Evernote Business Card Scanner for Android – Finally!

Evernote Business Card Scanner for Android – Finally!

Steve Dotto here. How the heck are you this
fine day? Me? Well if the truth be known, I am feeling somewhat relieved because they
have finally done it. Evernote has finally released the Android version of the business
card capture snapshot that has been built into the iOS, into the iPhone for months now.
Poor Android users have been sitting ever so patiently and quite frankly not so patiently
waiting and wondering if Evernote was ever going to get off their hineys and give them
the business card scanning software which is so awesome in iOS. The reason it’s so
awesome? It links directly with LinkedIn. It does actually a wonderful job. It’s here.
Want to see it? Stick around. It’s today on DottoTech.
So they have finally done it. Evernote has finally released their business card scanning
software on Android phones. Now if you take a look at their forum, they basically fill
you in on it. Now this is not completely free. This is sort of free. If you link your Evernote
account to LinkedIn, you get it free for a year. If you’re a Premium member, you get
it free already. I am Evernote Premium. I already have Evernote Premium so I got it
right away. If I didn’t have that, I would have to create a link between my Evernote
account and LinkedIn but once that’s done, you get access to the software for free. So
let’s take a quick boo at it. Let’s have a quick look.
Now I’ve set it up here on my Android phone. I’ve got it set up on a Galaxy smartphone.
It took me a little while to figure out exactly where it is because on the Apple phone, on
the iOS phone, all of the camera controls are system level whereas it looks like it’s
in the app where we have all of the basic controls for this. You hit on the plus and
it brings up the opportunity for you to bring the Evernote camera into play. There we’ve
got the business card scanning feature. You just simply focus on the card, tap the button
to focus it, capture it and then the magic begins to happen. It captures it. It parses
out the data. It looks to LinkedIn, it pulls in the information from LinkedIn and then
gives you an opportunity to deal with the business card wherever you want. It’s elegant,
it’s straightforward, and it’s simple. It seems to work just fine, thank you very
much. I don’t know what took them so long to get
this feature out. It basically kills CardMunch which is LinkedIn’s old system for capturing
business cards but now when you’re out and traveling about, you can capture somebody’s
business card almost instantly. You can go back to your hotel room if you brought their
business cards back. If not, you can do it right at the moment. When you’re first meeting
somebody, you can capture the business card. The camera does seem to be a little bit finicky.
It does seem to want to be on a dark background but it’s worked pretty well for me in my
limited tests that I have done although I use it regularly on the iOS device so I think
it’s a fine product. It’s here finally. That’s it for today.
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  1. Great video. Thanks Steve. I'm going to try this out tomorrow.

  2. Nice demo, thanks!!

  3. Very helpful and smart thanks bro….

  4. Thanks Steve.  As somebody who has switched over this month from iOS to Android, I missed this feature.

    I've just updated the app through Google Play 🙂  Take care, Ben.

  5. I don't have a linked in account (nor do I want one). I am not a premium evernote user, so I am excluded from this functionality.  Pity.

  6. Good job with review.

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  8. Thank you very much for that. All your tips are awesome!!
    I have a question, sorry if it's a stupid one. When I scan a business card I can send it to my phone contacts. I saw in one of your videos that you also have a Samsung. Mine is a s4 active. Is there a way that the address on the card also shows on the contacts field or I have to add by myself? Thank you again.

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    Keep up the good work!

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  12. Love Evernote and have been using the Web Clipper on my pc and love it as well, but I am struggling with using it on my Samsung tablet. Instructions say to put it in the sidebar(multiwindow), but it does not want to be put there? lol Any advice?

  13. I am disappointed that it does't seem to recognize/record web page addresses. I am missing something?

  14. Still waiting for some feedback on why the business card scanning sofware doesn't pick up the web page address from the card.

  15. Why Evernote hasn't black or dark theme for Android?

  16. Is there an app that scans business cards that will export them to Outlook Contacts?


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