DNA testing what don't they get

  11. lol eat fresh there is nothing fresh at subway as far as meats they are all packaged meats you do get fresh at first with their tomatoes and cucumbers but again dates are changed every two days then thrown out on the 3rd day the lettuce is packaged just like everything else is bread are frozen dough

  12. I had a bite taken out of my chicken nugget from Wendy's let's just say the place went out of business when we told the police

  13. I work at subway, i always judge people who get the 'chicken patty'. I try to ask em if they want the strips or rotisserie chicken

  14. accept that when I buy chicken nuggets I see it as eating savory cookies. Its a snack that's fun to eat with not much nutrition if any.

  15. More sensationalism from the Great White North!

  16. MCDONALDS!!!!! "Chicken burger healther option less sodium no bad stuff in it" "If we eat bad food it's better we eat chicken right?" WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I don't know if this is a Canadian thing (I'm from the U.S.), but this 'test' took WAY too long to get to the conclusions. It's like they were trying to get people all worked up over the issue rather than just passing along information. I mean, 22 minutes to essentially tell us that Subway's chicken is half soy protein and that fast food is really salty? Seems like they used alot of filler in this story 🙂 This kind of media definitely has influence. It would be interesting to know how it affected the sales of chicken sandwiches.

  18. How do you even think few pieces of chicken fried by a chef for this purpose would be same with commercially made chickens made for thousands of burgers

  19. Sad to see how lazy weve become….we dont give ourselves 10 mins to make ourselves something to eat…because were too busy driving or walking ourselves to a restaurant or fast food place to buy something to eat….I dont know which one is worse the processed food we buy or eat…..or our lazyness

  20. The chef on this video needs to stop eating all his dishes….that man is as big as the stainless steel refrigerator🤣🤣🤭🤭….he needs to team up with the young man who eats subway…..

  21. cluckin bell has the best chicken you should try it

  22. The only one I care about (because it's the only one I eat) is Chick-fil-a

  23. Yak the gurl touched the food with her hands and put on plate…..yaki…..wear gloves

  24. Wtf is Tim hortons

  25. How could you not include chick-fil-a

  26. Subway has some “splaining” to do !!!!

  27. I buy my chicken whole, 50 lbs at a time straight from Maple Lodge Farms…Takes me an hour to cut it up the way I want it and freezer bag it and that lasts me nearly 6 months (having a chicken meal twice a week)….If you eat more than 2 fast food meals a week. you need to take a cooking course…Or watch more youtube cooking vids and learn how to feed yourself.

  28. She looks like Tia and Tamera

  29. They needed at least one or two black person and Hispanic, also Asian person, to make it fair in judging the chicken

  30. Even as a Professional Chef, I sometimes have cravings for Fast Food (probably from my childhood). Big Mac, Filet of Fish from McDonald's and the Spicy Crispy Chicken W/Cheese sandwich from Wendy's are my Go To choices. When I eat these things I'm very aware that it's probably not the healthiest thing for me to eat, but when I get Fast Food, I know this. Don't think that the grocery stores aren't doing the same. Those bags of loose chicken pieces that say "up to 15% broth added" are just the tip of the proverbial Iceberg. As a chef I've noticed the texture of most store bought chicken that's not "organic" has a rubbery texture these days and the taste is flat. The meat also doesn't really have a strong grain pattern either. I'm not an organic buyer, but chicken is the one exception.

  31. Fresh means exactly that, fresh. Not 100% of anything

  32. Comparing freshly cooked chicken vs 45 min old chicken from a fast food place. Lol

  33. That Chef kept making faces when they ate his so he gave it away that it was his so basically they saw that and voted for him ..awkward ….

  34. What if you dont like chicken

  35. Read in the bible where it mentions meat

  36. I don’t eat fast food period. It’s not that difficult to learn to cook. My go-to meal when I’m really hungry and pressed for time is a extra crunchy peanut butter sandwich (whole grain wheat).

  37. Cook at home and know what you putting in your mouth.

  38. I LOVE THIS CHANNEL! JUST DISCOVERED IT! You can’t go wrong with Wendy’s though!

  39. What a waste of brain cells this was.

  40. “Two thirds of your daily limit of salt”. That nutritionist just lied. You can consume just over 10x that limit & it will have no effect on your health. It all goes in your pee.

  41. If only everyone ate at home!!!!!!!!!


  43. I decided to watch this video since I was walking to Subway to grab a chicken sandwich……… let's just say I'm super glad I did

  44. Lol.. eat fresh.. But what is it that people are eating fresh?
    Less than 50 percent chicken..

  45. WHY can't this poor child use a fork yet? Do they ever eat home cooked food?

  46. MarketPlace is the only CBC program worth watching.

  47. This video is made by by junk food thugs———–Junk is goooooooooood!!!

  48. stop saying you guys!!

  49. Why didn't they cover KFC. pffft.

  50. The blonde has a nose job

  51. This chicken is actually 60% rejected donkey meat from China. Full of ammonia and cadaverine.

  52. Subway chicken doesn't taste right–noticeable. Why didn't u score any others?

  53. "We expected 100% kicken"

  54. Just go vegan XD

  55. daniel looks ill, please check his health


  57. I really thought this video would be a wake up call to subway but 2 years later… still the same boring old quality.

  58. Well not surprised here; most fast food chicken is chicken + soy. If you wanna eat chicken buy it and cook it.

  59. Not real chicken? That's clucked up.

    Is it just me or did the dude next the old lady have like no elbow room?

  60. anybody that actually cooks there own chicken properly should be able to tell how bad those other chicken pieces actually taste

  61. I rarely eat out. I buy all my food from Aldi. No GMO. No artificial flavors, grass fed, organic meat. I cook all my meals at home. Salads. Rarely eat meat. I was over weight after being a nurse for 15 years. I packed on the pounds. I lost over 40 lbs. just by not eating fast food and eating healthy food at home. No fad diets. I didn't even exercise. No pop.

  62. this video dropped fast food restaurant's market

  63. Who on earth does NOT know that fast food products are just pure crap ?
    People who have been living in a cave for a century ?
    Thank you anyway for these documentaries which inform us.
    Comment from France where food is considered as hugely important since we eat 3 times a day.

  64. Subways "chicken" is something I NEVER eat.

  65. For crying out loud! SODIUM IS PERFECTLY SAFE! Sodium Chloride (NaCl) IS FREAKING SALT! THESE POOR PEOPLE WERE TRICKED INTO THINKING SODIUM IS DANGEROUS! It's perfectly fine. Just like calories.

  66. that kid has the most punchable face ever

  67. Only one of the four knows how to hold a fork!

  68. Watching this before eating McDonald’s chicken will be fun

  69. Tim Horton’s is trash

  70. Fillers in meat can cause health issues – this is why Celiacs won’t eat anything that doesn’t say gluten-free, even when it’s something like grilled chicken, because who knows what’s inside. “Natural flavors” can include wheat. This is common in sausage, hot dog, bacons, lunch meat, and any other processed or flavored meats. Most people just don’t even realize because they don’t have the health issues and haven’t dug into what’s really inside their food.

  71. Chef Raj's cutest moments <3

  72. in other news, the sky is blue

  73. Fast Food 🍔 isn't healthy? It's made with processed ingredients? Whaat?! I'm shocked OMG 😱 seriously!!!!

  74. AGAIN: it's not "processed" ingredients that is the problem. Organic foods are processed. You need to process the grass-fed beef with the quinoa (or whatev") to get it into the bowl. SYNTHETIC INGREDIENTS, CHEMICALLY SYNTHESIZED and ARTIFICIALLY ENGINEERED are more appropriate words! How come I need to teach yanks/anglos to speak their own language!?!??????!!!!!

  75. 16:31 All approved as SAFE?? How about you call out the many GMOs loaded with BT toxin: canola, corn (maltodextrin, dextrose, citric acid etc.) and soy! Only missing is cottonseed oil, LOL!

  76. The end commercial = Whoa! And here I thought the hoity-toity canucks were supposed to be angels up there, what with their lib presitard, TruduQ! (You read that right!) And here they are, worst scammers than yanks. Tourist tax?? LOLOL! Tax on the sick?! Burn in hell!

  77. Chicken is full of pathogens go plant based and avoid all of this

  78. Who else can only eat chickfila chicken when it comes to fast food??

  79. I walked away from fast food over 25 years ago, I'm better for it.

  80. I was eating a baby's foot!! This isn't really news ☹️

  81. Why hasn't Subway been sued?

  82. I would not give any of these Sandwiches to my DOG

  83. when I see these testing… videos I try not to click. I'm like gurl I dont even want to know.

  84. buying fresh chicken is not all good too

  85. Well considering Subway hired someone who they knew is a pedofile to represent their company, it doesn't surprise me that they're questionable in their representing of the food they sell

  86. What a taste test. fresh cooked vs frozen cooked hours earlier, Chef almost lost. Chef vs chick-fil-a = chef loser!

  87. I'd think you'd be able to LOOK at a piece of "chicken" and tell that there's crap mixed in and NOT "just chicken."

  88. What happen to Burger 👑 King?

  89. Then we'll celebrate meat substitutes made entirely of soy protein.

  90. Subway's 'healthy" food means lower calories.

  91. Food industry really is atrocious and not at all as regulated as we think.

  92. even 100% chicken now adays can be shite.they can cook the resedue of the bones.sinues and memrane ,cartilage the make it into a paste and can reconstruct a chicken from crap

  93. Probably Subway at Mickey D's are the worst I would say

  94. There's something in Subway bread that makes me very nauseous, Only the bread… and only Subway bread products. Obviously, I don't eat Subway anymore but just thought I'd pass it on after many trials to see which part of Subway's products was making me feel like puking. Now, just the thought of one of those foot long's is enough to turn my stomach. Anyone else found this?

  95. At least don't undress them with bare hands (05:37).

  96. guy thinks subway chicken is higher quality than mcdonalds… thats laughable

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