Exploring Facebook Marketplace with Danny Gonzalez

Exploring Facebook Marketplace with Danny Gonzalez

Hey little stinkers and welcome back to the first and only channel on youtube I am in Anaheim, California for Vidcon That’s why the change of setting but I was thinking something recently You know
I’ve been calling you the little stinkers for a long time, and I don’t remember Why I did that and I think I want to change it up. So I thought it would be funny if for my fan base I just picked like a random name, like a first name, and called you guys that so from now on you guys are Kevin. So, what’s up, Kevin? Welcome back. Hey! Oh, uh, Danny! I saw your video where you said you were gonna name your fans “Kevin.” That’s my thing. I call my fans Greg It’s like the same thing that you’re doing right now. Oh, I- is it? I
I’ve-I’ve never seen one of your videos before… You’ve been in one of my videos… You usually text me about my videos. What do you mean? You’re right. I’ve seen every one of your videos… Wait, how did you see this video? I haven’t even uploaded it yet Oh, well, you know how sometimes you get a notification for a video like three days after it’s been posted Yeah…? I got yours three days early. Oh. Okay. Wanna make a video? Ok. What’s up Greg? It’s me. Danny back at the other end. It’s- it’s my channel Ok.. What’s up, Greg? It’s me, Danny, back with another hilarious video uh, today we’re gonna be, uh looking at Facebook What is it? How do I get there? Why are my grandchildren on it? What why didn’t my kids tell me that they had they had kids? So, Facebook’s a lot of fun, wouldn’t you say? It’s fun for getting to know your racist relatives (racist relatives, yeah). Yeah for sure. like I have a lot of relatives and I was I I kind of thought they were racist but I didn’t have any proof and then thanks to Facebook now I know. Yeah. Yeah, so Facebook has this feature. It’s been around for a while. It’s like Craigslist Except it combines all the the nonsense of Craigslist with the nonsense of Facebook into one Just amazing place for people to sell their stuff or you know poorly describe whatever it is they think they’re trying to sell, overcharge you for things that shouldn’t be the price that they think seem to think that they are and It’s a lot of fun So let’s just jump into it if you were looking for… you were in the market for pacifiers Would you say that Facebook is like the one and all resource you would use for that? Well, I definitely wouldn’t want new pacifiers I would definitely want to make sure that someone’s used them already (right). So would you say that? Yeah, I want something that’s already been sucked on a good amount by a different baby And then who knows maybe those two babies will become friends. Well, they’re five bucks for nine pacifiers And they’re in a holder? Is the holder the ziplock bag??? I think the holder’s the ziplock bag! This convenient carrying case! Like how strapped for cash do you have to be where you’re selling nine pacifiers (for $5!) in a ziplock bag for five dollars? I have standards for my babies and their kids The kid their kids are older than them… It’s a long story But I I have very high standards for this so I’m gonna splurge on pacifiers if I need to. This one doesn’t appeal to me. But this one some Juicy Couture These are designer pacifiers, probably custom. They’re not pacifiers, they’re “Juicy Pacis!” Juicy Pacis! My big fault with this, the reason this doesn’t stand out to me is because it’s new it says never used Oh. That to me that’s a deal-breaker Never used by anyone? I would assume so. Yeah, well Hmm, that’s weird. Usually even when they’re just making them don’t they usually test them out? Sloop Maybe they’re saying that it’s good excluding the initial suck from- Right, because that like goes without saying. Yeah. This is my favorite product on here So, “This guy is either drunk or on the damn phone!” for $8 $8! Do you think that this person was trying to make a Facebook status and they accidentally made a Facebook marketplace post? But why- what were they? Do they think that Facebook was asking them how much they thought this status was worth?? Yeah, it was like, ok You type in- whenever you submit a status in Facebook, you type in the status and then Facebook offers to buy it from you So they can post it on their site! Exactly! So that’s why he came up with such a funny caption “This guy’s either drunk or on the damn phone!” I’m a big fan of this “Silicone Ashton Drake baby doll. Never out of box.” I’m glad that it’s silicone I’m glad I’m glad I know what it’s made out of Right, it’s so you don’t think it’s a real baby I like that it says never out of box and this box is like torn to shreds Like maybe you should have taken it out Yeah, maybe take it out of the box. The box seems to be a bad influence This is the second picture. What am I looking at here, Drew? So they seem to have flipped the baby on its stomach pulled up the dress to show you its ass. Is this like a thing that people look look at when they’re buying a doll? They’re like, okay everything seems to check Hold on. Hold on. I’m the guy selling the dolls like yes, that is this is part of the process Yeah, I like that you don’t see the front like the tummy Right? You just need to see face and ass! “A Night Out At Applebee’s A Total of 55 Dollars Selling for-” the steal of a price! at only 40 bucks I kind of feel like this is just some lonely guy. (Yeah.) Who is losing money on this deal He goes to Applebee’s and buys 55 dollar gift cards And then is selling them for $40 just so he can meet people on Facebook marketplace Do you think that when you go and you buy the gift card from him, he just like he’s like, all right You ready to go? He just, follows you Okay, now we talked about pacifiers for a bit We talked about baby dolls We talked about baby dolls for a bit But like if you have a baby there’s more than just pacifiers and baby dolls. You gotta buy dia- (milk!)… pers Diapers. Oh. So these are “Bumgenious 3.0 Pocket Diapers” 1.0 and 2.0- total failures 3.0- I feel like they’ve really perfected the recipe Yeah, the firmware updates to the newer version were really helped out I love the way this is described. These aren’t just used, these are very used! Extremely used! These are as used as can be! We pooped in these! We threw up in these! We had sex in these! These are very used! I wonder what the buying process is like for these you go and is- the person is wearing the diapers obviously to show that they work So you look at the person’s face and then you spin them around lift up their dress to look at their butt (look at their ass) Yeah, yeah, I think that’s typically how it goes “Rotating CD holder- excellent! -excellent condition, holds 150+ CDs” I think I thought this was funny because because it’s a rotating CD holder and the picture is so blurry I feel like they wanted to prove that ‘Look, it does rotate!’ so they took a picture of it see how blurry it is That’s how you can tell that it’s working It’s going so fast! It’s going so fast you can hardly keep up with Wow. I’m gonna be able to find my CDs so fast *Whoosh* “Twin. U pick up” “Some scratches” I dunno if I’d say “some” scratches Looks like only scratches. I actually can’t see the dresser past all those scratches I think this is just a picture of scratches. I just- I don’t like that I have no reference for size I could show up and this could be 20 feet tall And then since I’ve already paid for it I would just be stuck with it and I figure out some way to get it into my house Or buy a bigger house just to accommodate my new dresser, which sucks. I hate when I have to do that. “Table 5 Dollars” “Table 3 chairs” Also, where’s the third chair? “Everything you need for a toddler” “BRAND NEW from Ikea, never even used. Extendable-” Ooh, what? Never used? Then how do I know if it’ll fit my baby? Ugh. UGH! It’s like the reason you go you look on Yelp before you go to a restaurant. You want to know what- the baby pooped on -other tables experience… Well I was gonna- well, yeah but I was gonna say you just want to know someone’s experience with the thing before you go So it’s like yeah, I want to know You know, has the kid pooped in the diaper? Has the kid pooped in the bed? Has the kid pooped on the pillows? Yeah
they’ve got toys and utensils Has a kid pooped on the toys? Has a kid pooped on the utensils? Has the bed pooped on the kid? Has the bed pooped on the other bed? has the utensils pooped on the toys. Have I pooped on you? Will you poop on me? I like that she has her eyes closed… ‘Cause it makes her look disappointed for some reason She’s like- she looks so angry. So you’re telling me I can hire this girl to paint- to paint her own face! -paint people’s faces It’s like an act she comes to the party she paints her own face! as Batman every time Yeah, it’s the only one she knows how to do and that she just does this “1995 240sx” “Clean tittle.” “Selling AS IS!!!” Which is… Not a car! not a car No tires, no seats inside, the trunk has been dismantled “Red Nose Putbulls. 7 weeks” Where are they? That’s why I was looking so closely and I was trying to find the Red Nose pitbulls There they they are! All the way over there army crawling into the street! I don’t think I took a picture of the description Well, if I had to guess there’s probably not even a description of it cause it’s like well What the fuck do you- What do you want me to say about this? what can I say about this that hasn’t already been said I wish they they would show a picture of his ass Cause I want to see his face, but then I would also like them to lift up I thought we established if you’re selling a doll Face. Ass. I mean quite frankly It’s a little bit disgusting, but guys only want one thing in a doll: face, and ass. “Coffee Mate for busy office or home” If you had to guess the name of the person who would sell this coffee machine That’s clearly like I feel like he just stole this from a hotel. Okay. Sure. But now he’s selling for himself But what would you guess his name is? uh Sneaky McSwipes? Close. How about Crim Jim if you had to guess where Crim Jim worked, would you guess “Boss at non of your business?” Well, what about where he studied? Hmm, I’d say the School of Hard Knocks at the University of Life Yeah, this does sound like somebody who just stole a coffee machine from the hotel ‘I work at nun o’ ya business and I went to the school o’ hard knocks.’ ‘Give me 200 dollas!’ ‘Yeah, I do what I do to get by’ You know when you’re sitting in a hot tub, you’re like man, this is great But I wish more people used to this that I didn’t know. Mm-hmm. Yeah. Yeah, that’s kind of the benefit of buying this Well, yeah, cuz I want to know like Has the baby pooped in the hot tub? Will you poop on me? Seriously, Danny please poop on me. Does the hot tub work? Okay, yeah Are there any babies around? Can you poop in my mouth Danny? Yeah… Is the water hot enough? I couldn’t tell- some of those seemed like they weren’t part of the bit… like, cause you- Some of what? Never mind, it’s just- you seem kind of persistent about the me pooping anything, but it’s fine I thought it was part of the bit. It’s probably just part of the bit I don’t know if you even remember saying it but- Uh, no… I kind of blacked out when we started filming. Ok… Hey! Speaking of love wedding and engagement rings. Well, this is a great picture of the rings. Yeah, it’s good. Cuz when I’m want to buy anything, I think like what will this look like if I’m standing on the Sun? I don’t know. I don’t think I can make it to heaven just to pick these rings up. This is a steal I mean only a couple small side diamonds “which are easy to replace!” For sure. We’re getting into the good stuff here. “I need VHS movies. I have about two dollars” I mean when you have that much money you sort of lose track of it. Who has time to count? Yeah, one… We’ll be here all day! This is probably the same- the same person, “Does anyone have any scary movies for sell” “that does not skip,” such as ‘Shark Night,’ ‘Oculus,’ poop in my mouth, ‘Oculus,’ ‘Shark Night 2’ mouth full of poop, please. Danny, could ya? ‘Oculus 2-‘ Okay! Okay, ya know that thing you’re doing right there. Yeah, we’re we’re talking about the Facebook thing we start talking about it then you start talking about in these we’re talking about me pooping in your mouth or No, thank you. My tummy’s full. “Does anybody buy scrap metal or anything? Just asking” For free? For free. ‘I don’t have any to sell,’ ‘Even if I did, I wouldn’t!’ ‘No thank you!’ ‘But like does anybody buy that? I’m just asking around!’ Yeah, this is more of like I think she could have googled this or maybe put it on Yahoo Answers or something But Facebook marketplace Facebook marketplace is a reason- I think where she fucked up is that she’s not offering a price for this… valuable answer. Yeah valuable information I’d pay good money to know if other people are selling scrap metal “Samsung flatscreen for,” you guessed it 850 dollars! Can I see a picture of the TV or… No just a close up bag o’ Doritos! “Brand new in the box” No, it- it’s in the bag that (ohh) TV’s in there. That’s why I can’t show you a picture of the TV He doesn’t want to take it out of the box. (He doesn’t have to take it out of the box.) Yeah. Ooh free! as long as you pay $20 or $30 “They’ve been in my garage, so I need to clean them out.?” Free? But they’re also $20? $30? I dunno! I feel like everything here should have a question mark after it. “Garden decorations,” “I guess” you know, how like You just need stuff to put on your coffee table and you’re willing to spend any amount of money on it Yeah, obviously. What about a book about Hawaii? A day in the life? I would… pay upwards of 10 grand for that But what about only five dollars? Absolutely not. Absolutely not. No. I like how they put the dimensions for a magazine, which you don’t really need to do “10 by 14 by 1” About 1 by one magazine. 10 inches by 14 inches by one magazine. Yeah. It’s about the thickness of a mag- You’ve held a magazine before? Right. Yeah. Can I have five dollars now, please? I’ve noticed Do you have any like do you have a coffee table with coffee table books? Uh, yeah, but it’s not something I would ever spend money- you just kind of accumulate shit that you put on the coffee- like I have enough coffee table clutter. (Hmm). I’m not really looking to spend money on more Yeah, my coffee table is just always covered in coffee. Oh, you know what? I forgot to tell you this video is sponsored Oh, okay. Cool. By Dollar Shave Club, which is- *gasp* I left it at home You left the whole sponsorship- the whole sponsorship at home. Ok, well I will be right back. I got a fly back to Orlando real quick. Okay, we’re in LA. So that’s about 7 hours… 7 minutes? I’ll be right back. Hi, I’m a youtuber Have you ever had a pathetic little baby mustache that you can’t wait to get rid of, but you don’t have a razor to shave it off with? Or maybe you’re scared to shave it off because you don’t have this amazingly soft shave butter Or maybe your entire body reeks from head to toe and you want it to smell like lavender instead Or maybe you just did a dump If one or all of these things describe you then head on over to to get everything I’m holding in my hand right now shipped straight to your door for just five bucks! And while you’re there check out all their other great products cause Dollar Shave Club is about more than just razors They’ve got toothpaste for your teeth. They’ve got hair gel and shampoo, for your teeth. They’ve even got moisturizers so you can make sure that your teeth are nice and soft But when you do go make sure you click on my link in the description So they know who sent you it helps my channel out a lot and it’s a super convenient way for you guys to get stuff mailed to you that you are probably gonna get anyway Thank you so much to Dollar Shave Club for sponsoring today’s video and helping support independent creators like myself! I… am, uh… I’m gonna go back to California Hey, I’m so sorry about that hey, um, all right, it took ooh 15 minutes, I’m sorry you were sitting here though How did you get to Orlando that fast? I don’t want to talk about it. Well guys, thank you so much for watching this episode of this was another episode of ‘You Still Can’t Prove That We’re Not The Same Person!’ We are different people but this video did nothing to prove that. I think that this video is a little bit different than your usual stuff because you usually don’t collab but I think after this video to say that we can get back to your regular content *groovy tunes* Fine! I’ll shit in your mouth one time! Yummy!

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