Ep 2 – Visualizing Your Business Model

Ep 2 – Visualizing Your Business Model

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  1. Brief and to the point with simple, yet informative Tips. Thanks! 🙂

  2. If I may ask did you use raytrace and the puppet tool for this video?

  3. Is that an everlasting gobstopper?

  4. one of the greatest videos on youtube … thanks a lot

  5. Really got me thinking–truly one of the best, precise, informative videos about business I've seen.

  6. I am learning how to use this model and this videos helped me a lot, thanks 😀

  7. Great simple video that explains the business canvas model; annoying background music.

  8. Can you please tell me which company created this video? thanks.

  9. Thank You! This video is very informative.

  10. Excusme, could you help me to explain the customer relationship point, in the example of the low cost airways.. it's a little bit too fast for me

  11. You have made this actually interesting !

  12. Great job on explaining this!!!!

  13. Great job, thank you

  14. drake used this beat on more life

  15. A lot of kickstarters need to watch this video playlist, lol

  16. i have an idea maybe a bit crazy one but never heard before

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  18. Gordon Perchthold brought me here-.-

  19. very nice content but the background beats are unbearable

  20. Why dont you have subtitles in spanish??

  21. 'Leverage' has a long 'a' in British English.

  22. call me a nerd but this is SO cute!

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