Eyewear Makeover For Women – From Business To Casual

Eyewear Makeover For Women – From Business To Casual

Hi I’m Wendy Buchanan eyewear image
expert and I’m here today with Kristal We’re going to do an eyewear makeover
for her and there are three things that I always look at when I’m working with
clients. One is color complexion, hair color, wardrobe color then I look at the
clothing style and personality and then what is that spec style that matches all
of the other things with personality and color. So today we’re looking at Kristal
and I see this gorgeous auburn red hair which really is her
statement that’s how she kind of tells us a bit about her personality but her
undertone with her complexion is a little more cool based so we will
have to work with both the cool and the warm and what colors do you like to wear
in your wardrobe? I wear a lot of black and I’d love to
put that with color so I’ll pop it with like a royal blue or a fuschia or like
a print some kind of print with bold colors in it I prefer that to pastel. So
it’s usually something with a statement to it okay and you like the print
that you’re wearing. A jacket for business this is typical?
Yeah for me yeah cuz I always like a jacket I’d like to finish that look so your
basic black always a basic black okay We all do
it right we all fall back to black. So when you did my spec
style questionnaire what were your top two spec styles? So I ended up with
subtle sophisticate and inspired artist. That’s quite a
contradiction. Well like we’re never just one right
we’re always that combination so each style is picking up a little piece of
the puzzle. What you didn’t mention that I see is elegant charmer. Do you like
like what you’re wearing in jewelry today is that typical? Do you like
sparkly things? I am a sparkle girl. Okay. my favorite color is shiny. The glasses have to
match shiny. Yes. If we look that was my first indication when I looked at what
you’re wearing with all the layering of sparkly glitzy jewelry immediately told
me that there’s some elegant charmer there so I think we’re working with a
bit of subtle sophisticate but I feel the subtle sophisticate is really more in her business presence yes yeah the way that you
operate I think you probably have an agenda you follow that agenda you
cross things off your list and you move on. She’s all business but I don’t see
that piece in your dressing style or the way that she accessorizes – so I want
to play eyewear is an accessory so I want to play to the elegant charmer and the
inspired artist and the hair kind of tells us that she’s moving to that
inspired artist. But the jacket is very elegant and
pretty and so are your accessories so let’s work with both. So let’s try this
was our first one that we looked at for business so this still has a serious
shape to it that tells us she’s business but the play to kind of the aubergine
and the orange starts to tie in her hair color and her eye color without being
shocking to your wardrobe right still working with the jacket still
working with black. Then what I would like to do is pull out that inspired
artist or playfulness in your casual look so now you have
your more casual look and really casual for an elegant charmer this is hit she’s
still gonna she’s still gonna layer all of her sparkly it’s got to be there the
denim dresses it down a little bit more casual. What I want to point out and what
I want to change with frame shape here is Kristal has kind of a very
horizontal flat shape which starts to shadow her eye we can’t see her eye and
everything else is a little bit more soft and curved so I want to pull in
those curves for your casual look now what I’ve done here is a little
tricky I’ve tried to play to her cool skin tone and the warm hair that she’s
gone with so we you tied in the turquoise and the purple the
tortoiseshell grounds her it blends nicely with her hair it dresses it down
it’s a little more playful in the shape still works with all of her accessories
we’re mimicking still the shape of her accessories and this is about as dressed
down as Kristal’s gonna get right but maybe a little too casual for business I
like the first pair for her business look and this for her second casual look
It has been so much fun working with you thank you for being part of the eyewear
makeover show oh it’s absolutely my pleasure thank you so much I’ve had a
lot of fun and I love my new look it’s the right if you want to find out what
your top two spec styles are take the quiz what is your spec style on my
website I’ll see you next time.

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  1. Great series Wendy! Beautiful selection of spec styles for Krystal.

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