Europa Langstrecke! Air Caraibes Business Class A350 | YourTravel.TV

Europa Langstrecke! Air Caraibes Business Class A350 | YourTravel.TV

Hi Guys! Welcome to a new flight report! We are in Paris-Orly.
-And we’re flying with ‘Air Caraïbes’ to Martinique. I almost fell. In business class naturally.
-The A350 will take us to Fort de France in about 9 hours. We’re very early today. More than 4 hours before departure at Paris-Orly airport. We stayed the night at the ‘Ibis Hotel’ nearby and didn’t want to wait there. Oh, check-in is starting. Cool! I’m not sure if we pronounced the airline name right. It’s a French airline. Martinique is an overseas region of France. We’re not leaving Europe, even though we’re flying to the Caribbean. It’s funny. That’s one way to pronounce it. Caribbean is English. We don’t speak French. Very interesting! There is our plane. The A350. The newest aircraft on the market right now. To the right we can see ‘La Compagnie,’ which we will fly soon. A business-class only aircraft to Newark. Wow! Stay tuned! That was annoying! They wanted me to take out all the cables. That’s ok. But it was all neatly packed in the amenity kits. Sometimes it looks dangerous depending on the scanner, and then you have to take everything out, and sometimes you don’t. Whatever! At least there was a fast track for business class passengers. It went relatively fast. Only 3 people were in front of us. Unfortunately, everyone has something to unpack, which slows it down. We’re going to the lounge now. It’s called ‘Salon Icare.’ Dominik: First we have to go through passport control. Oh right! I can’t film there so I have to shut it off. That’s what I love about the EU. If the control machines are switched on or
(The gates are in the Non-Schengen area) are working, you pass through very quickly.
(The gates are in the Non-Schengen area) There are only a few people. Now we’re making our way to the lounge. We can check if we need something from duty-free, but I don’t think we do. Do you need anything? -No We’ll just buy anything else we need there. Right! We can pay with Euros there! 1 TB, 2 TB…I’m looking for 5 TB! At the airport!
-Well, you never know! I hope they have cheese in the lounge! I’m in the mood for it. -Camembert
Not so good for the hips! They changed the gate last minute. We were standing around like idiots because we don’t speak French and they didn’t make any announcements in English! I don’t understand why they only opened the front door of the bus, and not all of them. It’s going slowly. I’m sure all the passengers are waiting now on the stairs. In the meantime, I can talk to you There is no separate business class boarding. They don’t call by cabin class. All passengers board at once. Off we go! This is the A350-900 of ‘Air Caraïbes.’ I heard how to pronounce it earlier. We’re still waiting to get into business class. It’s a brand new aircraft, only 2 years old. Probably not even 2 years. ‘Air Caraïbes’ only has 2 of them. This is the ‘Air Caraïbes’ business class, onboard the A350-900 in a 2-2-2 configuration in 3 rows. We chose the last row, as you know, so we don’t have to blur too many people. The crew asked to be blurred as well, but I’m allowed to film. I just have to be careful to not film too many people. That’s fine. The seat looks familiar. Isn’t this the ‘Philippine Airlines’ seat? ‘Philippine Airlines,’ bunk bed seats. My feet are going up here if I decide to sleep, and Dominik’s go down there. That means we are going to lay on different heights. Here we have the amenity kit. It was in a small compartment to the right of my screen. Dominik’s amenity kit is on the left side of his screen. Let’s check them out right away and see what’s inside. Now’s a good time because boarding is still going on. You saw we boarded on a bus. We were supposed to take off now but that won’t happen. That will still take a while. What is in here? The usual. Lotions, earphone cover, socks, and what is this? A bag?
-For the shoes. Probably yes! It is for the shoes, exactly! That way you can stow them away clean. What else is by the seat? A bottle of water. The headphones are back here. I think they’re ok. I have seen worse. A big white pillow. A package with the blanket. I can’t find anything else to mention for now. There’s also isn’t a menu. They’ll bring it over in a while I assume. This is from the incoming flight I think. Once on ‘British Airways’ I found a Samsung tablet in the seat pocket and because I’m nice I gave it to the cabin crew. I hope the owner gets it back. For all those who want to work, we probably will… It’s a 9-hour daytime flight. I doubt we will sleep. There are power outlets behind us. There are 2 USB outlets. One behind us and one in the front. This sounds French… this too… I already know this one. It’s going to be tricky to find a movie. There are only movies in French with English subtitles. I haven’t found anything I want to watch yet. I don’t want to watch a French movie with English subtitles. The other way around is cool. An English movie with German subtitles is ok. That way I can learn something. I don’t want to learn French. I was searching earlier where I could earn miles for this flight. You know we always try to optimize our miles to be able to book premium award tickets somewhere. It’s not possible on this flight. We don’t earn a single mile. I would have to make an account with ‘Air Caraibes’ to collect miles with them, but that doesn’t make sense for us. So we won’t do that. We paid about €1,050 for this roundtrip ticket per person round trip from Orly to Fort de France, which is the capital of Martinique. It’s a very low price for business class in a brand new cabin and aircraft. More about miles, status, how to book a premium award ticket quickly, click on the ‘i’ to check our travel hacks where you’ll find all the info. If you’re planning on booking a flight soon, check our flight search. We are collaborating with ‘jetbeds.’ They look up the flights for you through our website. The advantage is, you have 24 hours to cancel without penalty. In case you change your mind or you find a better price somewhere else, you can cancel and make a new booking. I think with ‘jetbeds’ you’ll always find the best price though. I already mentioned the selection on the IFE. There aren’t many movies on it and most are in French. They also have an ‘iPad mini’ but only for magazines which are 90% French as well. They lowered the temperature a lot. The cabin got pretty cold. I kept looking for the table at this seat. Dominik found it. Dominik is a smart one. Nice! I can twist it. Even though I can’t leave the seat. That’s difficult. They have drinks as an aperitif. Then there is a starter, which I can’t pronounce… It’s not translated. After that, it’s a choice of two main courses, both fish. It smells of ‘Eau de Cologne’ and I rubbed it on my eyes. I’m an idiot! ‘4711 – echt kölnisch Wasser’ Where do you know it from? Write it in the comments! -A little guessing game
Otherwise, just click the ‘i’ if you want to know. No! We’ll reveal that when the time comes. But I think you know. If not, now you have the opportunity to watch 500 of our videos to find out. The aircraft A350 has a great camera with a high resolution. Takeoff looked nice. I’ll film the landing in Fort de France. That will look cool! I hope it’s not dark yet. No, at 6:00pm there should still be daylight. They have a lot of drinks from Martinique onboard, including a rum, distilled in Martinique. Let me try that. The starter tastes very fresh. A piece of ham with cilantro/coriander. Tastes very fresh and also has a little sesame on top. In the end, there was no choice anymore. They only had the first choice left for the main course. I would have chosen that anyways. Dominik wanted the other option. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. There’s a tray with the starter. This is it here. I can’t tell you what it is exactly. It’s a blended, mixed fish Did you just see that? That’s what he’s like.
Again… It’s a blended white fish mixed with peppers and carrots and what looks like pineapple I think. It’s definitely interesting. It’s served with a salad with parmesan and the dessert is already on the tray. I am honestly surprised. The food was much better than on ‘Air France.’ At least it was better than ‘Air France’ onboard the A380 from New York to Paris. The potatoes with rosemary, great! The baguette… no idea how they do that (bake that) on a plane. Delicious with butter. The presentation of the salad in the plastic bowl, can be ignored; however, it was fresh. And as for the main course… It wasn’t chicken. I don’t know what that’s called. I’m sure I’ve had it before. Very tasty. For dessert, it’s a cheesecake, some coffee and Belgian waffles. That’s it. Dominik already said it. I’m satisfied by the food. It was fresh, tasty, and the presentation was very nice too. We have about 6 hours to go to Martinique. So I have enough time to work. I already said it’s a daytime flight, it’s bright in here, and I’m not watching movies. I’ll use the time to edit some videos. I’ll see you later. They will serve a mid-flight snack. I’ll see you either then, or for the landing in Fort de France. See you later! Looks tasty! That really looks delicious! It’s some kind of quiche. But it’s so big. I’m used to smaller slices. A nice sized portion and it smells nice. Of course, the decibel meter. There’s a maximum of 73.6 dbA in here. It’s relatively quiet onboard the A350-900 of ‘Air Caraïbes.’ The second food service has finished. We only have about 50 minutes until landing in Fort de France, the capital of Martinique. I haven’t shown you the seat yet. I slept for a little while. As you can see it is staggered. I’m pretty high up. I didn’t find it very comfortable. I’ll show you. There are 3 quick access buttons. I’ll do the lie-flat position. The seat rises higher in this setting. Exactly. This is it. I don’t have much space in the back, my feet are pretty cramped. I’m high enough to look out of the window lying down. It’s ok, but there are better seats. It’s not really comfortable. If I want to get out I have to climb over Dominik’s legs. Yeah…not too good. I don’t know why ‘Air Caraïbes’ decided on this seat. But well… Not my decision to make. I’m not a fan. The width isn’t that wide. And it isn’t exactly soft. I slept for 2-3 hours. Even though it is a lie-flat seat and opposed to economy class, it’s made to sleep, it is an uncomfortable seat. On the footrest, your feet look like this with a height of 1.80 m or like this, but then there isn’t space in the back. The armrest has to be lowered. It’s really uncomfortable. Even with these two pillows I have here. Also, the footrest isn’t controllable. If I want to put it up, it doesn’t work. I would have to put the seat in the lie-flat position, which is ridiculous. I don’t know why they opted for this seat. I think there are better seats on the market for the A350. OK! That was our flight with ‘Air Caraïbes.’ Hard to pronounce it.
-Yes I think I tried 10 different versions by now. It doesn’t matter. All in all, it was a good flight. Surprisingly good food. The seat was poor, but I spoke about that already. I just switched on my phone and my guess has been confirmed. Roaming works here as well. Just like in the rest of the EU or in Germany, we can use our regular cell phone plan. Great! Finally, we don’t have to buy a SIM card or use ‘Glocalme.’ Good thing I saved some data because we weren’t home. I have to say I didn’t like the flight as much as Stefan. The service was… If you go by the book and are trying not to sound arrogant, the flight attendants are only there for a specific purpose; if I wanted something and rang the bell, they would just switch it off again and nobody would show up. The glasses were still at the seat during takeoff. A few passengers, including us, had to hold them. They never really went through the cabin. That’s one way to do it. I asked Stefan if this was a low-cost airline. I didn’t research it beforehand. He said no. Well…my two cents. It is very close to South America. We have some experience with South American airlines. I didn’t think it was that bad. They came by 8 times with the drinks trolley. That’s true. Don’t get me wrong. The champagne was always cold. I won’t deny that. They even had enough onboard to have a sealed bottle left by the end of the flight. Leave your opinion about this airline in the comments section. We’re always happy to receive feedback. Give this video a like, subscribe to our channel, and we hope to see you in the next video. Bye!!

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