Expert Tips On Dealing With ‘Empty Nest Syndrome’

Expert Tips On Dealing With ‘Empty Nest Syndrome’

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  1. That was not helpful at all.

  2. I don't know why "condition" means more than just LOTS OF EMOTIONS. 😭 I'm working through this, slowly. The host put it perfectly. Trying to be excited for the child while grieving the loss.

  3. for my heavenly mother and father

  4. HOW DAREEEE you try to use Empty Nose Syndrome to put a Twist on your Suburban emotional issues…

    You have ABSOLUTELY NO idea what its like for those people dealing with ENS. So choose another fucking name.

    You're able to have a Kid, let alone send them away….

    Most of us aren't able to have a life, let alone kids.. or still live at home because we're debilitated.


  5. yeah, these are problems or a syndrome.. Everyone deals with anxiety or sadness when a kid leaves the house, or family goes away… But this is a no shit sherlock thing.. why are you on the news for it? let alone using ENS as a name for your middle american "problem"

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