Facial Bento HUD | GENUS | CATWA | LAQ – Second Life review

Facial Bento HUD | GENUS | CATWA | LAQ – Second Life review

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  1. 1.Genus needs more animations
    2.I wear the Genus Baby Face

  2. that looks really cool, thanks for the video luca <3

  3. 1. Genus
    2. Genus
    3. Zyrelia Resident

    Late Birthday wishes!

  4. 1. catwa needs better animations for sure!! 2.i wear the catya catwa head 3. skylarmalone HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! ♥

  5. 1. Genus
    2. Catwa
    3. Nicole Striatus
    Happy late Birthday!

  6. #1 Catwa

    #2 Genus Classic

    #3 Shiva Bohemian

  7. 1. LAQ
    2. Catwa
    3. BloodyKitty230 Resident

  8. Happy late birthday 🎁
    1. Genus
    2. Catwa
    3. xxvenusblossomxx

  9. I love your videos

    1 I think laq needs better animations
    2 I wear a genus head
    3. My sl name is rowan levenque


  10. Feliz cumpleaños Luka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. 1: I think genus needs better animations. For some reason it feels like at times the expressions change the shape of the face a little too much , and that they don't have somthing built in like catwa to stop the crazy eye movements.

    2: Genus! I love my baby face, out of the heads I have tried before it feels the most me. I also honestly love the hud, for me at least it was the easiest to understand.

    3: Celinetterose

  12. Hey, i think Laq needs a better smile, it creeps me out every time i see it, so i tried to turn that smile off from the hud evrywhere i found it. To obtain it i had to give up to a number of animations in there, but even my AO has a built in smile, so…
    I only use a Laq head, it is the only one i have.
    Yvonne Farlight

  13. 1. Catwa [In need of update, would be nice to have ones that are softer, most seem so dramatic] 2. Catwa 3. Dazzeray Resident

  14. Feliz Cumpleaños atrasado!!!! <3 (MioEvander) Me encanto tu review, despues de verlo fui a Vista a probarlo por mi misma, esta genial, si vale la pena comprarlo

  15. 1. Genus
    2. Genus – Baby
    3. Karamariah Resident

  16. 1. Genus
    2. Genus
    3. Marcella Winterwood

  17. 1.- genus
    2.- catwa
    3.- Artemis98kira

  18. Genus needs better
    I’m wearing genus
    luminumi Resident
    Thank you for overview and giveaway 😁

  19. Feliz cumpleaños que hayas pasado genial 😀Yo uso genus si veo unas animaciones no muy buenas la mayoría de tiempo uso sin animaciones, me encanta tomar fotos 💜 me sorprendió el hud 😮 espero ganar mi nick es pokegirl15.

  20. Yay, happy b-day Novata🎉🎉🎉! And thanks for always do the best videos! 😗💓
    1 – Genus, totally.
    2 – Catwa or Genus. I Love to change.
    3 – Maryunne resident

  21. 1.- Lelutka
    2.- lelutka and catwa
    3.- minakeisi Resident !!

  22. I have a Vista head ,and LAQ … the animations are pretty good , but it would be fun too use others especially for photos . my user name on SL is Batmandy Aftermath

  23. Yo tengo Genus Babyface y Laq Poppy, y estoy totalmente de acuerdo con lo de los labios en laq, quizás es mi shape, aunque siempre uso los labios más gruesos pero aún así al momento de las animaciones se ve terrible ;-; al final ando con la cabeza estática como maniquí lol

    Ahora en estos momentos uso genus la mayoría del tiempo porque estoy enamorada de mi skin, no puedo cambiarla aunque tengo unas diez más XD

    Feliz cumpleaños atrasado y gracias por los videos y todos los giveaway que haces <3
    user: conixcona

  24. awww,,, te ves muy linda ♥ gracias por el video me gusto las animaciones tarde pero happy birthday yayyyy ,,, disculpa andaba un poco atareada en rl, pero aqui viendo lo nuevo gracias ♥♥♥

  25. I was there lol
    I’ll be testing on my Genus later today. Never had time last night. But genus deffo needs this as for me it glitches for animations. 😊

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