Exclusive: Former Overstock CEO speaks out on his resignation

Exclusive: Former Overstock CEO speaks out on his resignation

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  1. I love how he’s making it up bc he borrowed too much money and can’t make another billion by borrowing free money from the fed and flipping cheap crap from China to the useless eaters who will die in debt. It’s funny to watch him cry over how much money he’s lost from his scam while he recognizes that people in America are killing each other (and it’s bc he ruined their quality of life by helping finance unilateral trade with our biggest enemy)…

  2. Okay, he resigned to put on his racist hat……..great……

  3. They should make this guy a full fledged , full time Fox Contributor. Mattered fact they should give him own show. He blows Gutfield and Waters away.

  4. God bless you David! I love you and I'm proud of you!! 😘😘😘

  5. Can anyone else make out what his hat says? It looks to me like it says "Make America Grateful Again" possibly w a Steal Your Face emblem in the middle? I'm watching this on my phone & its too small for me to make out if that's really a Steal Your Face in there.

  6. Hard to believe that he isn't somehow working for the Clintons . But who knows

  7. This guy seems out there….looks like he is promoting himself….SPACE CADET…

  8. Gary Busey! That’s who is going to play this guy in the movie! Might actually be him!!!

  9. Dude! I made a Make America Grateful Again Tshirt… great minds!

  10. This guy needs around the clock security which I'm willing to provide him, if you read this Patrick my security team can not be bought at any price! We are true patriots of this country and we all serve God! Money doesn't matter to us, saving this country from the NWO deep state is our only objective! If you want to go I to hiding and have the protection you need to live through this then you can call me at 530 250 7779! We will arrange to meet in person where all your items in lid in yourself will be scanned for tracking devices, once you are cleared we will move you to a safe location where no one will get within ten miles of you! You will go into a bunker and remain there, if for some reason there is a security breach you will have several ways out where you will be escorted by my team! I can't reveal much more than what I have told you due to security protocols! My handle is ponyboy express! All information to my account is fake and they can't trace me by this number! My gps has been dismantled and this number is prepaid account with no attachments! You can't trust anyone in government at this point, your only hope is to contact me!

  11. He has a conscience that's why he took action and told the truth. What a dumbass weasel reporter!!!!

  12. Johnathon is from MiiB…he gotta be a alien. Look at them ears and his facial expressions when he is listening. Bryne might be the next Snowden.

  13. Repeat after me, “Distraction!”

  14. It's really foolish for him to say "I want to disappear". He just may get that opportunity. And then the people who make him "dissapper" will say: "well he said he wanted to disappear….so we don't know what happened to him".

  15. He said, sparkies ⚡️ didn’t get the joke. I’m not laughing. These are our leaders. 🌊

  16. OMG! This man has a very hard and dangerous road ahead of him! At least he has enough integrity and self respect to come forward to tell about the nefarious actions and injustice of what our government has been doing to the American people.

  17. The guy is lying. It's a big doozie too. You will see shortly.

  18. Is this guy in his right mind??? Looks like a dude having a nervous breakdown to me.

  19. He was fired because he's having a nervous breakdown. Not that many whackos make it to CEO of a big corporation.

  20. FOX employs some lefty enemies of the people. They sound like CNN!

    Good luck, Byrne.

  21. I got a bridge I'll sell you to ,,,,,,,lmao,smoke screen here,

  22. Is that Rat on the top left corner for REAL, strange expressions and twitchy movements throughout this interview?!!!

  23. Hi I live in New Zealand , the Washington Post is truely a very deceptive C.I.A organisation , down here we would read continually, in news paper articles by the Washington Post , and the news paper editor was probabaly ordered by the wicked C.I.A to put them in. We would read how wonderful the Libyan Rebels were, and we would hear how much ground they were making, it was very similar with the Syrian rebels, the Washington Post used to state how wonderful , how marvelous , and angelic like these rebels were. We would get a highly preplanned agenda of similar news coming out of Syria, and this was barrel bombing carried out by the Syrian President. This was after Israel, in a full agreement carried out more than 200 terrorism missile attacks on Syrian weapon depots, planned by the British M.I.6, the C.I.A and Mossad. Then previous to the American 2016 election they really put Donald Trump down, in a very organised continual propaganda bombardment, of what a bozo (the clown) type person he was. I would say truthful people can see that that newspaper is run by the C.I.A to continually misinform, misdirect and generally deceive the public. Note: I started to question news coming out of news papers, after I witnessed first hand how the police in our country would have fake stories put in the news, and I witnessed 1st hand police lying in court.

  24. I have a trouble following what happened to this guy. But I get he is extremely scared. I hope nothing happens to him!

  25. Patrick is telling an incredible story that should shake the soul of every american and this idiot wants to talk about stock price? What a shill, probably deep state agent trying to misdirect the issue. 11:37

  26. Wanna slap the condescending smirk off Edward E Newmans' stupid face

  27. I think it's a bunch of BS!

  28. you know, if you were to create a story designed to distract us from the Epstein saga, it would look something like this.

  29. If the world had a bunch more people as ethical and courageous as Patrick Byrne, it would be a much better place.

  30. More Jewish tricks.

  31. Patrick is a fraud working for the DS.. probably See eye aye. Protects Hillary.

  32. If he winds up suicided THE DEEP STATE WILL FALL HARD!!

  33. What’s the name to that’s fool ! I’m the fool Patrick lolllllllll this interview is the most absurd and hilarious I listen to lolll

  34. 💪🙏MAGA🇺🇸2020🙏💪

  35. I have had many experiences finding it neccesary to dismiss someone on cocaine, meth or other mind altering drugs. This guy Patrick shows all the signs of being strung out. Can't hold a thought in his head. Repeats useless jargon, slurs, rambles on with incomplete and run-on sentences. He was fired or dismissed possibly for drug use or insanity.

  36. we need more people to come forward – this is a time for disclosure …

  37. Byne is such a poor communicator. Frustrating to listen to him.



  40. Stay strong. Praying for you. Everyone please pray for this man

  41. So the Clintons are victims of this as well? I don't think so!

  42. One would think Fox would put people on the panel that could at least be convincing that they are in fact a human being. The guy in the top left corner seriously has me questioning his species. Lizard in a suit? Alien in a suit? Its not just the way he looks, its the way he behaves. They know we know Epstein wasnt a suicide and they don’t care. They know we know there is something totally off with that thing in the top left corner, and they don’t care about that either. At the very least, if this is a human there is something VERY OFF with him.

  43. He has white shlt on the corner of his mouth. Yuck!

  44. This guy is a LIAR

  45. Patrick… put your life in the hands of God! Psalm 91. God IS your source of protection!!! Don't trust the Feds!!!!!!

  46. Byrne, You will soon get a free trip to GITMO, I'm not buying your story and neither will the NSA, they have it all.
    Your money and greed has done you in. Warren Buffet is what? You deserve to lose it all.


  48. "Every time I see one of these things- somebody drive 600 miles to gun down 20 strangers in a mall- I guess feel a bit responsible."

    No follow-up question from the 5 interviewers.

  49. This guy is no whack job. He has a Security Clearance!!! This is big and helps the narrative of Strozck and Page and their "Secret Weapon".

  50. why does he have security clearance

  51. R.I.P buffet and Patrick, both will be found and they will claim they both died brushing their teeth while they were sleeping….

  52. give him 10 days and he will be with GOD. RIP Patrick Byrne,,,,,i would have kept being a bachelor and CEO

  53. Is this guy for real?

  54. Nothing happens
    We are hammered
    Time to become an Globalist Islamic Communist Drag Queen..
    Then then these big Social Media Monopolies
    Censoring and Manipulating
    They’re free to go.
    We just get a lot of smoke.
    There is plenty of overwhelming evidence
    This is an Insurrection and the Military needs to be deployed.

  55. Trying to get Hillary off by making her the victim alone with Trump

  56. Those reporters are some rats!

  57. This guy has a shady history…deep capture.

  58. Why was this tagged as new when it is five days old? Come on, YouTube, learn how to code.

  59. He called that guy a fool. I guess the journalist couldn't come up with a decent contribution pertaining to the topic so he went the way of the smear.

  60. Someone needs to check his medicine cabinet its missing more then 1 pill. Loony bird.

  61. XYZ JEFF B, Mark Z, George S????

  62. Guy looks like Nick Nolte after a particularly rough weekend!

  63. Father in Heaven; protect him in Jesus name

  64. Something stinks about this story.

  65. McAfee is waiting for him in a boat somewhere with a handful of Belize prostitutes.

  66. God Bless You. – Stay Safe

  67. I love the hat "Make America Grateful Again".

  68. This seems fishy to me!! The reason why is because what first runs through my mind when he mentioned “someone driving 600 miles to gun down a bunch of people” is the fact that nearly EVERY shooter was taking psychotropic medications. The problem is the FDA!! Maybe CointelPro comes into play with this man coming forward.

  69. This guy will be another left shill and NOTHING WILL happen to the bad actors, the pedos who run your America. Banana republic status now!

  70. Incredible interview. This is BIG NEWS!!! WWG1WGA…Q

  71. Don't trust him.

    Anyone who idolizes W. Buffet is not our friend.

    His story doesn't add up. As soon as he threw Hillary out there it was suspicious.

  72. He needs a media consultant to organize and publicize his story. He seems disorganized and flustered.

  73. DS protectectionist apologist cover for HRC….. She was a victim! Makes sure he says her name first and loud every time. They pushed him out first as a weather balloon to see how asleep we remain and whether it looks like we will fall for this story.

  74. Thanks Peter. BUT, remove all weapons outta your house, they can make a slip on a banana look like suicide.

  75. Congregation Smyrna Website urgent 3 Earth age's we are now living in the Second Earth Age go to Website Now!!!!

  76. Hilarious how Hoenig so easily gets under the skin of this former Overstock CEO, who now has a lot more free time to surf and skydive.

  77. lost all credibility with that maga hat-obvious staged events like everything we see today all hegelian dialect b.s.

  78. Blah, blah, blah, then ZERO.
    He talks then backs it up with ZERO substance.

  79. Patrick Burr have done right he is my hero May God bless you and your family and company

  80. I don't believe the part about HRC being spied on and though he looks scared I think He is just a good actor with the HRC spin because Hilary is as crooked as they come and her soul is sold to the devil.

  81. Thank you for coming forward and blowing it up to pieces.

  82. Yup with a OD of LSD!!! Ya didnt listen to chucky

  83. "Who was asking that question. What's the name of that fool? You're a fool!" lmao

  84. Very Brave Man! Get some bodyguards you can trust and won't make a deal…..prayers for you Mr. Byrne. Thank you for coming forward and risking your life. HERO to be a whistleblower. I'm gonna make an order at Overstock!


  86. Who is Peter Strauss; am i getting that name right?

  87. Cause all you stooges take your orders from the (deep state) …even if you start an organic company they will infest and take you over especially if you don't play ball!!

  88. Top left guy looks insane..

  89. I hear "…one of the premiere shopping sites on the internet." I think, "Overstock is still a thing?"

  90. This dingbat is a CEO? What a dimwit.

  91. I hope that his family is safe! I also wonder why cnn isn't talking about this 24-7, I guess it's not enough negative coverage about Trump.

  92. DING DING DING … The media and journalists in this picture are frauds … they are actors at best .. the whistleblow looks legit to me … so shame on you again .. media manipulators …

  93. There is a video on youtube of Patrick memorizing a deck of cards. What a brain!

  94. You can see Byrne has a good heart and is sincere.

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