Explosive Trump tweets overshadow Jerome Powell speech

Explosive Trump tweets overshadow Jerome Powell speech

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  1. Conservatives keep saying "American first", right. And at the same time supported Trump a man who built his condos with Chinese steels and other supplies. You are all hypocrites and traitors. I used to think "American first" until Trump won. I'll keep buying my stuffs from China. They are cheaper anyway.

  2. That is my President! The Very Stable Genius. Amazing Leadership!

  3. Our great Americans companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to China, including bringing your companies HOME and make your products in the USA.
    Signed: "THE CHOSEN ONE"

  4. I love my Country, President and I love the real news, America First and the no nonsense stance that comes directly from my President! God bless him. Keep him strong, filled with wisdom and protect him Lord. Amen.

  5. God bless America! Made in America. Made in the USA!!

  6. China can keep their fake gold made in China stickers

  7. Only one WINNER in 2020! Donald J. Trump!! Seriously!

  8. US companies have so much invested. Will trump pay their losses? They can't just pack up and go. Absurd! The USA is not a trump tower , you cannot run it with your cojones , pride, and gut feelings!! Use your experts Mr. President! His daughter Ivanka must be packing up her China deals as we speak. "NOT!"

  9. Trump's train to nowhere!

  10. When you are first, you don't need to brag!😎

  11. You can take the man out of Derbyshire, England, but you can never take Derbyshire out of the man. Stuart Varney is such a man.

  12. Sometimes you feel like a nut…..sometimes you dont. I bet rusty orange feels like a nut all day. Lol !!! Cant stop rollin' lol !!!! 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  13. Trump: "The USD is stronger than it's ever been in US history" —- Flat-out wrong. And it's so easily googled. It's right now fairly strong, all things considered. However, it's strong only relative to the upward trend that it took under the OBAMA administration. I myself recall a day during the end of Clinton's 2nd term where the USD was at $1.63 CAD. During the mid-80's the USD was at record worth levels relative to several leading world currencies, and again in 1994. Those records were far higher than the USD currently is. Today, right now, $1.00 USD is worth $1.33 Canadian (CAD). That is nowhere NEAR any record, except maybe for the past few years. In history? Not even close.

    Sorry, Trumpers. Your Comrade in Cheeto has lied yet again.

  14. Donald Trump is fighting two very entrenched EVIL EMPIRES. Globalist's, Banksters, powerful, organized world wide pedophile networks etc etc. If he loses, we the people around the World lose.

  15. In conflict with his own FED, created the highest National Debt and highest Deficit in the history of the world, started a trade war with one of the largest economies in the world, at least none of his company ever went bankrupt 😂?

  16. It's smart to bring jobs home; and solve the immigration problem in the same motion by giving loyal trading partners in the Americas 10% of those jobs that we will take back from China. Fifty years overdue; but lets start now!

  17. This classic Trump negotiations, he is playing poker with China and he doesn’t lose very often…

  18. China Communist regime is not a normal political party.
    It is an evil cult controlled by the spirit of Satan

  19. Would their be a trade war if U.S made it from the beginning 🤔

  20. Dissolve the FED, yesterday.

  21. Thank you Mr. President.. Stand up against China!

  22. If WE the PEOPLE don't STOP those corrupt PUTIN-OWNED G.O.Pigshit Republicans in Congress & our WH, we WILL LOSE our country to RUSSIAN ENEMY VLADIMIR PUTIN!
    Even those American Nazis won't like it one bit. Think of how much you'll hate it.

  23. Hey racist b..stards go back yo Brexit or Austria you dont belong in America.! GTFO

  24. Trump's right……. Also, Democrats seem to be in with China .. There's a word for it…. Colluding

  25. Powell is a dunce.

  26. Our dollars make the companies. If they cant make what we need without China. We can and will find companies that make American and its Allies.

  27. Obama's Rump was ridden raw by China. And now this.

  28. Sell it in the good Ol USA, you better make it in the good Ol USA! Nuff said

  29. Trump has finally come to realize that China cannot be trusted. You don't do business with crooks.
    I've said from the beginning of this trade war, China has zero intergrity. The world knows it and suck up to her but only a strong America can take China down.

  30. Jerome Powell is a traitor to USA – Powell screws blue collar workers to help Chinese communists

  31. Hey, Jerome Powell! How does that harsh light feel on your face after all those years in unaccountable, unelected anonymity? Word of advice: you'll fold before Trump does. He likes this.

  32. Stop being soo dam Scared of Everything The POTUS does or says!!! He's ABSOLUTELY RIGHT about China!!!

  33. The Trump, China trade war: Lets all laugh when China's end of the Titanic sinks FIRST! ha ha ha ha har! [That's not what happens. The loss of the Euro throws a shower of Lehman onto the US at the time war breaks out between the US, allies and Iran. So the western world suffers the meltdown first. Psalms 46: 4-6. Revelation ch 8. Afterwards, the rest of the world also comes into meltdown and disorders. The loss of the Euro leads the world into financial collapse Ezekiel 7: 19-22, Revelation 18: 17 Isaiah 2: 18-20 Isaiah 55: 1.]

  34. The stock market crashed! It's now only 40% higher than in was 2 years ago. Yeah, long game folks. This is the time to invest in America. Time to buy up all those shut down manufacturing plants, because their value is about to skyrocket.

  35. Jerome Powel is a deep state operative. He needs to go!!!!

  36. China's market is in shambles, i think they will blink.

  37. Republicans no longer care about free trade and they no longer care about the deficit….they no longer care about spending and they no longer care about the constitution. Or could it be that they never really cared about those things?

  38. China started this.
    No we find out who's a real American who can stand with the President and take a "hit" on the bottom line for a short time; and who's not worthy of the category "human being" complaining! There's a WHOLE LOT we need to agree with China LESS about; tariffs are a GREAT place to start!

  39. Guys, I’m starting to think maybe putting Trump, who bankrupted several casinos, has filed for bankruptcy 3 or 4 times, lost his vodka and steak business,  ran a sham university, had his charitable foundation shut down for being not charitable or being a real foundation  in charge of the economy, may not have been the smartest decisions. I'm just saying.

  40. The only way for America to win this trade war against commie Ghina is for those gutless,spineless Republican to promoted that lunatic the so called the chosen one Donald J Trump to be America first emperor.

  41. Just like the left does all the time
    Great job president Trump

  42. Screw China it is TOXIC.. they WANT to POISON US.
    They send toys and cheap jewelry infused with lead, BPA's PVC, Toxic fibres in clothing, spy chips in phones.
    Their 5G is rejected by us AND many European countries.. and then theres the FENTANYL and other poisonous drugs like flacca.
    WAKE UP!! They have been over bidding shares and buying out entire corporations!! The president is RIGHT, only the complacent accept the status quo..

  43. After Donald Trump is done believing he's winning his trade wars, will the US have anywhere to sell its products?

  44. I can count on one hand the things I've bought this year made in China. I'm fine without low quality items from there.

  45. seriously fox. fear mongering. your in on it too. shame on you. I thought you were one of the better fake news medias but your catching up.

  46. How come the Fed is favoring China's interests in front of ours?

  47. Our President will NOT cave to China. we knew what we were getting and we back our President one hundred percent! Sometimes it hurts to do the right thing. I don't care if my IRA is losing money. Time for a reset. TRUMP 2020

  48. Traitor Trump the "Pied Piper" of Republicans leads them to destruction and they willing follow.

  49. Hey! Varney! You speak English right? You should work on your comprehension….Tweet was an order to “start looking” not DO!

  50. Stop shopping at Wal-Mart. Problem solved.

  51. I love this president ! SCREW CHINA , AS THEY HAVE SCREWED US FOR YEARS & YEARS !!!!! & screw all the companys who went there , don't let them back. We can & will start again , without the turncoats !

  52. I hope the comments are not real.

  53. Trump is NOT STUPID Folks .the communists media etc……have no Russia gate to this is there dig at Trump

  54. why can't ordinary people see this? if USA economy can survive without China's products ,Any president would have done so.China is our number 1 competitor for domination power in the world. China is the world manufacturer, we have to work with whoever out there to gang up on China on trade deals. not fighting with everybody, you know what another four years of this dumb president, USA is going down!

  55. btw the trump's hats,T-shirts, all of them made in China,what the heck he is talking about ?

  56. Why are all these businesses acting like they have to move far away Guam is just right there

  57. The Fed is the source of economic suffering it's inception in 1918 . Drop the Fiat scam and replace it with gold backed currency .

  58. Mentality of a deranged communist

  59. i go to shopping 90% things made in china i do not why . medecine made in china too . we love made in usa,

  60. It took Mr Trump to finally end what Nixon started, a free ride for communist China. US spends Trillions propping up communist governments, and why? Russia and China would look like Venezuela without past US support. Look what the US did for Japan after conquering that country. If this were to continue ANY longer, Russia and China would own the US, literally.

  61. Trumps right! He IS the chosen one! Trump is better than Jesus Christ! MAGA!!!

  62. Jerome Powell is playing politics..he should lower rates long ago..he is hurting economy not lowering rates

  63. lol nobody is holding on anything while GDP growth and is in positive balance.

  64. If America gets free from China made goods and makes our own products again our economy will sky rocket

  65. Trump is a master of self promotion. He can take away the attention from the central bankers for his own agenda. He’s a master. The central bankers don’t realise the natural rate of interest is 0% under fiat and has been for many years but they haven’t come to terms with it yet.

  66. Loke at these parrots. Singing a song without lyrics.

  67. Two US Presidents defied the central bank of their nation. Both were murdered in office shortly after they did so. Join the dots, Donald. Resign before you are killed by a "lone nut".

  68. The President is calling Fed chair Powell worse than (Chinese president) Xi because he won't lower interest rates further. Am I the only person who's noticed that Donald Trump and his businesses owe a LOT of money to various banks and organizations around the world. He has already admitted that he owes $360 MILLION to Deutsche Bank alone. But without his tax returns we simply have no idea how much money he and his businesses owe.
    Drop interest rates by half a percent and Trump saves a whopping $18 million in interest payments over the next year to Deutsche Bank ALONE. So to believe that the President has no personal assets in play in this game is simply naive.
    Does Trump want to lower interest rates to help Americans? Or is he doing it to save himself all those heavy interest charges he's paying? The problem with this President is, we really don't know.

  69. Trump brands ARE made in China. Try to lead with example…

  70. Impeach Deranged Terrorist Trump.

    Bernie Sanders for President.

  71. The problem is, you people are so dumb you don't understand that if you want to get paid minimum wage, your product is going to cost 10x more than you are used to paying for it. Grow a brain cell.

  72. And that right there ladies and gentlemen is why you vote trump 2020

  73. This is why Trump is such a loser. He is too lazy to plan an overall strategy for anything. He never had a long term plan for this trade war. He now expects Powell to bail him out. What an idiot.

  74. During Obama admin, the fed raised the rate just once in 8 years. During Trump admin, they raised 8 times in 2 1/2 years. It is clear the fed is in bed with globalists. The fed must be audited and investigated Immediately.

  75. nixon and kissenger opened that door !

  76. Trump is making a bet on the "Chinese Trade War" will pay off for the 2020 Presidential bid. Just keep on mind ! if the Economy goes bad. There is no conspiracy or Democrats influence on the Economy because of this Trade War, if Trump has some balls and the USA goes into a recession, this will be Trump's fault.
    Besides I don't understand the America First BS, when Trump is giving Israel 4 Billion per year plus weapons free of charge, and Trump has Americans suffering with no Healthcare here in the mainland.
    Imagine that

  77. "Nobody was expecting this". What exactly was no one expecting?

  78. trump sharted his explosive diarrhea all over powell's speech

  79. The monetary policy being enforced insures a Greatest Depression ever.

  80. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  81. The king in cheif has ordered all companies back home if not you will be throw into the dungeon and beheaded

  82. “No one was expecting this”

  83. Hail Trump businesses must obey our most wonderful 👑 leader. China 🇨🇳 will not replace us. Trump stands for God and the true American people 👫

  84. Trump could sit in the middle of Fifth Avenue buck naked, eating a live pigeon and growling at passersby, and he wouldn't look any crazier than he actually is right now.


  85. Hello, Americans are dying from Fentanyl. Americans are getting the screw job on trade imbalance. Americans are getting the major screw job on intellectual property theft. Americans are getting the screw job on currency manipulation. American students are getting bypassed for Chinese & Indian students for the top STEM education and graduate opportunities. Hello Media! You act like there's something unhinged w the President. No, it's YOU! Seditious!

  86. I am not sure you are America people reporting the news! Why is it so hard to believe our country what to provide and to protect us!!

  87. Demicrats/Antifa loving this! TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

  88. You spineless bass turds need to start putting this country and the lives of Americans before our trade reputation with China. The President is justified standing up for America's security, and the flow of fentynal into this country. America is what helped to build that 3rd world communist sheethole and their plans to take down this country with the globalist must stop.

  89. #45 doesn't seem to realize when he spews immaturity, it has a effect on the world

  90. Makes me wonder what nasty-gram the Chinese sent that President Trump is responding to.

  91. The global economy is falling because other countries can't use the USA as their cash cow any longer.
    Trump 2020 !!!

  92. Who is this moron. If you going go with 50 years of FAILED policy you are a TRAITOR. TRUMP2020

  93. Don the Con is doing what he's done his entire life. Lie, cheat, steal and blame others for all his failures. But now without daddy's millions to bail him out, he kneels before his puppet master, Putin. His new daddy bails him out and Donny Dumb Nuts heaps praises on him. Then tries to get Russia back into the g-7. What a tool. Useful idiot is what the Russians call him.

  94. Trumpy the Lying 🤡 Clown !!!!!! 😁😀😁

  95. 🤡🎪🤪👹Tramp Twitter Troll using Twitter to run the world 🤦‍♀️

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