Evolution’s Marketplace, Masternode Shares, & DAPI: Evan Duffield Expounds

Evolution’s Marketplace, Masternode Shares, & DAPI: Evan Duffield Expounds

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  1. I agree with Evan this is why dash is so great it has a real
    Block chain and also has privacy options. That's the main thing … options πŸ™‚

  2. These videos get better every week. Nice to learn more about Evan. Love seeing him palpably excited and inspired by these next significant steps.

    In a matter of months I'll be able to call myself a DASH app developer, working with DAPI to start building apps and integrations for businesses. This is a big deal!

    Follow-up question:
    I heard mention of DashDrive, where user database information will be stored.
    How will that work?

  3. Private vs Public transactions could simply use the http vs https analogy but instead of a green lock symbol for private send transactions you could use a closed green eye. A public transaction could use a red open eye πŸ™‚

  4. Time to load up on Dash people! This is all so exciting. Thanks Amanda and Evan, Evolution has me super pumped. The first time you mentioned "red headed step child" I cringed a bit as I wasn't sure if it was really appropriate but I'm glad it came full circle in the end. Pretty funny stuff. Also on a side note I just want to say i'm really digging that jumper Amanda. It looks super comfy πŸ˜‰

  5. As far as shared funding for masternodes when people withdraw funds there will be funds waiting to get into a masternode. A waiting list per say, until 1000 dash are available. The problem with node40 maintaining those funds and nodes removes the decentralized aspects of the savings. If that is the route for evolution for savings accounts, there are already companies handling that, such as which only needs 25 dash. The unanswered questions are what will happen to the return when unlimited masternodes are online and who gets the voting rights. This is a sure fire way to get centralization similar to the BTC miners in China

  6. The login screen in this demo only has a 'username/password' login based system.
    Will there be other security measures implemented like 2fa / IP checking etc ?

  7. Very informative and much appreciated…

    I don't think you're a shill, I don't think Evan is a scammer, 33:36– does this mean I need to be sober when I open my Dash Evolution wallet? On that day, I think I will prepare a beverage, but it will be more festive in nature!

  8. i dont get it what is out 1.1 2017 ? is that evolution or something else ?

  9. Nice job Amanda. Thanks for all of the info Evan, looking forward to Evolution.

  10. thanks Amanda you are the best!

  11. Yup sweet as and great to hear his background, that gives me even more faith in Dash. Thanks ABJ:)

  12. Don't compare oneself to Wells Fargo… I get what he means, but choose another bank…any other bank.

  13. App store… "confidently excited"… Hmm.

  14. Great discussion around who DASH's future "user" will be, or who will the early adopter be? Intrigued by not going after current cryptosphere (which "views DASH" as Red Head (funny use as Evan is a Red Head) as target market. I like this strategy. It fits perfectly with Evan's vision. Its all becoming integrated. And on that note…Integration teams are just "field marketing" (like sampling a KIND bar at WholeFoods) which, simply put, works. Great idea. The word that is coming to mind after I've watched this is "integration"… at every level. I see good things for DASH.

    It would be cool if every new ipad or iphone came with a little DASH… like, a little sample, that gets you started and has value… A few steps ahead perhaps, but I could see it. As discussed, good for low cost/easiest adoption is piggybacking on the existing tech delivery vehicles (and not have to manufacture hardware)… and,l the ipad stands he referred to for merchant use are already created and in use. Also, of course, BlockPay helps DASH at merchant level too.

  15. ABJ: I respect your addressing the "shill" thing… I see what you see regarding the cryptocommunity, not diggin DASH. I think it is a lack of creativeness and a general inexperience in real world business. You, and perhaps, we actually benefit from coming into this from the outside (so to speak) because we can see possibilities that the insular cryptogeeks cant. Diversity of backgrounds or "Inputs" in to any system is beneficial for the system's growth and adaptability. I like what Evan said (although he didnt seem to "feel it" in the same way you did).. about the external trillions flowing in. To me, DASH stand apart (in a good way) for the exact same criticism, that is because it is a central-ish company, in that it has "governance"… Any sane human could see the benefits of this. Humanity will always have BTC. What it needs now, is DASH. DASH only competes with BTC at CryptoHigh. DASH governance model sets it apart, in a good way. It is simply, digital cash to BTC, digital gold. BTC is gold standard, born from Mother Nature, fixed reserve. DASH is cryptofiat, leveraged from gold, and gives the "normal" folk, access to money.

  16. Great interview and interesting preview of DASH Evolution. I was hoping for some info on the server requirements for running masternodes when Evolution launches and how existing masternode owners will need to upgrade their servers.

  17. I winced a little at the red-headed stepchild reference considering the context. Nice save, though. πŸ˜… Fantastic interview.

  18. Don't mean to be a dick but Im pretty sure he had a line or two of coke before this interview. Not sure how I feel about that. Yeah ok everybody should be free to do what they want but id rather not know. Its kinda unprofessional IMO. Don't tell me he's got a cold. Its pretty obvious. He can't sit still, He swallows between sentences, The sniffing is very obvious of course.Sometimes he sniffs 3 times in a row. Animated with his hands. As well as shaky movements. Speaking not as fluid. Very subtle, but trying to keep up with train of thought.

  19. Cutting Edge technology.

  20. at 34:20 this is the most important point to a coins future I haven't heard discussed much anywhere else and is why I've not sold any Dash,
    great interview,
    I'm buying more

  21. Very good and very nice but the important things why they do not so that it works well to be able to trust. Example, yesterday I made a paper wallet here and the address I received does not exist here . This is the dash block explorer where all existing dash addresses are assumed to be. That I can think now, I can trust or not in this, I want to send my dash here but I am already doubting if to use more this. I like dash. From the forum do not tell me anything, I am waiting more than a day for the confirmation in my email of the registration. You could also make videos of the faults of the official website. Thank you very much for the kindness of reading this. Regards.

  22. moocowmoo (dash developer) he kindly helped me solve the problem I made a test sending of 0.01 and after a few minutes the tranzacion appears. But this you have for a note on the page, so that others if they want to make a paper wallet, they know how it works. That will be all perfect. Thank you very much for all.

  23. Problems with subtitles. Superimposed on each other.

  24. Is there a date Evolution is forecast to launch?

  25. Regarding masternodes, shares & savings, seems like removing the 1000 dash collateral requirement or creation of "virtual masternodes" may be a speculators dream, but it also would create more volatility and thus less stability in the masternode system. I think Evan realized as he talked, reflecting on your idea Amanda, that it may create opportunities to scam the system, in a similar way that a debtor might use one credit card to pay off another, or the way a check writer can take advantage of the delay banks impose to process checks.

  26. Oh my goodness! This is amazing!

  27. great information!

  28. I sort of understand the direction that Dash is going. Bitcoin is the Goliath of the digital currency. Dash is the little David, who is keen on serving the need of a regular Joe by providing them with a market place for buying and selling, allowing them to thrive through very low service charge, while at the same time provide an attractive interest income to those who provide the masternode service. What a concept!

  29. is evolution up and running.

  30. What is the point of a master node at the point of pyramiding funds, the focus is obv not participating in vote? Also POW sucks and is not decentralized.

  31. Is that Tone's kitchen? All this talk of lines of code

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