Facebook Marketing For Lawn Care Businesses – Tip 1

Good morning, everyone. Andrew here, and it
is bright and early on a Saturday morning, so of course, I am up at my office, catching
up on e-mails, business, Facebook messages, all that good stuff. I decided I need to share
a quick couple tips with you. The first tip is always turn on your microphone when you
are recording a video. Not everybody can read lips. The second tip is in regards to Facebook.
In regards to Facebook, one or two things happen every day, every other day on our page.
The first scenario is a lawn care business owner will send me a private message and say,
“Hi. I like your Lawn Care Marketing Expert page. Will you ‘like’ my lawn care business
page.” I’ll sign, “Good. Thank you for liking our page.” The other occurrence is that a
lawn care business owner will come onto our wall, onto our timeline, and post a link to
their lawn care web site, publicly for everybody to see or a link to their Facebook page publicly
for everyone to see. This happens so frequently that I think it needs to be addressed, because
it shows me that you might not have a clear idea of what the goal of Facebook marketing
is and exactly how you’re going to be advertising on Facebook in the future.
I assume everybody who watches my videos and follows my Facebook page, I assume your goal
is to get off the truck, if you’re not already off the truck, and grow your business to 5000
customers to a multi-million dollar business. I assume that’s what everybody’s goal is.
If that’s your goal, we need to think carefully about what our marketing strategies are, whether
it’s STO, whether it’s e-mail marketing, whether it’s Facebook. We always have a goal that
we’re trying to accomplish. Let’s approach Facebook strategy from that
perspective. The goal of Facebook marketing, the Facebook strategy … The goal is not
to get 10,000 “Likes”. We don’t care about the number of “Likes”. We want qualified buyers.
We want customers. We want existing customers and we want potential customers. We want prospects
to “Like” our page. Everybody else may cost us money in the future. The Facebook advertising
platform is a little bit different than AdWords, in that if you have a ton of likes from people
who aren’t ever going to be your customers it’s going to cost you money to advertise
to them, because you’re going to be paying to have your post displayed to them. They’re
not going to see all your posts or you’re going to be paying to target people, to display
ads to people who “Liked” your page. If you have a page with 10,000 “Likes”, and
9552 of those people are never going to be customers, you’re going to be wasting advertising
dollars on advertising to non-customers. This is a really common mistake, and it’s because
most people don’t understand about how the Facebook system works, but it’s something
you need to be aware of. When you approach your marketing, you need to look at the big
picture, look at what the end-goal is and what you’re trying to accomplish. The end
goal in Facebook marketing is not “Likes”. I don’t care how many “Likes” my page has.
I care about how qualified are the people who “Like” my page to be a customer or are
they already customers. That’s what I care about. I don’t care about “Likes”. That’s
just a number. I want qualified buyers to follow my page, to “Like” my page, and that’s
the way you need to approach your Facebook page as well.
Second, in regards to promoting your web site or your Facebook page on somebody else’s business
page, unless you have a relationship with that business, the majority of businesses
are really going to frown on your promoting your business on their Facebook page. They
spend a lot of time. They invest a lot of money in their social media strategy, so unless
you have a relationship with them, you are just spamming their page. We don’t spam. We’re
professionals. We’re trying to grow really big successful lawn care and landscaping businesses.
Spam is not a strategy that we employ, so I really encourage you to think about what
your end goals are and how you can accomplish them and think it through.
If the concern is you have a Facebook page and you only have a few “Likes”, and everybody
starts somewhere. There’s nothing wrong with that. Let’s say you have a Facebook page with
20 likes. The strategy that you should employ to increase those “Likes” is not to go out
and ask random people to like your page. The strategy would be to do two things right off
the bat. E-mail all of your customers. Tell them you have a Facebook page. Tell them why
they should like your Facebook page, and include a Quick Link to your Facebook page in that
e-mail. Next, on Facebook, go on and invite all your friends and family, who reside in
your service areas, to “Like” your Facebook page. Who knows? Many of your friends that
you don’t talk to or haven’t talked to in a while might not know that you started a
lawn care company, so you might very well get some customers just by doing that, by
inviting them to your new page. Those are my quick tips. I hope that you implement
them, and I’ve got a new one coming next week. Good luck to you. Take care.

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