Fashion Advice for Men : How to Dress Country Club Casual – Men

Fashion Advice for Men : How to Dress Country Club Casual – Men

Hello, I’m Bruce Marshall, Fashion Designer
and Emmy Award nominated costume designer here to tell you today about how to dress
casual for a country club. Now whether it’d Palm Springs or the other warms by the people
like to go to on holidays, let me tell you, it’s just a very simple ideas, you want to
keep it simple with good quality fabrics. And once that, sometimes can cost you a pretty
penny. But for instance, what you’ll always will definitely see at any country club is
usually jackets are required. Even if it’s for light lunch or say, even a brunch, you’ll
usually know that the guys have to have a jacket. You know, at least to inner, you can
take it off once you get, I’m sure. And also, you know, you have, like your gingham shorts,
you’ve always have a polo shirt. I mean not just classic and signature. So if you have
your polo shirt, your short, your linen jacket, you’re pretty much good to go. And remember
when you see people walking around with the collars turned up, it’s for a purpose. It’s
not just to be cool. It’s to protect your neck from the sun. So that’s what that’s all
about. So remember again, when you go into your country club, you want to be comfortable,
you want to be classy and you want to be top quality. Now as with any gentlemen in the
country club, you know that usually jackets are required. So it’s always best to have
one that’s easy, that flows, maybe two button, three button or even one button, you’re good
to go. But the most important thing is to keep it quality and keep it comfortable.

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  1. dude's got swaggggggg

  2. I was thinking that too

  3. me 2 no offense but i think like u

  4. dont listen to him he dont know what hes sayin

  5. Keep that collar down and inside the jacket, goddamnit!

  6. J. Crew Pants, Vineyard Vines pressed shirt, some ray-bands, and your ret to go! 

  7. If this guy is a fashion designer, then so am I!  I have better clothing taste and style than this guy.

  8. It's not the 60's, keep your collar in the jacket!

  9. That is NOT a jacket for CC Casual…and ditch the polo as well…
    CC Casual is a jacket over a button down shirt and chino over linen slacks…always in light colors…pastels…
    The jacket can be unlined…unstructured…loose fitting…

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