Fake online reviews: How easily can you buy a reputation? (CBC Marketplace)

Fake online reviews: How easily can you buy a reputation? (CBC Marketplace)

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  1. is there anybody honest anymore

  2. They viewbotted there video

  3. I look to see where the reviewers are from

  4. Scary!I am not a fan of cyberspace at all,but I will check reviews before I go to a business .so what's the way to find out the truth?I have seen restaurants that truly suck,get 5 stars.Advise?

  5. my apartment complex does this, theres no english americans living here, but on the site its all white people giving 5 star reviews, they dont even live here! ive been here since they opened. i even called it out on the review page that the 5 stars were fakes.

  6. I can tell you I would totally try cheesed off I wish it was a real food truck. I would travel all the way from Indiana to eat there.

  7. Wow, great video. I really enjoyed my time here on this channel. The journalists were joking around with me and I had lots of fun.

  8. Do I believe in reviews? Well, not anymore lmao

  9. The web page is on the list of websites with potentially dangerous content.
    Access to it has been blocked.

  10. In sports check and some wig companies they screen your reviews first which is weird cause then they only over leave the good reviews

  11. Ok so, they dont sell a product but build a website, cg a food truck, hire fony reviewers, so how do they make any money?

  12. "After Effects Tutorial" seems like the Design Department works like every other part of IT 😀

  13. I love this channel! Does anyone else get calls from yelp reps trying to get you to advertise with them?

  14. The wheels are not orange.

  15. Well, we know we can't trust the MSM. Too bad there scammers online, too.


  17. i love this – exposing the BS online reviews. get your face out of the phone and talk to your neighbors to get a real review

  18. I don't take much stock in online reviews just to much BS. Word of mouth in person is better but in the end go there yourself and make your own decision.

  19. Religious leaders and companies aren't the only ones paid well to lie anymore.

  20. YELP is the WORST !!

  21. The MORE immature you are , the more you believe in reviews !! THAT is the LAW of nature .

  22. I never look at good reviews. I always filter them and only check for 1-3 star reviews. Like on Amazon, I always click the option to only see recent, negative reviews lol. If the negative reviews are trivial, I usually know it's a good purchase. For example, I buy ALOT of books so if the bad reviews are something along the lines of "I hate the authors writing style" or "The book came damaged" and not actually criticizing the authors information (if it's wrong) or expertise on a topic, I usually am more swayed to buy the book. Another thing I do is (when buying books) is to do background checks on the author. There is usually alot of ways to do this (one being looking them up on social media or google). It's pretty obvious to tell when reviews are faked. For example, there may be a sudden rush of good reviews in like a week period. Then, all of a sudden, good reviews are scattered. Obvious use of bots lol. And especially if the reviews are vague.

  23. i check the 1-3 star reviews first

  24. If you get your food from a truck you have serious mental problems. I have bought something from a "food truck" one time. When I was at the junk yard pulling a transmission laying on jagged rocks. Basically it was the only option. If you are a food truck connoisseur, you need to rethink your life.

  25. Hell if you want to know about Google being a bad company look up the Ted talk I Hacked the FBI

  26. okay its 2019 now, but one question, google+ is a review site? LOL no it isnt. and its dying sadly.

  27. I usually write only negative reviews…. to those who deserves it 🙂

  28. Ive literally never heard of Urbanspoon.

  29. I’m from Bangladesh.

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  31. Excellent information.

  32. did you guys forget the wheels lol

  33. I talk to family or friends first to see if they have gone to a place before I look at reviews.

  34. Is online fakery actually illegal?

  35. I like to see the funny negative ones. I trust and routinely look up any doctor I have to see that is not my regular one, and I also like to use workplace review sites to see how a potential employer ranks or how a company treats its (former) employees. People don't have as much of a reason to lie about physicians (note: in the US. We have a shortage of them and the government seems to think we don't need healthcare, so physicians, nurses (especially nursing!) are extremely short-staffed; if anything they're overworked and overbooked, meaning that even ones with terrible bedside manner still have full schedules!), and employers and the reviews are never "glowing", but they might be positive. Many are negative because the people are pissed.
    Take your best shot, Wendy's. Mexican tap water and didn't make me sick. I'd rather eat a bagged freeze-dried meal around a campfire any day of the week though.

  36. This is Billy.This goes back to testimonials.They are not reality just hype

  37. On line retailers also pay people to give negative reviews to hurt competitors. I notice this on Amazon. Many one star views only said the item was bad not not why it was bad.

  38. Where's the fraud sanpan
    Yelp has zero credibility

  39. Wow! Hadn't thought about this before, but it does explain why there are places I've been that were clearly sketchy, with very good reviews…I'll be more critical in the future

  40. I was divorced at Cheezoff 0/10

  41. I tell a story when I write a review. But overall this is sad.

  42. # I am shocked as I always look at reviews for anything and everything.😱😱😱

  43. Очень классное видео , было интересно и очень захватывающе

  44. Interesting. Now I'm going to go see if my neg product review for a certain item I ordered online is still there or if it got changed.

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  46. I know for sure the CBC cannot be trusted

  47. I only check bad reviews but still with caution

  48. Are you guys subliminally advertising the movie “FURY”?

  49. 4:37 after effects tutorial lmfao

  50. If it looks too good to be true, it usually is. Beware of TAL DREAM DESIGN, INC or any business ROI EDERY/EDRY/EDRI owns. He doesn't complete jobs and or doesn't repair the unacceptable, sloppy work his men do. When we vetted him, he had all 5's on YELP, but of you click on the reviews that didn't make it, you'll see the less than 5's done by many! He doesn't stay true to his word. I finally got the photos I took of our house after he walked out on the job to stay on YELP because he cannot figure out how to take them off. Also see my youtube video for the entire story entitled: DO NOT HIRE TAL DREAM DESIGN, INC/ROI EDERY.

  51. I have written several reviews on YELP and on Amazon. I cannot remember how often I’ve written reviews, But I DO remember that I only three of my reviews were negative. “I calls zen as I sees them!” You know, it’s kinda sad that a lot of people are choosing to lie to (which is my BIGGEST TABO!!), just to make a buck!! Have you review writing people forgotten how to tell truth??!!! Shame on you all!!

  52. Google is all about 0 quality

  53. Never ever imagined this🙀. Holy cow! Thank you CBC!!!

  54. Why is it dudes that have the last name Hancock are always successful

  55. Hey, people!!! Thats FRAUD!!! ABSOLUTE LIEING!!! WHY ARE NOT THESE PEOPLE BEING PUT INTO PRISION!!! THAT'S WHY THE WORLD IS IN SUCH A MESS OF LIES! THE DENTIST AND DOCTORS ARE LYING TO US!!! WITH THE CONSQUCE OF LOSE ALL OF OUR TEETH, HEALTH, AND LIFE!!! LAWYERS, JUDGES, POLICE, ARE LYING TO YOU TO PUT YOU IN JAIL!!! Here is a big one. Realestate is lying to you!!! All so all the realestate people can make money!!! Thats why realestate keeps going up and up!!! Because if it didn't, the seller could not afford to sell his house!!! AND THE REALESTATE PEOPLE STOP MAKING MONEY!!! But once the prices go so far UP that people can't pay the payments. And houses stop selling!!! And all the realestate people again stop making and spending!!! It's an all out (LIE) scam!!! Making people homeless!!!

  56. These court, judges that let these scammers get away should be kicked out of our judicial system. They are making life hard and letting people get fooled.

  57. Just because astronauts eats them they are nutritious? Really. What is so special about astronauts anyway ? Just because they go in space it is already special? Hmmm….what is special is if you can feed the hungry all over the worl. That is special . Besides, Flash Gordon was the first man in space! Not them !

  58. Get HELP and see you psychiatrist if you trust YELP REVIEWS. hahahaha

  59. OMG that tutorial video was soooo cheezy

  60. great piece of work

  61. Am I the only one to check for only Negative reviews

  62. 5:29 – $30 ultra-thin, ultra-light aluminum electric griddle? A real business would be using something like this – – with a 3/4" thick steel griddle plate for high thermal mass, and with high-wattage / fast recovery time and even heating.

  63. When it said going as far away near 14:31 I immediately thought of Bangladesh for some reason and I was right😂👏

  64. 17:48 Is that Damien from SMOSH??

  65. Theres nothing wrong with this is the company is just getting started or is truely good. It becomes dangerous when the company isn't what people say they are and complete opposites

  66. You can blame GOOGLE for part of this problem! I get notices that want me to review places, that say I've been there, or how did you like eating there on a daily basis, that I never even been too in my life! "Fix ur sh!t GOOGLE!"

  67. Employers tell employees to write good reviews. Even when it is bad.

  68. Buy what you NEED not what you WANT

  69. I don't think Google checks reviews on Maps… I've used it so much and there are often many random, spammy "reviews" on certain places. Maybe if you (or enough people) flag them they will get checked but otherwise no, anyone can write whatever they want.

    Also, this reminds me of this one apartment near me on Maps that only has reviews by actual people who've stayed there and the owner replies to all of them. There was only one review without words, with 3 or 4 stars, to which the owner replied "you have never stayed here, please do not leave reviews" (something along those lines)

  70. I sometimes leave very detailed reviews on places I visit like some sort of connoisseur

  71. 10:33 you mean professors? Nobody calls anybody. "proff".

  72. CBC News rocks!

  73. Y do u disable comments on black man video?

  74. I don't understand why people are surprised. People are willing to do anything for money/ business. Dishonest practices are increasingly common as the market becomes choked with options and as people have less time to check things out themselves.

  75. Cheezed off is so good its like im not there at all!

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  77. It's 2019.

    No one trusts Yelp. CBC was clearly being dishonest or was duped.

    Stores have removed Yelp stickers.

  78. I worked at a restaurant that would "reward" the staff for making themselves and those family make reviews…. One women I worked with did so many she recieved a TV off management, I don't trust those review sites.

  79. trust what people tell you to many people relie on the internet for just about anything. We all know 75% of the internet is bull crap

  80. I was looking for a new dentist so I decided to read reviews of a few of them before making a decision. I chose the one that had the best reviews and went to my appointment. He was everything they described on the review sites. His staff also sents you a text after every appointment with a link to three different review sites so you can leave a review if you want. That's how confident he is that he is doing a great job.

  81. Market place you guys are doing great job keep it up ✌🏻

  82. Can you check how apple gets your card information without you giving it?

  83. i have hotts for the reporter

  84. The guy did a really good job of dressing up the van. Have to give him props for it.

  85. I don't trust online reviews .Many employed IT's write it and lie every single day.

  86. Any restaurant that doesn't make its employees wear gloves, to handle food it's disgusting. And worst if they wear gloves and never change them. Even when they get paid. Eeeghk 😫

  87. Sometimes I think myself to be psychic. I had just been looking at Cornell Lab of Ornithology on Facebook and then Cornell University came up in the video.

  88. If someone has a bunch of reviews of products from the same company and they are all worded exactly the same and are all positive that is not proof they are paid by the company.

  89. It is Canada, not USA. Get out of other people's apartments at night.

  90. Lol she rather listen to a stranger about review !?

  91. Although I don’t live in Canada I always watch your shows which I find very insightful and helpful. Thank you for all the hard work you put in your shows to make consumers more aware and safe.

  92. i dont know anybody at all that looks up reviews for anything. i look up a few movie reviews but thats about it lol

  93. Review : Cheesed off employees Don’t Wear 🧤… 👩🏼‍🍳 … 🤦🏽‍♂️

  94. I use 5er but did the opposite I had them trash all the competing restaurants around me and I can say my place is now number 1 in town best $5,000 I ever spent!!!! That 1000 bad reviews I bought to go against my competitors has them almost outta business while I’m getting rich. Thank you market place for showing the the sites and the people to make my place a success……..jk but seems like a mastermind idea if someone was a scumbag who’s biz was failing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  95. how's it any different from any actor on any commercial claiming the product is the best etc etc

  96. This is why People should NOT Listen to Reviews. Judge a place or Product for yourself Only. You Do not know if the Companies Paid for Reviews or Paid to have different people Leave Negative Reviews. It Happens All the Time. Its the Same thing with Critics for Movies and TV shows or Plays in theaters. The Critics are only doing the Reviews that are based on themselves. What they Thought of the Movie, TV, or Play. Not what Others with think about it.

  97. One thing I have noticed is if you leave a bad review on google a lot of the time the business will reply and usually say we don't have any record off you be a customer of ours. It's a way for them to try and discredit you review.

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