Good morning everyone, I’m Ola Englund
and welcome to a new FAQ video if you saw my latest FAQ video, I did a little test,
you know, I played some videogames while answering your questions and yeah,
the results were kind of clear to me that from now on I will make all my videos,
including amp demos, in VR It just makes a lot of sense, because the answers
that I gave were just so much better It was kind of obvious that a lot of people loved
that part, when I was doing the gameplay But a lot of people also did not like
when I was playing videogames So, I decided to split up my gaming things
and put them on a separate channel I will link it somewhere over here,
I’ve already uploaded a gameplay video So, this is a strict gaming channel called
‘Ola Englund Metal Gaming’ Huh? Good name, huh? Made it up all by myself. And if you don’t like videogames,
you don’t have to subscribe to that channel and you can just stick to this channel and
you will not see any more videogames, huh? That’s a good deal, I think. “Ola Gameglund, there you go. This one is free.” Yeah … … or maybe not. I think ‘Ola Englund Metal Gaming” is a lot better
to be honest. “Hi Ola, I was wondering how is the difference in quality between the 700 dollar Solar Guitars and the 1200 ones “Is it just the Evertune or is there a difference
in materials?” I mean, the quality is no different from each other.
The difference are the specs. The ‘1’ series have, you know, more expensive woods You know, more expensive bridges obviously,
like the Evertune. It has luminlays … But build-wise, they are the exact same
and feel the same So, it’s not like they build the guitars differently if it’s
a less expensive one or a more expensive one It’s basically just the specs And yeah, that’s what I like, you know, about the guitars You can pick up the most expensive one
and you can pick up the least expensive one and you will feel, you know, familiar on both Yeah … Is that? What do you call that? Is that something that kids do nowadays? Floss? I’ve seen that kids do that. I think it’s dangerous “Hi Ola, how do you care about the lyrics of the songs you listen to? “are they as important as the musical aspect of the song to you?” Yeah I mean, I don’t think that lyrics are that important,
at least not for me I know it is for a lot of people but I definitely think that lyrics can enhance the whole experience of listening to a piece of music. So yeah, I think it’s still very important, you know,
not bullshit lyrics at least So yeah, I kind of … when I write lyrics for Feared,
for instance, I kind of have … I … I … I try Okay? I actually try. “Ola, It’s ‘Daddario’, say it all in one word, not ‘Deeaddario’ Well, f*** you Kevin Smith. “Hi Ola, how is the sound of Solar Guitars, six strings in special, when playing chords not distorted? for ballads” Okay. Like, okay, I’m a guitar player and there’s not
a single f***ing guitar pick in my room. What’s up with that? Oh, there’s one here. In my box of picks
there’s still one guitar pick left, I’m lucky. This a E1.6 ETC, it has the Solar Duncan pickups,
like almost every other Solar Guitar. So this is how they sound like clean, and it doesn’t have a 5-way switch, it has a 3-way toggle and you can split the humbuckers using this toggle, this push-pull tone. So here we have the bridge pickup Both Neck Then we have the split There you have it, that’s how it sounds. “Hi Ola, what is the best way to put your music on Spotify? “I’ve been asking this for weeks, please respond” Oh, sad little crying face. Well Mr Dank The best way to put out music on Spotify is basically just to find one of these, you know, internet distributors like, I’m using ‘imusician’ for instance,
that I’m very happy with There’s also, you know, ‘Distrokid’ … what else? See the … See the baby? I don’t remember. But at least, you know, just pick one, upload your music and basically they put the music out to all these streaming services like Spotify and Apple music, etc. So, there you go “Hey Ola, as an owner of a guitar company,
what do you look for in an artist “when considering them for an endorsement?
Asking for a friend … the friend is me” Alright, so what I look for, if you want to become
a Solar artist is that either you have, like, a great online following or, you know, a lot of views on YouTube Or you’re in a touring band that plays a lot of shows,
you know, and expose yourself for a lot of people I mean, both ways, having online presence or a touring presence, It’s all about exposure towards people I mean, how many people will you reach
when you upload a video? How many people will you reach
when you are out on tour? Etc. So, it has to be a collaboration between us two
that we both can benefit from So, if you want to send us an artist endorsement inquiry I would recommend you go to the FAQ section
of the Solar Guitars website you go to the community, FAQ
and read the instructions there if you’re interesting for us,
then it’s gonna be a good little cooperation maybe I don’t know “What are your favorite NES games?
Mine are Metroid and Contra.” Ooh, that’s a tough one! But I think that the ones that are really the most important games to me back in the day was … Ducktales and Super Mario 1, 2 and 3 I mean I finished those games over and over
back in the day Maybe that’s a good idea for my gaming channel,
to make like maybe a speedrun of Super Mario 3 Go subscribe to that channel right over here,
or is it here? I don’t know. Just subscribe, okay? If you like gaming, subscribe “Hey Ola, what do you call a deer with no eyes? “I’ve no idear” “Privet Ola, how to get rid of a feeling shy on sharing and releasing your music in particular “and other social activity like YouTube in general? “I mean that thoughts like ‘what if people wouldn’t like my music videos/ silly faces, etc.’ “Maybe I shouldn’t do it and shit like that. “I like my music and I’m pretty sure that someone
will like it too “but this unconscious thoughts grabs me down sometimes” You know what? I’ve already answered this guy directly on Go follow my account on, if you’re into Wow, I’m plugging so much things in my video right now, it’s insane. Maybe I should pay myself for advertisements Doesn’t make sense. My thoughts about if you should release music or not
is that … Just simply release the music, okay? Don’t get thoughts that what people think about your music come in the way of you and your art In the sense, just upload the music There’s always gonna be people that are not liking
what you’re doing or does not agree with your direction or whatever I mean, or there’s even gonna be a lot of people just plainly saying that you suck or whatever. Who cares? I mean, just throw yourself out there, allow yourself
to make mistakes, you know? That’s how we learn, you know? When we make mistakes, when we fail, we pick ourselves up and continue on stronger than ever. Sounds a little cheesy, but it’s true. It is true. And yeah, and again, if someone, you know, comes to really bring you down and, you know, talk shit about you, stuff like that Just remember that there’s probably
something else wrong in their lives Or maybe they’re jealous or whatever, I mean, it means you’re doing something right, you know? And that’s one thing about getting older that
I really enjoy, like is that you just stop caring. You just care a lot less about things and what people think about you or what you’re doing. It’s like, come on, there’s more things in life to care about than what some guy on the other side of the world says about your music or your riffs or whatever, you know? So dude, good luck. Get yourself out there already. “Hey Ola, do you have groupies in a band?” No, I mean, you have groupies when you’re attractive, okay? “Hi Ola, there is a lot of talk about the declining popularity of guitar-based music. “Do you think this is true?” No, I do not see it. What I see is like a decline
of all music in a way I mean, the only thing that is changing is the way
that people consume music and the artist obviously doesn’t see, you know,
the same type of first hand income because people don’t buy albums,
so artists see a decline in sales People aren’t listening to music in the same way
as they did before I mean, I’m not. I’m from the generation that bought albums, you know? Went out every Saturday to buy albums The newer generation, they don’t know that,
they’ve never done that. The new generation are more used to stream music through videos or, you know, on their phones I mean, we had to use our Walkmans or our CD-players, you know? It’s so much more accessible now, music And yeah, so no, I don’t really see a decline
in any certain genre It’s the whole business model, you know, that is changing and It’s been doing that for a good while So, there you go. “Hola Ola, is it normal for guitar company owners to go to the factory and check every guitar for themselves? “What do you do once the batches get too big for one person to check? Will you hire someone to come along?” I don’t know if it’s normal, but personally I just want
to do it as many times as I can because I mean … A: I think it’s important for me, because it is indeed my brand and B: … It’s kind of like a security measure basically. You know, a filter between me and the factory and the end consumer, which is you guys so it’s very important for me to go and check and,
you know, make sure everything’s all right and it’s in my best interest I would say And C is because it’s just bloody fun to be honest You know, I love going there, it’s awesome You know, standing there with a guitar in my hands. Like, you stand there, you have 500 guitars behind you. I still haven’t really grasped that it’s my brand. I’m just standing there checking a guitar,
so it’s really weird. It’s very … it’s a very proud feeling that I have to be able to say
that I’m there, checking the guitars “The Dual Rectifier works great for leads?” Yes, they work really good for leads It’s … you know, John Petrucci uses the Rectifier
for leads all the time And … yeah, what can you say? Dual Rectifiers man, they’re awesome! They’re awesome “Hi Ola, do you play the bass guitar? “And do you think it’s important for guitarists to know how to play the bass guitar too?” I think it’s important to know the difference between how you’re playing on an electric bass
and on an electric guitar So yeah, I mean, it’s up to you. If you want to do home recording by yourself, I think it’s a good idea to know how to play bass guitar. I have no idea how to play bass guitar,
I just play electric guitar on the bass But … It works Sometimes. “Can you play some favorite
Yngwie J Malmsteen riffs?” No, I cannot because they’re too hard “Ghost, yey or ney?” Yay, definitely, on Ghost. It’s a … Whoops. I’m not really an active listener of the band Ghost, but all the songs that I’ve heard, I’ve enjoyed It’s definitely a big … “Jay” And I have a cool little story for you. When I was playing in the band Sorcerer back in 2010, Ghost played before us on a festival Huh? That’s cool, huh? They opened up for us … Ghost … and, you know, like two months before they
totally exploded into what they are today So yeah, I like the concept I mean, I think the singer seems like
a very smart businessman and I really respect that. Ohhh, that was the last question guys Oh my god, we’re done for the day! Okay. I hope that you enjoyed these
traditional FAQ videos. I’ll try and keep them more traditional like this and just, you know … Answer questions properly instead of just, you know, winging like I did in my last video Okay, if you have any more questions guys, go ask them in the latest FAQ video Make sure this is the latest one before you comment, okay? And yeah, don’t forget to subscribe
to my gaming channel and check out my super funny video where I play a horror game called ‘Paranormal Activity’ It’s not really that funny, but check it out anyway,
it’s up here. Yeah, thank you so much for watching, guys.
See you next time, alright? Like this.

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