Every Business Can Be a Media Company in 2019

Every Business Can Be a Media Company in 2019

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  1. Your thumbnail titles lately are fucking wack. Too negative to be inspirational.

  2. so im starting a youtube about two weeks in and going and i have to say gary is helping out a lot with his tips about bussiness way to go gary!!!

  3. Gary your the fucking man (excuse my French). Started a channel about the whole Garage sale eBay gig. So far going great! Love it man

  4. Started a few weeks back, growing… slowly, but for me it's more about who and not how many. My intro video was my 1st attempt and a little embarrassing I think, good luck to everyone starting out, being true to you and having patience is key.

  5. culture of retention.

  6. Here’s a story that I hope brings you guys value:

    Right now there are multiples entities (VC, investors, other companies) that want to buy a piece of my company.

    For those of you guys who don’t know me I’m a 26 year old immigrant entrepreneur who built over $400K in passive income by working 18 hours a day and sleeping in my car at times blah blah blah I’m now taking my company to $250M.

    So one thing that I had to go through over the past couple weeks was providing spreadsheets and waterfall charts for potential investors to show them different aspects of my business.

    Do you guys wanna know what I found?

    I found out that as of right now I don’t want anyone to invest into my business because they don’t have the same heart for my company that I do and I don’t want anyone telling me what to do.

    The people that wanted us to my company and take a piece of it never worked 120 hours in a week.

    They never slept in their car for months and shower at the gym and ironed their clothes at hotel because you made friends with the manager.

    I want to scale and grow across my region but I’m not willing to take money from somebody who is only looking at my company as a profitable dollar generating engine, rather than a company that is changing the culture in the financial technology space.

    So I had this crazy idea,

    What if, instead of taking money from one investor or another, I just went out and continue to do what I’ve done my whole life which is make SALES, and then we just reinvest all of that money back into the company.

    I’m not telling anybody what to do, but that’s what’s worked for me and that’s what I’m going to continue to do.

    It was a fun exercise going through the motions with the investors etc., but what it all boils down to is that SALES SOLVES MY PROBLEM.

    GO make sales guys.

    Love you all.

  7. Anyone have any timestamps?

  8. Patiently waiting to start a mobile wheel repair service with my coworker. Binging your videos help me game plan on how we’re going to promote our services: Facebook Ads as well as Instagram and Facebook profiles. Excited to see how things go. Much love from Sactown CA, visit soon lol

  9. You proved to the world twice over that entrepreneur runs through your blood, awesome..

  10. Start to finish pure freaking gold. @56.40 especially. Gotta go start cooking. Peace out.

  11. a jogdijam változatlan. osszes ceo és nagyhatalmak számára szivesen adok tanácsokat, és osztom meg otleteimet a világgal ha kellöen megfizetik azt :)))

  12. Love he’s incites about following businesses through! If only more business people thought like this. Life’s about building things that make the world better.

  13. FIRE. GEMS. 🔥✨

  14. Lol Damn Gary – u ran circles around that guy 🙂 I kinda feel sorry for him.

  15. Thank you for this video. My main takeaway was to innovate!

  16. What's wrong with this guy not taking off his hat. They are inside. Right away this tells me he is a jerk.

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  18. "Social media is a slang term for the current state of the internet." Man!!! 🔥

  19. who's the other guy?

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  21. I have learnt a lot from this. Absolute GOLD

  22. Who is the moderator guy on the left?

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