Fashion & Style for Women, Parisian Chic Lookbook, Mature over 50

Fashion & Style for Women, Parisian Chic Lookbook, Mature over 50

Hi everyone Heather here and today we’re
going to talk about Parisian chic clothing. Now we’ve set ourselves up
with a little bit of a French cafe look here and Hurricane, no Hurricane we
aren’t going to use a French poodle, it’s still going to be you but the thing
about a Parisian chic kind of wardrobe is if you just want to add a little bit
of extra class, sophistication something like that to your wardrobe it’s, it’s
fantastic and I grabbed all these clothes out of my wardrobe, just the way
my wardrobe was right now so you might not even have to do a big investment. So
if you’re getting back into the work place, if you are hanging out with
girlfriends or you just want to kind of make things a little bit more
sophisticated in your wardrobe this video is for you… so let’s go So Bill is helping me out with this
Parisian chic video, so say hi Bill…”bonjour”… well, yeah, okay all right, so seriously
all right, let’s keep on going So my first outfit for a Parisian chic
and yeah we had to move to the hallway because that lighting in our little cafe
was not good so anyway it’s really important that you get to see the
outfits that I’m wearing and they’re not too dark. So this is kind of a casual
Parisian chic and I just took this striped shirt out of my wardrobe and it
is a nice stretchy shirt and I tucked it into a pair of my favorite jeans which
are the stretchy jeans, they are a boyfriend style, this pair is a darker blue. I
think for the look of a sophistication and that sort of thing don’t go with a
wash go for the darker blue. I also made sure that the boyfriend roll-up at the
bottom was straight so you want more of a sleeker line with this. I also paired
it with a little kitten heel here as well and a just a small little purse. I
think really sort of makes the outfit look great as well. Now let me just show
you something about these jeans… I’ve got my stretchy belt on and you know that I
love my stretchy belts, and oh yeah by the way, I will link back to in the first
comment I will link back to my blog and I’m really going to try to find some
items that are very, very similar to what I’m wearing so that if you want to get
them you can do that and we do make a little bit of commission on that if you
buy them from us, not from us but from where we link you to and we
really appreciate that because it really helps to keep these videos going. So
these jeans by the way, I’m just gonna pull up the stretchy belt for a second
and they have a full front a little bit of tummy tuck here as well so a fauxl fly
and boy are they comfortable, so you
don’t even know that they’re got all those things going on. so I’m ready for maybe
a nice outing with my girlfriends or something like that and oh we have a
black jacket, I went with a black jacket for this it could be a blend it could be
a cotton but it works very, very well with this Parisian chic look. All right
so a little Hurricane wanted to join me in these little shots so well
there he is but for my number two outfit you can’t go wrong with a classic look.
They call it a camel hair coat in this particular case that’s kind of the
color of the coat and but this is a wool and cashmere blend which is of course my
own coat as I mentioned before and I’m just sort of carrying it with a nice
pair of leather gloves and underneath I have, if we can get a long shot of this
Bill I have paired it with a pair of straight ,again stretchy black pants. There’s a camisole underneath this particular top and of course my stretchy
belt and if you would like to see some of the ideas that I give you for
slimming and that sort of thing definitely the camisole and the stretchy
belts are that so I’m going to put that up at the top somewhere for you as well
but as far as this outfit goes I’ve also put on some really nice little booties
that go with it . It elongates the look, it gives you really a little more ,more
like let’s say sophisticated kind of look and I have also paired it with a
big belt . Now obviously I’m in a coat so I’m obviously going out with a coat on so if you
guys have seen what’s in my little purse video you know that I really only use a big
purse when I’ve got other things that have to go inside it so there’s my
little purse inside the big purse but for today let me just get down here a
little bit for today maybe I need my sunglasses so we’ve got that bigger
purse going on and I think it all really makes for quite… let’s get back together
here, for quite a lovely look. Okay so the third look for this Parisian chic, this
would definitely be something that you could wear for workplace for business
something along those lines and you’re probably saying to yourself hey Heather
well you’re just kind of showing a lot of black and white clothing and yeah you
know what… for this kind of sophistication and this type of look you
will see a lot of that but you know I want you to get some color into your
wardrobe the, the blues and the greens and the yellows and all that sort of
thing and I did do a video on organizing your wardrobe and getting that splash of
color so I’m going to put that up there somewhere up there but back to this
outfit so with this outfit I have a very silky kind of blouse underneath it is a
little bit of a long sleeve so if I did have to take the jacket off
I still look very polished very, very nice and also if you can see I’ve
accented this with the kind of a chain belt, they’re kind of hard to find I will
try to find one and link it back in to my blog so Bill if we could just back up
a little bit I also have a pencil skirt and again stretchy material, just love it
and I decided to go with a longer jacket for this look, a longer jacket look is in
right now and again it brings the eye down so if you are looking for a
slimming look it is going to kind of elongate your look. I decided to put on a
very nice, these are suede shoes but a very nice
heel again for the sophistication. The bigger purse I have here because
I’m going out to meetings or something and I might want to have a hot water
bottle… no… a bottle of water or my sunglasses or something in there and
then I also matched it with dark hose again they’re very slimming. I thought I’d wear
pantyhose but hey this is Parisian French chic so if you want to go with
stockings well, OOh La La. So the number four, this is really more of a casual Parisian
chic kind of look and I started off with a sleeveless, again stretchy top and
because it’s sleeveless this can really take you through Summer or Spring or
even Fall. I’ve matched it with this little sweater you know because
sometimes the evenings and even in the Summer can get it a little bit cooler
and also a nice pair of white, again stretchy capris and I decided if I was
going out sort in this casual look I’d probably be doing a lot of walking. I
love walking and so I just put on a pair of ballet slippers and well they’re
really you know proper shoes and I’m going to be linking back some of the
shoes. Now for some of you you’ve mentioned that you don’t want me to talk
about leather all the time so I am going to tell you if you decide to get the
shoes in the man-made material there is also something fantastic out there and
those are shoes made out of vegetable, well maybe not vegetable, so maybe
pineapple husks and things like that so check those out if you are looking
for something that is non leather. Now let’s talk about the purse that I have
here because with this particular purse I wanted to kind of add a little dash of
color to this so again I’ve got the bigger purse with the little person inside
and seeing as I’m going to be doing something, maybe you know in the
Summertime also I’ve got my sunglasses in here I might also have some sunscreen,
don’t forget your sunscreen so I think that this is really a great look and
it’ll get you really through a lot of those months where it’s a little bit
more outside so the final outfit for Parisian
chic had to be the little black dress. I love the length of this dress I love the
stretchiness, hey why do we have to walk around like this you know all the time. Stretchiness that’s what we should be looking for because it’s so, so
comfortable and what I did with this is I also I have bare legs, my bare legs are
really pale so what I did is I put a spray tan on. Hey we don’t want to be
baking all the time and I also put some on my arms as well so if I were going to
have this kind of look I would use a spray tan and I also just paired it with
those little pair of black suede shoes again that I have. I felt that that
really completed the outfit and also for the clutch purse I decided to go
with something a little bit whimsy, you know if you got black shoes and black
purse and all that sort of thing it could be a little bit boring so this is
a beautiful clutch purse that I have with the New York skyline so I like that
a lot and also I have a little sweater here because a lot of times it gets, it
gets kind of cold out there and we need a little sweater and this little baby it
rolls up in a little ball and it actually fits into that clutch purse so
it’s, it’s pretty great and I’m just gonna put this on because I love these
little sweaters that have a little bit more pizzazz to them,
this almost looks like a crocheted kind of sweater and I really, really love it
and another thing if you’re going for, let’s say you’re going to a party or a
special dinner or something like that you may want to just vamp up your eyes a
little bit and your makeup and I did do a makeup video for smokey eyes and I’ll
put it up there somewhere so we’ll add a little bit of smokiness and glamour to
this outfit. Now a lot of you know it’s time for the cuteness factor
at the end of the videos… yes you are the cutest factor but you weren’t a French
poodle, and uh but I don’t think you guys mind …and I want to thank you so much for
being there for us with all of our videos, you guys are amazing you know
those comments, they’re just, they’re not only making my day but they’re a lot of
them are touching my heart so thank you very, very much for that and of course
Bill and little Hurricane thank you too because we’re getting some great
comments on them as well. So if you do want to subscribe and join our community
there is a little button down there. Come on down and join our group, we’d
love to have you and in the meantime Hurricane you know it’s time for a walk
now right?… it’s time for his walk he’s been very patient watching me putting on all
these Parisian chic outfits and time for us to go. Until next time take care.
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