EP #07: Faisal Choudhry: Balancing Work & Family life, Vision for FG, Financial Plans & MORE!

EP #07: Faisal Choudhry: Balancing Work & Family life, Vision for FG, Financial Plans & MORE!

sheriff the clicking was Ta’ala
bismillah assalamu alaykum we have Facebook Chaudhary in the house famously
known for freshly grounded and his comedic videos all over the Internet
Charlotte Sparkle assalamualaikum bro how’d it go he would hide in roof
I’m very well man people often complain that when I’m a guest on the podcast I’m
I’m showing too much my serious side but when I’m a guest
look at the environment you create for us like he’s very very nice and serene I
can’t I can’t have high energy here I’ve just nice and we’re gonna try to
inshallah the mint tea will kick Bailey and we got some cotton and that’s also
okay fight hopefully that was a little kick
for now I’m nice and serene handle Handel opera house things mean bro
recently did Maserati baccala your second live event I thought it was
amazing we were all there all the prophets were there mashallah was very
inspiring I want to ask you how how has the feedback being firstly the feedbacks
been amazing hamdulillah the feedback for Devin was amazing and I’m so happy
with how the event turned out however I’ve got some cool was kind of the next
day and stuff from people and they were how feeling that you must be so excited
guys and this is gonna make me sound like I’m trying to be humble or trying
to be like something come not but genuinely bro I didn’t feel great after
a tattoo really didn’t feel great after it man not because I I felt like the
event went well he exceeded my expectations with how like the measures
that I had for the success of the event but I think that if you listen to your
fitara you never feel if you feel like self-admiration
it’s extremely dangerous so I’m grateful for the fact that I didn’t feel that
cast about in my racy a mix of like I had good conversation with the people
off task but my teachers are often about about just how I feel and stuff and I’m
also like their take on why you why you felt like that they said that’s good
for Muslims to question whether you ever his actions get accepted by all lockers
ultimately anything that we’re doing really and truly if we’re not doing it
to please all lines you know in some way then it’s a waste over action in it so
they said it’s good and they reassured me that you know because I have a very
clear vision that I’ve told the very close people around me about why don’t
sing and dance about it wouldn’t I’m but what the real like roots or the vision
or which ultimately is nothing to hide it’s altima just to like try and bring a
new audience to to listen to something that is not music and something that
necessary quarter an either because perhaps because I really and truly I
create freshly got it for myself or for people who were like myself at the time
because other time I was working in the sea in retail and so I would have a
one-hour journey to work and one hour journey from work and this must be five
years ago so I wasn’t I wasn’t I was new to to practicing Islam and so if just
listening to Quran was tough for me like for two hours in a day but listening to
Nasheed’s was like I don’t know about there’s Anna she’s up that I was
listening to like they sounded a lot very similar to the music yeah I mean
I’m not saying that I’m not ever I’m not gay you know I’m so unknowledgeable I
can’t say that anything’s right or wrong but I just the Nasheed’s didn’t hit me
either why just didn’t enjoy listen to me so I I used to listen to podcasts I
thought maybe if there’s a medium where other Muslims like me
want to listen to things like this but they they don’t necessarily they’re not
interfer example sports or something then what’s a what podcast can they
listen to and so I decide to create it yeah you started first in your bedroom
right by yourself it’s good the next phase at that point so far the concept
is because obviously my name is Faisal know the next phase being that
like the next ways from going from like maybe not practicing to practicing
expose of your life and the quantity was the same it was it was just freshly
grounded but it with a different name yeah what made you cuz I think you
stopped that for a while didn’t you yes and then you started pressure grounded
from scratch yeah is it the same thing they’re just kind
of morphed into freshly grounded no I quickly realized that you can’t have a
guest I knew that consistency was the only
thing that would allow us to grow and so I had to be consistent at least episode
every wherever I decide whether it’s every week every day but once I decide
that I have to because it’s noni otherwise I’ve got no chance and so I
want to release a podcast weekly but I realize you can’t get a guest every week
is very difficult and I know so many people who have podcast who struggle
with that and the most the Chris McGrath the most is how how do you get guests
and so I knew that I needed a co-host and I didn’t know if I could get close
but I think I made that like Rob blesses me with someone who understand all of
the things that I important to me like for example in Freshlyground it’s
important that we don’t we were talking so much and when we know that the tongue
can lead a majority will really the majority will help file so if I want to
take on a project that I’m gonna be using my tongue for the majority of it I
have to really know what I can and can’t use my tongue for and so exposing scenes
lying and a real like I will sneaky one is joking when lying it’s low lying when
joking because that’s no more natural if we do it amongst the brothers it’s deal
obviously though it’s even though it’s not permissible it can be caught very
quickly and it’s amongst the profit between your formal so you’re not
publicly doing it I’m promoting it right but when you’re doing in thousands of
people listening you can’t really take it back so I needed someone who maybe
was as serious about those things so I I made the art alone and I ended up going
Gambia and that’s where I met Sam and we just like go along so well and so I
can’t propose that to him and Allah he will not totally accept my offer and
that’s I do think you guys make a good like
good team together like you can see the chemistry and the energy between you
guys and when you guys speak masha’allah like and you can see the conversation
flow between you guys I think so it’s a good fit I love Sandman he’s the best he
was really nice guy I’ve only met a few times but yeah he’s he’s a very busy man
yeah yeah a llama but he’s got a lot going on for himself and he’s a big
family now hamdullah you know since we’re fresh you guys
started I think he had just had his first child and now he’s got two
children happened alone so and then his business is so yeah people don’t often
see him but yeah he’s a very inspirational man you know before before
you came today actually and this morning I was thinking I remember I used to do
those videos one used to do that interviews with people and you took it
off because you said no vision and motion into vision they were really good
I think I came up the first time I came across your videos was nothing one of
those hey they really increased my traffic yeah and I think that’s what got
me to started getting me quite a good amount of following and I also do my
favorite videos to make I’ve really enjoyed them decision they were really
they were really funny my very entertaining I remember I was watching
you and I was like tomorrow so I’ll watch this watch this is so funny but
looking back I wouldn’t be talking now oh there is so cringy vote because you
it’s been more like three years I think right maybe yeah and so yes you must
have gone through so many different things grown and matured and developed
so it was gonna be crunchy when you watch it back so cringy but what I was
thinking about today is I was thinking maybe like I’ll just reflecting on it I
was like maybe Allah gave freshly grounded acceptance or like you know
success because you gave up something for his sake you gave up making those
videos for the sake of Allah we hope you made that was the intention and we ask
Allah to accept it for me and I was thinking maybe that’s what Allah
replaced it with something those but because sometimes you don’t think of it
and the other time you don’t think of if I give this up
maybe I’m not gonna succeed in anything else this was like my
this was like the thing that really made me but then Allah gives you something
better and I wow I never I never considered that until today really I
mean the concept of you leaving something for Allah sake and a lot of
place in it was something better obviously we thought well we’ll find one
I know pinpointed that and yeah you mentioned that
hits a yeah makes it makes it makes a lot of sense
mmm I think a lot of us like when we saw practicing we give up things for the
sake of Allah and Allah does replace it with something better but we don’t
really know which what were is we can’t really pinpoint it sometimes and
sometimes people sort of think that now they’re practicing Allah hasn’t given
him some something better but he has you just you just don’t know where it is so
yes it was an important point I think I wanted to mention to you and I wanted to
see if he if you had thought of that too I hadn’t thought of that
no but bull I could talk about lordy he’s my favorite let’s talk about it’s
just so amazing how like how giving how merciful how loving he is despite us you
know being constant sinners you can’t stop reflecting on it is so shockingly
amazing like even you just say think by you feel you feel Gilbert more than that
you feel love no you know I mean I remember that interview done with well
podcast he done with Hamza sources and you were saying how when you first start
practicing and that when you had the state of awake awake the awakening
awakening I wish I could yeah Kaaba in Arabic yeah you wanted to you want to
hug Allah yeah yeah yeah this very problematic Fe feels very cute yeah it’s
hard to it’s hard to put that feeling into words and yeah on many levels you
go be careful with those statements as well you feel you feel very warm and you
know like you it makes you may be much more driven to
want to meet him yeah see his face mahjongg
well when it came to like the events and stuff like that the first event and the
second event what was your kind of relationship of
Allah in terms of like making Dyer and like asking for his aid and was there
like a difference in the first event and the second event I think that you know
everyone who is trying to achieve something great or they’ve got something
coming up I think naturally I’m probably sadly your mother or your your dollars
have to increase because you have such a big thing that you want and you know
who’s got the who can make it happen so yeah of course unfortunately and I
say unfortunate because it should be like this all year round
yeah unfortunately or maybe fortunately my yeah my dad’s increase my perhaps
like the the way in which I’m making that are because I want this to be
success for many reasons and so yeah I very much saw them conscious of the fact
that outlaw is the one who can give it nationally the reason I wanted to touch
on this is because it’s important when we try to achieve something to always
make like plenty of dollar yeah it doesn’t like obviously it’s not good
like if you’re already making dollar when you need something but even then
it’s so good cuz you you’re still is kind of like your toe he’d you’re you’re
going back to Allah your when you know when you’re in need you’re going back to
Allah spanner Tyler you’re asking a lot to give it to you and without his aid
and without his will nothing would would come to be so so that’s what I think
it’s important for like listeners to realizes all that whenever they want
something it shouldn’t be going to people first and asking them or can you
give me this can you help me with this and asking for advice but it’s you know
asking a lot ultimately and then consoling people and speak to others for
for assistance so that’s what that’s why I was asking
yeah I mean I’m in complete agreement I I know you mean the scary thing that I
reflect on a law kind of based on what you’re saying is the idea that you don’t
ever want that too like you don’t want your Liars upon
Allah to stop because one of the things that affects me the most I’d say in my
Islam is the fact that the prophet salallahu alayhi wasalam used to make
that there are so much to Allah llamo Kaali buckle up with a bit curvier
Edenic alterna of hearts keep my heart firm when you’re on your Deen you on
your religion no reason excuse me boys because that was a prophet saw something
so who are we so um my my biggest fear is losing my oh my heart not being firm
when the Dean and know and obviously you don’t you you don’t realize it which is
that’s the point of it isn’t your you don’t realize that you think that you’ll
find what scary thought that’s true smaller such a scary it’s the scariest
thought that I can possibly have you know because you don’t you don’t
know and if that was to happen to unless I’m I gotta protect us from that moment
but if that wasn’t happen to one of us the concept of a is that you don’t
realize if you realized it was happening we knew it
you wouldn’t it probably wouldn’t happen when it’s happened in like a gradual way
or something so that’s it very very scary for a very scary for behind like
not channel like expose your good deeds and stuff but because you’re doing
something like like Islamic like the fresher ground that is for like tailored
for Muslims and you you could say it’s like an Islamic project since you’re
doing that because sometimes we can think because we’re doing something
Islamic that that’s also gonna be the means for Iman to increase but it’s not
always the case is for example if someone’s in charity work it doesn’t
mean that because they’re doing charity work for the sake of Allah and Islamic
that the Iman is gonna increase so while you’re doing that do you like do some
things like when when your man is feeling low and is there other things
that you do to keep your man up like it spiritually high yeah one of my face you
freshly grounded is that is that I will get my reward in this dunya and I won’t
get I won’t see anything next life and the reason that’s a fear
of mine is cuz I was reading about recently about how you know if your
intentions are messed up this there are certain intentions and you
this better than me cuz I can’t even remember like the details of it but
essentially like the fact that there’s a type of it there’s a type of intention
that you can have which isn’t necessarily bad
I still for the sake of Allah but it’s you know there’s other intentions may be
involved in it and so the like the the result of that intention is that you get
all your reward in the dunya you don’t get in in the next life and that’s such
a scary fault so so I yeah definitely don’t feel like I definitely have
thought like firstly holidays my Tiki even though we hear such beautiful
messages from people and the one that totally touches me the most is above all
who who are met in JD Sports just for our first event I was getting outfit for
the first one and he goes and he he was gonna he was on the verge of committing
suicide and he didn’t he says because a fresh cigar did and when you hear stuff
like that he shakes you inside but even then I don’t feel like that’s enough for
me to get the road vehicle on you’re walking almost I think that genuinely
I’m not saying that I do this but we know that these are probably gonna weigh
the most are the ones that nobody knows about right which why we should try and
increase in those days actually was no easy a new you remind me of the story of
Abdul Rahman even half but the allahu anhu cuz he had the same fear because by
the end of his life he was like maybe like a billionaire of our time and yeah
so when he when he got that rich he he would cry and he would be upset thinking
that allah all the battles that he fought in bother or heard all of the
things that he sacrificed for allah he was thinking allah has maybe i have no
share in the affair and allah has given me all my reward in this dunya so he’s
the he’s to get upset over that similar to what you were saying about fresh
grounded but I was more asking about your your person like your spiritual
your spirituality and you’re a man like outside because people don’t see what
you do like gee maybe a 10 class and you feel like that’s your boost for
a man because a man goes up and down it fluctuates so what’s that thing that you
you kind of do maybe others will benefit from to keep yourself afloat its way
April because you you don’t feel comfortable speaking about yourself in
it yeah talk about what you do because it’s almost like you putting a case up
and saying that you’re that you’re deserving of of like hire a man or
something I go to class I have the drug I am Allah
blessed me with amazing teachers who I’m able to study quarter iron with and to
study Arabic and and that helps me definitely if I I have one of the things
that I hold dearest to me is I’m able to even so I think it’s like quite
well-known that we study about the butter in Saturday’s and that’s like
Arabic floss all right but I have a good relationship with my teacher study here
for Quran and so having that is one of the biggest blessings in my whole life
being able to have to have the Quran because I was actually forced into that
I didn’t choose to do that and and I’m so grateful to Allah that he put me in
in that because maybe I would never have taken a step to I never wanted to like
for example like the way that the Quran crossed average is I was I’ll tell this
story because I’m not exposing like any like good deeds I think this is so this
what happened right um said Oscar I was ill yeah I’d fallen a bit sick nothing
major by just music and so said yeah here instead well as they do turned up
at my house where I have to visit me cuz I was sick so at the house now and I was
reading I because they were there I must have like read something to them from
the most half-man and austere so I hadn’t started like Quran like for
example like heap so he fled and so I was reading and legend well he
he goes to me Facebook I think that your you need to now start like Quran cross
like seriously my like he like memorization a stuff and he said you
need to start and you have books that yeah here here who is the perfect
teacher for that and you know and he like literally orchestrated everything
between myself Australia here there and then he the day and we he said you go
and see him at this time every week and you will see him here and you will spend
this much time with him and you’re gonna memorize this and you got before the
sitting was finished and so by the end of it I was now a student of Quran and I
didn’t have anything to do with it and it made me extremely nervous and I
didn’t if I could because I didn’t know if I could like and keep up with those
commitments on a weekly basis and work on a cell phone but I’m just so grateful
that he did that and Allah Allah put me in that position without me asking for
it one amazing blessing sometimes you need to do that sometimes you just need
to be put in it or put yourself in it yeah whether you think you can commit or
not just to just to do it because then if you say you know what I’ll do it when
this happens and I’ll leave it or leave it sometimes if you you might have the
zeal at the time to do something but then it doesn’t mean like a month later
two months later maybe even like a few days later you might not be interested
in doing it anymore I kind of like brothers for example
wanting to go study abroad and they keep like delaying and delaying it and then
like now if you speak to them they don’t have that same zeal to going so I think
it’s really important to just put your like foot in the door and I think I said
he come over teacher in it like knowing when to catch I wouldn’t have thought
that was really how would you feel like the side yahia and such am I like how do
you think they’ve impacted you since you’ve sort of met them in your
life I could do a podcast on it I tell you
the the the way that I feel that they’ve impacted me the most and that is with my
interactions with people I think we all know that the interactions with people
are very soft and very nice and very loving very caring and what they taught
me through not through anything that they said but I just by me watching them
is the the idea of like or of ego and stuff right and so if we take it back to
when I perhaps wasn’t practicing I would see practicing Muslims as daunting and
as like self-righteous and arrogant wrongly obviously and not to put not say
that all prayers people are like that but that was my experience maybe and so
I didn’t ever feel comfortable around for example ice walk and stuff like that
never felt comfortable in them and so I actually would go like I’ll try and
avoid avoid people like that and and I think I was like me having my guard up
and being like oh if they’re like not gonna talk to me I don’t wanna talk to
them or something like that right and and then when I started when I started
like is seeing how they interact with people were they interact with everyone
with such like with like no ego they let their guard down instantly and then that
lets that person in I think the biggest problem right now we got the divide
between like Muslims who are conscious of their faith most Muslims who are not
conscious of their faith is oh is that is that the – like kind of like really
dislike each other and there’s a unspoken like feeling in the air and and
it’s like they both know to label each other and they both have this like maybe
ego against each other whatever and the minute you drop their um me you dropped
your ego the other pants drops at you because they see that there’s no threat
there so and that’s what I’ve seen them like I so I know brothers who have who
like Sheryl Jamil for example has been around and he shows him so much love so
much affection that that he he’s approaching you with no ego there’s no
ego here there’s no God he know anything I’m sure he just
really love how you have things he knows things about them and that automatically
they drop they because you’re not gonna be mean to someone who’s not mean to you
are you so all of a sudden you drop your gun you you your misconceptions have
gotten and then you are nice to them and that was a concept that I was alien to
before no that I was rude to be but I suppose like if people said are like you
know this person could not show them too much that maybe stay away but now as I’m
maturing in age I realized that you know if everyone runs away from that person
then how are we gonna try and bring that person back to loving Allah so we so
actually going to that person and letting your guard and you go down and
you give him a hug you know I mean and like and and stuff he goes such a long
way so that’s what I probably like the most of them you dealing with people no
I agree Subhan Allah because you need to you need to have like my teacher says
you need to have one hand sort of grabbing on to someone who’s like above
you like more practicing more knowledgeable and stuff and another one
like putting someone who’s a bit further away from Allah so you’re kind of like
the the link between the two the two groups
yeah I agree and and like you said it’s about having that balance you don’t be
too much this way not too much away but I will say that if any you know I’ve
been around some brothers who maybe are like prominent on YouTube and staff who
maybe people see as like or like sure you look as well the people might see is
like it’s like super strict and you know they would never show mercy or love to
anybody who they feel that is you know not and doesn’t have like a certain
seriousness about a lot and when I was in any person and they have so much love
to give to all brothers and sisters well brothers I’ve even seen my brothers
but there’s so much enough to go to to to above us even like poverty perhaps I
like further for me Dean no and then you learn that the people actually as people
get older and more mature in their in faith they are softer only with the
people but it any Hajin themselves yeah she’s so beautiful to see I think that’s
a statement of a vow Shafi maybe I think was even Mossad or MMS I always get them
to mix up fine yeah but one I think one of them said is well Spinola be strict
doing yourself and easy with others yeah it’s amazing but when you see people
master that that’s not that we need to achieve when when before you start
practicing and then when you did start practicing how did you because I know
you went through a period and you didn’t have like friends around just like that
so how did you get into like meeting the brothers and how did you get over that
sort of fear of being judged by this like group of practicing people that you
thought who was kind of maybe wanting to be around okay I’d love to talk about
this because I don’t think I’ve ever spoken by it and I have the right answer
for have the I’m inclusive on strongly C so what happened is I probably only have
a new one practicing person right and he was my
sister’s husband’s cousin hmm so when you were two family occasions he
was the guy who had the beard he was a guy who like if there was like wedding
stuff he kind of sit at the back and just kind of show his pays respects and
kind of leave early at least like keep family ties and so he was like the the
practicing one right and he was a few years older than me and so he found out
that I started becoming a bit more serious about my face and he goes you
need to come to it’s a curve it’s curfew and I was like I didn’t know what it was
explained to me and I said there’s no way I can do that I said I can’t read a
leaf butter so what am I going to for 16 hours without food in a rush to doing
everyone’s will be bleedin corn like and he’s like now that’s when she won’t
trust me do days that you go quick cover so it’s my first every I was two months
into practicing and I went into it occur fear and I met this brother
now this Bob knows exactly who he is and I won’t mention him by name because he’s
one of the brothers that’s you know he’s no social media or nothing he’s
completely like an unknown person in terms like social media I believe that
he’s very well known by the angels and bar
I met this this guy right and he’s he was a couple years younger than me and
he was in its curve and I started spent some time with him and then one day like
they were uh they were up to me they were like you know the Imams don’t here
so you gonna have to do taraweeh and so he led the hotel away at 17 years old
who is this guy of like and then I sides because he didn’t ever talk lines of you
know nothing about him so I ended up convict close friend
because the guy who was like a family friend he was quite a bit older than me
he was maybe I would even stretch to say he’d maybe 10 years older than me so I
couldn’t relate to him too much and he bought it was already married and
everything and so but this guy he was 17 he was like more my age I was 20 he was
17 so I became for him so he’s my one friend yeah right so I made one friend
right this is but this is two months in practicing of now got one person French
so bro I would do everything with him and I’ll take him to Cardiff but I’ll
still units I’ll take him to University like he’d help me like set up my room
for next and stuff when we go it came out talk too much talking all day long
and he actually ended up going to Egypt to study and then he was talking to
phone all the time and HMDA not blessed me with him in it mmm he’s my only
practicing friend and the daryl he gave me you’re gonna see how he gave me was
solo is so amazing because he to this day doesn’t realize how he done it
oh okay this is what happened he was heartening himself and he was soft on me
and that’s it I think I should go cuz I didn’t understand anything back then but
you bet but I used to drive over him you know Kyle driver I use driving we would
drive past a restaurant and I said temple I don’t understand how that says
Helen like in Arabic psychotically Arabic and
he’d be like cuz I started learning the letters so he’d be like but I said but
why is the lamb and and if like why is it like diagonally how is that say hello
like a nun said her I could see the lamb but then why is that
he tried explain to me so that’s that’s my never won and so I didn’t understand
the concept that you can’t expose your scenes I think so I used to speak to my
sympathies and he he would just constantly make excuses for me
constantly like I didn’t but it was a type of relationship where if I went to
McDonald’s like a big man which handle arm I always knew not to eat her
me not to drink alcohol myself but if I had and I said to he and he and he was
with me uh it would be a type of relationship where he would an acid are
bright a Big Mac and I knew it was wrong he’d go bro this an opinion that that’s
permissible don’t don’t don’t stress yourself so he
made the Dean’s so easy for me everything that come to him with bro
unless it was a really serious issue he done even Dennehy he would say Allah is
the most forgiving just premature cut made like Torah and you know and then
forget about him sure and so but it doubt very happily the things that come
to him with as you know the love the stuff a key especially in fact is like
has tariffs in a nerve and he obviously was a studied person even though he was
so young and should say there’s an opinion for this there’s an opinion for
that there’s a pen him okay the guys making me feel so relaxed in Islam here
I’m feeling this isn’t difficult however he wouldn’t do the things that he’d make
excuses for me so I would want to be like him like for example if I was
eating the Big Mac he the Snorri would be the I would II and he would be like
is calm there’s an opinion on that but I would never catch him in it now
I’m gonna be like him so he slowly that’s how that’s how a close to Allah
because of him and the story ends we’ve you know years ago past Baba and we just
talked about how like I just bleep all right I just I kind of wanted a lot to
make our bond stronger so he was like my he was like my connection to align them
at that time and now I sit here and I actually ended up marrying his cousin
yeah and so now he’s my family and so I seen and yeah we were family gnome did I
was getting goose bumps to buy that because he was that that connection
I bought a car express you how much I love him absolutely awesome ability was
probably yesterday I handed at the time we used to speak at each other and say
like we say our man like we super you look at young kids and we just I was a
Thomas when we married now he brought you have us wanna get married we took
were now hungry we both sit here we both got on families
and we’ve seen the go for something we talk why we say look at where we are now
or where last put us and where we started and it’s my fault you can call
my first relationship I started because of our law could remain it curved and it
continues because of a law and I’m relying on that relationship because we
know that one of the people that gets shade on the Yokohama is two people who
love each other for law sake and in Sharla my relationship with him has
purely how it was began because of Allah and so I’m relying on that this sounds
like a beautiful problem you might you might know if I tell you I think I have
an image in my head of you oh you have met him once have he came to that dinner
and I brought him with me yeah it’s in here sighted yes he’s young okay he’s
three years old he’s now he’s 22 years old at the time
I’ve seen his journey grow so much Brad time well he was this guy and you know
people who are practicing we should keep dying yeah yes my dad came in with some
clementines oranges I’ve seen he’s good for cos at the time he was like when we
met he he he was that really shy and closed-off kind of person and then he’s
grown him I’ve seen that he’s like he’s grow thing just his own personality and
like when he got a job and like his interpersonal skills and stuff like that
so it’s amazing seeing the growth of people isn’t it just like different
aspects Allah is amazing to see like when brothers that especially like him
who’s behind behind the camera and our brothers like you you’ve kind of like
grown together with them as well and the impact they’ve had on your life
and you see how they’ve grown and how you’ve grown and stuff like this amazing
man but the second thing I want to ask you was how did your friendship your
friend friendship group like increase because now we’ve mush a lot about color
you know a lot of brothers anonymous Imbros how did that come to be
I can’t pinpoint because we don’t know yeah but I believe that it was due to
one sincere daughter I made because I hadn’t I and we would talk about this
story on a fresh new carnival and I mentioned a few times at different talks
but when I first came back to London then I we were like all sitting at my
sister’s house and I went to the kitchen for a second and I’ve got this
overwhelming so I was honestly 20 mm-hmm that’s excusable I obviously by then
you’re a grown man so you don’t cry easily and accepting anyone cuz I’m
gonna call from tangents so then I went to the kitchen yeah and I’m looking for
the cobbler trying to get something and he’s overwhelming feeling I can I’ll
never be able to explain overall my feeling came over me and I I was crying
so much for like someone had died I have never experienced it since it’s really
really weird feeling my mom came watching me my father came urgently what
happened I know I was like I was i I was basically saying like I’ve got no
friends I saying like I come back to you keen on because I started practicing in
uni I started making some friends over there obviously I’m in London so I don’t
and I was just like I don’t really relate as much to my friends now as much
I still love them and I still talk to my friends and stuff but I feel like I
don’t know anybody who is a perhaps a Muslim who’s young and the only people
who know that I’m practicing Muslims from what I know is old people or like
who really boring people and my brother he basically said to me said bro you’re
going to look back at this conversation in a year’s time and you’re going to be
you’re gonna think what was I talking about and lo and behold he was right and
I think I must have made the aisle around that time because I was so
emotional I must have made a sincere there are to our law like you know
sometimes we make the iron and he doesn’t get accepted and you think will
meet my sincerity wasn’t right and sometimes a dog is accepted maybe you’re
so sincere so I think I was to me the sin say that I like asking Allah you
know just bless me with people like that and then actually I feel like every day
I meet a new person today is show him I genuinely feel like every day I meet a
new person who is it who becomes a new friend and that’s only what a lot to
thank for that so I pray that it doesn’t stop because and also Allah knows you
obviously better than you know yourself so Allah knows what different people
need and some people like probably yourself
I would imagine are quite emotionally independent and like you like being
maybe alone sometimes more never you am i right in thinking that from mere time
time time I’ll I’ve been alone sometimes with friends yeah well I like I like
almost a vibe of the energy of others right and I don’t enjoy spending time
alone and so maybe because I long you that
like we’re very social creatures anyway so it’s understandable that you feel
like that because like one of the things one
brother mentioned was how you know the Prophet SAW some said he came to perfect
character and manners and stuff like that all of that is to do for
interaction with the people and we are social social beings so it’s amazing
that the professor’s came to basically fix that and he also spoke about the
process of how he said to fix your relationships because they could I think
the narration says like shave off a thing but the way the shave off a thing
means like your Dean or basically like or ruin your Dean if you don’t have good
relationships with the people like your wife your your parents your children
your siblings that’s gonna like ruin your Eman because all your emotions and
your brain power everything is going towards like these damaged relationships
and you’re not going to be able to focus on your advisor and your fixing your
Eman something is born spawn Allah but when
off before I start practicing Zoe think that past people probably like
boring they like they probably didn’t crack jokes and stuff like yeah but I
found out the complete opposite when I saw me and practicing brothers I think
they’re the funniest people like a rest yeah and is such a is such a more pure
relationship because we eventually gonna podcast in the last episode of episode
before the last one that one of the amazing things about Bravo abhava hood
in Islam is that you know you you you can’t even like mock each other and so
the beautiful thing is is that you go from having friendships where you know
it’s normal among each other line and to stay in Mecca of each other and even if
you don’t get offended at the time maybe it does hit you a bit and and you go
from that to be having friends that it not only don’t mock you so you feel like
you’re in a safe space but they actually like promote you like it’s yourself like
you’re gonna you’re gonna kill it man I like going to a job interview you’re
gonna do great like you you’ll really go this trust me you’ll be fine and if you
don’t get the job they’ll be like cool good works that was in your quadrant
it’s so support even you don’t maybe experience in kind of relationships
always no no I don’t know that do you don’t normally experience as
relationships maybe but then that becomes no more this kind of friendship
it’s just like a safe space like if I were to tell you something now I’ll feel
safe and to tell you I wouldn’t feel like or maybe if I tell no this
insecurity that he’ll like mock me like I like I told you the car was like do
you have pets pets I wasn’t scared that you blow we don’t know we get a couch
because I I feel like I have to pull this up every time somebody asks me that
because I actually have a video of like cats walking all over me when I went to
my friend useless house years ago barfle I have to get to know the cat you know I
mean because it’s so like erratic product if you had to cut this in there
it will just jump and just pop over there and it’s that like that’s the bit
that’s like wow you know me but once I get another kind I know it’s like wait
like so then I’m alright we’ve gotta have like some sort of by the experience
with them that maybe like sargans no it’s just that erratic honest I don’t
like but I but like I said like I’ve gone to many people’s houses where
they’ve got cats and they even walking on me or lying on me asleep
I’m struggling so it’s not as is bad bite I just need to know okay you have
to be made to pay right you have a category as it right there and then like
then you gave me a comfortable than your right brought with with your events how
cuz like I was talking about knowing a lot of brothers and stuff like that yeah
how’d you decide on who you pick to be on on the show and what made you pick
mental health as like the theme of the event for the second one there’s a mix
of things bro there’s a business side of things where you need to pick people who
will sell tickets then there’s who you think will benefit so so like my uncle who you mentioned a
lot of people like said that he was like their favorite part of the show he I
predicted that he would be able to impart because he would be my favorite
scene that he delivered that keynote to me in a like in a coffee shop in in
Harrell when he were talking about what he was gonna do and I was getting
emotional as he was delivering it to me just like pressing the buttons in the
PowerPoint so I knew that’ll be the favor but I knew that he and I told him
this I knew that he wouldn’t sell tickets because he’s not on social media
that March and stuff he’s not got hundreds of thousands of followers well
as how people sell tickets but then it’s not just that it’s not like I’m using
someone just so tickets because I I feel that it is benefit that you can draw
from different people when I think that the the phase of like two years ago
would be scared of bringing anyone on that is it like I don’t know just like a
certain way but I thought like I feel like people are very misrepresented and
people are miss people are misinformed about certain people and stuff like that
and that we can we can drew a benefits form from differ be poor in certain ways
does not answer a question or not really yeah those it makes sense but wide
mental health then okay mental health so the topic wasn’t actually mental health
it was about excellence it was about mindset yeah it was my mindset and the
reason it was about mindset is because I feel like that something that’s a
given in everybody’s life is that they will go through tests and really bad
tests because that’s the nature of the dunya so we know it so let’s say for
example I meet you in the street I don’t know anything about you but one thing I
definitely know is that you’ve been through some hardship in your life
definitely so something that he won’t cover later on because you East was vu
like always I had a meeting with the barber yesterday and he on Sunday had a
minor stroke he’s a strong crew on Sunday and he was shot three days later
that’s how massive heart rate I am a brother a few months ago his daughter
who’s like who’s four five years old she passed away imagine that black may not
protect us and people’s parents a pastor so everyone’s gone through struggles in
a given so the concept for me was to say let’s
do an event where we make ourselves emotionally vulnerable as the speaker’s
onstage and in turn hopefully that will make the audience feel comfortable
making themselves emotionally vulnerable and that way they can let in the
information at the hearing and not have like an ego to it or and and then maybe
we can like teach some lessons to people as to how to deal with certain things
so the concept was that the social media guys we had no stage obviously we know
like Eileen has five hundred thousand followers South has like 1.2 million so
the concept of that was these guys have the concept was that our audience
probably probably have people in their life who are like naysayers or people in
their life who are like gonna you’re gonna say that their idea or something
is really bad or something like that right oh I can’t do something but these
guys on stage get that every day so how do they deal with it and still keep a
smile on their face so learning let that lesson from them and from my uncle like
seeing like the heart of humor through his wife recently passed away stuff that
how he was able to then carry on and see the light at the end of the tunnel that
was the reasoning behind it that’s powerful my one thing I got from it was
more from the like what the title says operation excellence is the concept of
ehsan’ because you see that each of these guys
they’ve achieved something in their life and it’s been basically trying to
achieve excellence in that field some level of excellence and that was
something like I think most people probably got and it was quite inspiring
and motivational to get just to see that it kind of gives you the energy to try
and become excellent or achieve excellence in something I’m sure you
probably vote yeah yeah I think we had a lot of emotions in that event as well
like there’s a humor there’s yeah I think that’s the last event that we’re
gonna have film on film though right that last one we’re gonna put out here
because we we as a team every time we put in the events are on YouTube we feel
that you can’t capture the like ambiance that was in the room on on video and it
kind of dampens like the event of you know you want the feeling in the room is
something different on those events I’m sure you guys will be no and you can’t
capture that in video so maybe we might not film them anymore or put them on
YouTube the whole event you have a home but ik we’ve seen like the team that you
work with as well they I’m sure they’ve ad do a lot as well yeah how do you
think they’ve impacted you and helped you like get the success in the events
and everything I think even if we just make it broader and talk about their
people around you in life and I have first of all a lot of fact for anything
for anything for everything but anything like but after that the people around me
are like the people around me are what makes me I’d say and so in terms of
friendships you know people like yourself or people at different friends
that we have there’s a there’s a certain safety net you feel when you know well
you feel that your friends fear a lot more than they fear anything else well
more than they they know they fit a lot more than they love anything else so
like your I I can hope he I can see here how hard they say that you know fear
Allah more than you love money so I know that it will never be a situation
in Sharla where any amount of money you could make you do something that goes
against what Allah wants you to do and that’s that that makes me feel safer so
now I can come to you and fully trust you asking something all-pro there’s
this situation happen and you know this is the amount of money or or anything
bro and you would you would you will actually first looking from the form
from the from there like from the thinking of the Deen first and then
secondly like my brother my brother is my mentor for nine times
almost everything that I’ve any decision that made in business I’ve run through
my brother and I often tell people that if I didn’t want to do something like
business-wise and the trick to convince me to do something is to just commit
just to convince my brother cuz if you can tell me to do something a hundred
times and if I just feel like I don’t want to do it
I’ll tell you know 100 times but if you commit him once and he tells me to do it
once it’s done I’m sorry you can literally he if he if if it was legal I
would literally let him have my signature sign papers for me but that’s
how much trust me in business like decisions and then the people around me
like the team yeah but their team the shall tell you what the volunteers that
we have for freshly granted events oh my gosh such a blessing they imagine this
year so we we so Yusuf is a volunteer manager yeah so he got the volunteers
for our first event every single one of them and both these guys are like they
dedicate their time there but people are flying in from different country put
themselves in hotels people coming from all different cities around the UK and
to to to to just because they believe in our movement right and they like helping
out at the event and it is so much fun you feel guilty cause like you deserve
so much appreciation for me and every single one of them opted to to when use
of emailed them and saying that we didn’t our n jus go like and I said you
have given to give them priority because hamdullah we had a lot of people wanted
to volunteer we didn’t have a limit of how many we need
and I said used to obviously give them priority because they were such an
amazing team and every single one of them what came back
every one of the discussion based in Japan but they make the day so simple we
got sister volunteers we got proper volunteers and we got a lead sister and
a lead Bravo so there’s not there’s no need for constant like like everyone
just like been all over the place you know we have one sister and she takes
care of sisters and she’s on she has a radio so she can contact the the
prophetess through the radio and we have one brother who deals with the brothers
and he contacts the sisters food food that cistern radio so you have a very
clear structure and then their head sister and a head Bravo they can deal
with Yusuf who is the lead of that whole department so not now if we have 50
volunteers we have 150 people try and deal with Yusuf I think it’s difficult
so 25 are dealing with a head start when far dealing with the head Bravo and
Daisy no view so far as it is very simple structure and it’s just made our
life so much easier use of amazing but I hunt sing useless praises enough and
then we had Kareem managing event and bow you should have seen Kareem when he
walked into the old which an event brawl he just this was his first ever event at
him and you’d never think it you just handled it bro he’s I speak to the older
East office with a headset on he’s got he got a headset on in a radio for the
earliest off he’s got a radio for the fresh granite stuff is that you can this
happen bro they’re so amazing for a team that by the middle of the show they’ve
already started behind the scenes no conceding they’ve already started
packing up the theater but you can’t tell so when the show boat you have come
up to me and he goes phase one is your key I just trust him maybe I’ll give my
key but when the show finish he gives my key and it’s the second time he’s done
this now it done in the first my name is or he gives my key and he goes your cars
packed you just go go home now everything’s done okay the whole stage
but we wouldn’t so did the chairs that we had for that event were from the
Hilton I managed to convince the hill and sig lend us their chairs and I said
I’ll give them back to you but I just need like a chest and the guy was lovely
I think a batteries run out on your finger okay so so so we board the chairs
the event finishes now as our walking off the stage uses already got five
volunteers working on the stage it will pick up a charity to go to the WHO and
the drop more now this is the system that they had broke and I
to do any other you know amazing is after actually to have people with such
high initiative such high level thinkers around you that just get things done bro
and it you can’t sing their praises enough problem de la blah blah it’s all
from Allah Allah has blessed me with that team and our third law allows me to
show them my religion a lot you know what our law allows me to – our law
provides for freshly grounded so that I can provide those people with a halal
job and actually give them an income that is that is that is competitive in
the market that they deserve because these people are graduates and have
graduate jobs I think that paid a good income and they live in London which is
not cheap but ask that Allah puts continues to put a risk in fresh ground
so I can actually employ a whole team and to provide Hallel jobs for brothers
four sisters actually imagine a sister having a job here
where she could because she can work from home because I can we live in
London yeah where realistically if the if your wife wants to work I want to
beat up a husband if she wants to work she can mmm but it’s tough because
there’s not a lot of hello jobs bro and so if my if my wife was come to me and
say look I’ve got a job a freshly grounded back and work from home because
they don’t leave me tell me your news I worked from home earn a good salary and
I can look after the kids at same time cuz I’m working from home they get I can
pray all my Salah and I’ve got these timings well can pick up the kids or
whatever and I can still provide like you look after the house for you and all
this kinda stuff and that helps the husband because we’re living in London
at Lee you have to have two incomes in a household now really surviving around
the ball you have to unless you are in a really good income imagine now I could
provide that to many sisters where they can work from home we need a social
media manager bro and I would social media manager who manages all social
media now of on events she manages all social media on event days she’s the
best pro she’s amazing I imagine if I can provide her a job and say we don’t
need you to come to the office you can use their home and we have deliverables
and as long as you meet your deliverables you could work from home
and she can and now she could provide she could help provide for the household
cuz it’s not easy that’s my next dream for freshmen or just to provide the
halal jobs for so many people without competitive prices and I’ve never taught
anyone but that’s my let’s go but that’s my
oh no I don’t either I mean does the Sun say that a beautiful vision to have I
make that a la crunchy done I mean I mean please anyone listen to this please
made that up please because I sincerely want to do that for law sake I don’t be
able to provide people that man okay so bro um want to ask you is how do
you deal with because you’ve got fresh you’re grounded you you got your
business you’re working and you got family and everything and you and you’re
studying as well how do you manage your time how do you give everyone their
rights again this is attributed to the people around me I wasn’t giving
everyone their rights and then I had to add a sit down we have this was about
two years ago now you know abdul-hakeem so no remedy he pulled um you remember
the conversation but he sat me down to my office not saying I’m stressed I’ve
got it a circle he said bro you’re not giving up your family their rights
knowing this and he just sat me down he said look you have to be able to balance
things out and they really changed a lot for me that conversation and he and
these conversations are things that maybe you have with people and as a
passing conversation you don’t think about it but it’s really affected that
person and I was one of those conversations man so what I do is I work
9:00 to 5:00 so even though I can choose my hours I only work 9:00 to 5:00 and
I’m quite strict on it I want to be in the office by 9:00 I wanna be out by
5:00 because I know that’s a normal working hours but my family will never
like bother me in that time because they respect that that’s my working community
when you make that clear there’s also there’s a level of like making things
very clear to the people around you to say look this is important to me it’s
non-negotiable and they’ll be happy with that if you’re consistent with the and
you actually because that means that your word means a lot to you dude I mean
what’s that word and when you’re like going you your word hold your weight
basically so you have to show that you’re on of your words like your
integrity so I work 9:00 to 5:00 and my families are respectful that and I also
wake up most days my I try and wake up at 5:30 I try to wake up 5:30 dad and
stay up from there so I have about two of
three hours in the morning when nobody needs me right and you’re smiling like
that’s your favorite time Oh Veronica said before you know what you’re
thinking so at that time that’s my time to I look I’m giving you an ideal world
so I’m not saying this is me every single day but this is my ideal day
right that’s my time to read the most half and do any revision and stuff and I
always find out the morning the best time for that I’m a really big fan of
breakfast so I really enjoy my mornings well I’m by myself I cook myself a nice
big breakfast I have my breakfast I have my coffee I catch up on the news and
that’s important to me that would you have for breakfast I have big breakfasts
so I have it could be from like scrambled egg with like bread or
something to you know like what most people would have for dinner
dr. Corey yeah always I have Matt and my family a weirded out
by it everyone’s read up by it a huge breakfast no huge resistance is it like
what people have a dinner I have a breakfast and my dinner so that’s what
so I manage a lot my things in that time so that those two hours I get my me time
that’s what I need you know I also go to I go to the gym so this morning went to
do this work therefore at 7 a.m. which is a bit late because I go Nami 6:30 so
I’d fit in those kind of things around in them kind of couple hours and then I
have my shower stuff and I’m at the office for nine so I’m had more time
maybe for training for anything else I want to do and I’m just trying to I work
for nine and then I’m working to a five so in those eight hours there’s no
excuse me to not be not get everything I need to get down in the day right
otherwise I’m being hours I’m not being reproductive now after five and I really
try our best it’s just my time my family boom and that’s how you able to manage
everything great because you actually give your family a lot of time let see
you’re home by six bro you and I go to bed early I’m maybe a 10 o’clock coming
forehead sometimes even knowing 30 is quite embarrassing but that still gives
me a full five hours of he was undivided with my family but that’s also why I
don’t lie it generally receiving messages in evenings
especially to live work sometimes get messages I like 11 p.m. and someone’s
texted me like a guest recommendation for fresh food value and I I’m a human
here and so sometimes you have good takes and batteries and that kind of
stuff sometimes I struggle with because I feeI seven o’clock man like if you
only should be eaten as you’ve done but but I’m guilty of myself or like what
I’m excited about something if I do message people and it’s work-related
sometimes late so it’s bad luck so I’m being a hypocrite by saying but in an
ideal world I don’t like to deal with many things after work hours you know
that’s quite important to me he if I can manage to do that all the time then I’m
managing my time great things like a pretty good plan one of the things that
I tried to do last year when I went to what actually this year when I went to
Morocco and then having that this distance from my wife and stuff like
that I decided when I come back whenever I come back and work I’m gonna put my
phone away and just not touch it at all so that’s something that has been still
like a struggle but it’s you know something I’m trying to do how have you
found that good I feel like it makes a huge difference like they feel like
you’re present and they feel like you’re not distracted by other things and I
think it’s the worst thing when you’re with people one day you feel like
they’re just somewhere else the phone maybe laptop and I do struggle with
these things like I think most of us do in this day and age but there’s
something to work on for short good but you’re so good Jim is all yeah I’m back
on it now I had someone add some time off born I really really struggled with
out of some time off when I saw as you know straining – around that’s for about
a year and a half and we were training for five times a week or did to our
dream sessions and that was during the period well wasn’t enough one day right
and that’s what I’m talking about that chat room so I moved because of that
chance staff I realized that I’m not giving like for example my wife her
rights and why my argument up that he was that my wife doesn’t mind mmm but he
said that that’s even that is like he to work on I’d like you to actually like
he’d go home and spend it doesn’t matter I need to give people horizon and
actually our relationship got so much better because I was giving more
time to it so so I decided to leave that because that gym basically was 45 minute
Trek foot humming ballast now and a half and then we’re spending two hours and
you make three hours out of your evening pool and as you know I go bed early so
if I let’s say I get to gym for six that’s seven eight nine nine PM anyone
even sleeping so I stopped training with him and then I moved to gym clothes
about the the bad side of it is that I really found it difficult to get to
stick to my fitness with regards to like maintaining it and III and I stopped
training with them at the point where it was time for me to cut
so I poked with them great and I went for like 67 kg to like 85 and then I
needed to get by than to like 79 and it never happened and I would train every
now and again and my training sessions weren’t powerful and my diet when I we
know and this is bull for like a year for like a year bro I lost consistency I
lost consisting my diet and only recently I’ve been able to pick it back
up I now train in the mornings with my
brother and it was it’s nice because I have because he he trained realized my
off about a year off though I did so for the year are I was off he started
training and so he learned like the fundamentals so now that we both have
the fundamentals were able to help each other and he’s made a massive
transformation man you wouldn’t be able to tell by just looking at him but he’s
a huge chance for me actually I’ve seen some of those pictures and so
if I see the low tricep gains coming yeah he’s made a massive transformation
long-buried and now we is fun we could be able to
train together and we’re able to like we know how to spot each other know what
he’s doing fundamentals that we didn’t know before we’re not we’re no longer
teaching each other how to do a workout without justice
so only reasonable pick it up and I started buying healthy food so if you
were listen to listen to my most recent podcast about diem you will know that I
have for the house I try and buy our own e-version fruit now as of this week and
so I’ve been cooking veggies and I mean I bet I got my juicer again and I’m
making fresh juices with celery and so now I’m trying to cut them cuz I’m I’m a
bit heavier than I want to be I’m quite a lot heavier than I were to be I wanna
I want to lose about 6-7 kg which is a lot of fat to shred but I’ll be at my
ideal weight if I do that so I don’t hang with it I’ve never caught very well
I’m not maybe it’s a chat to have with asthma
well you know what bro someone like a Jamar they can tell you what to do cuz
they’re very good at it yeah but I don’t have his discipline you know I mean mmm
Mikami sugar almonds I see the addictive man will fall into that trap yeah I I
find I very difficult and I struggled over diet
mama make easy for you bro I mean but your brother’s uh his his that’s pretty
good right because Obama’s diets amazing verdict but boy his genetics also good
he didn’t get fat usually me I can put on fat well mmm I thought that very
easily but maybe it’s like during that period of you bulking like your
metabolism slows down so if you start cutting then I think your metabolism
will start like picking up and you’ll probably do is fight a lot quicker yeah
inshallah I also used to eating a lot movement I was working because my my I
could eat I could kind of get quite low carries cousin so I wasn’t scared of how
much I was getting in it just had to be clean and because I was training almost
every day with them being being clean wasn’t that difficult because you get
that reminder video at the gym they talk about what they ate ask what you ate
yeah when you don’t have that you don’t have that current ability it’s difficult
discipline is really important man it’s something to really really like in bed
in our kids in the future and Shalala back if I feel like when they have
discipline as a kid it doesn’t mind what so field filled it is so long as they
have some sort discipline when they grow up they’re gonna have that kind of
discipline with them like if they do that’s why they recommend martial arts a
lot kids should do martial arts okay yeah even as an adult you should do
martial arts but if you have that growing up then when you’re when you’re
older you’re gonna have some sort of like discipline mmm one orgy don’t have
that then you could potentially be all over the place when you’re older and
very hard to stick to something but that’s a this psychology was saying that
creative people have that it’s like a psycho curse at the same time you’re
very creative by the same time it’s very difficult to stick to one thing because
you’re constantly like yeah my dad used to make fun of me when I was a and when
I was younger because I would like start a sport and never finish it so I’ll do
that hockey and then I’ll buy all this hockey gear
and then old quit and then I’ll start football and a boy with his football
stuff and my dad was like you never stick to anything I actually made a
commitment to stick to freshly grounded because of that mmm because I always
give up on things easily or when they get tough so I told myself that if I if
there happens to fresh grounded not to give up so so far I’m okay I’m good
enough so I think you guys have done 120 something episodes all right 126 today
don’t worry mashaallah mela mela bless it a me as a final question yes I want
to ask you is how do you deal with like financial like struggles and stuff like
that the way I how to do fire sister Boozer he is I try my best okay so the ideal answer
or what I’d like to think is that I try my best to understand I know that our
law has never let me down yet in terms of like I’m so far I’m doing 26 years –
how food it’s have a roof over my head food on my table and I’ve got buy right
and so if a law hasn’t let me down yet then the precedent is that a law doesn’t
let me down he’s never let me down so it’s a 100 second time he’s gonna
provide for me right and he’s obviously we know anyway I don’t have to convince
myself that he because he already tells us but it so there’s that element of
knowing that Allah will provide but that doesn’t make it easier always like
sometimes you do still obviously when you go through financial struggles you
go first struggles but one thing that really really really helped me was I
started listening to scar called Dave Ramsey and I’m really because of really
okay so basically pearl Dave Ramsey is this Christian guy yeah
and because he’s Christian is important for me to mention eyes Christian because
because he’s Christian he talks about a lot of the staff from the Bible which
again is important because he didn’t talk about things with akina’s – guess
it’s dangerous to listen to my understand and it goes back to my up so
that it would seem humble that when you listen to these things and you you read
these books from non-muslims you can you can seem humble himself instead shocked
him humble and reads books on Muslims but he you have to read them with a with
a certain lens and you have to be very careful you know yourself if you can
read those books or not because you know your own level of knowledge or and stuff
like that so take the reason I explained that his Christian is because he used
his concepts that are important to us as Muslims like the fact that God doesn’t
want you to be in debt Allah doesn’t want us to be in Turkey but he’s made a
hell for us but he doesn’t want us to be in there that’s very important first
known so Dave Ramsey’s podcasts and he sure changed my life bro financially
because what it made me realize is that everything I’m doing financially is
wrong and every penny counts so what some one of his concepts for example is
that our parents or our grandparents the if they widen you so far if they didn’t
have the money so far they wouldn’t buy the sofa on us
but we live in an era where everything is available in interest-free finance or
finance so if we can’t afford something weak we can’t afford a book or a monthly
we can afford it so he works on reducing all of your monthly outgoings so so he
has like a plan that I followed which is first you he stick one of the plan is
you save a 1,000 pound emergency fund ASAP and the matter forget all your
debts we get 1,000 pounds refund that’s important because as you know working
with family men imagine you’re driving somewhere your car breaks down it costs
250 pounds to fix them all on their own in middle of the night and you don’t
even have that in your account that’s an emergency
that’s not even more important in a few dates at that point so you have to have
that far somehow modules fun step 2 is to is the debt snowball so you pay off
your debts as quick as you can and so that is and you start from the smallest
to largest and he explains that mathematically yes that’s not correct
because mathematically should start with your logics but the problem is is that
this is a mathematical issue this is a issue of psychology behavior issue so if
you start with a smallest thing you get into a snowball and obviously this is
these are the points where we use our Islamic heresy okay what’s actually
going for me to ask is if we shouldn’t be but if we are in any debts that are
that have interest we have to prioritize those because Islam a clear clear not
have to be an interest so that’s where we use our my our ways you know
knowledge we but but so then so this debt snowball so if you have 50 pound
their payoff as well suppose then you go to the hundred pound and then one
thousand hundred two thousand pound and you clear off your debt so that as quick
as possible at this point Pro you don’t spend anything on clothes you don’t
spend anything on outside food you don’t spend anything nothing that doesn’t need
to be spent on you don’t you just do not spend that money and I’m about to yield
I followed you to the tea bro like I wouldn’t spend money on and I made it
clear my wife what my plan was because obviously I’m living with her
and there were certain priorities that I was still willing to do but my but the
clearing my Monthly’s was very important to me so I looked at Obama so one thing
I did is I create a spreadsheet so now my finances I live by a spreadsheet
every month when I get paid I put in put that number to my especially my
spreadsheet tells me I haven’t been down all my monthly outgoings and I call into
the number everything gets sorted out right so I
get paid on for example if if I was to get paid on the 31st of
every month under 35 months I be the the the number one product for me is to go
through my spreadsheet and what I do on that spreadsheet is I I any of my bills
I need to be cleared if they can be cleared on that day they was ready to
come I can’t in the day if they can’t they go into my seat that amount of
money goes into my savings account so that like this let’s say there’s a gym
my gym real close to 30 pound a month I can only come out on the 25th so on the
1st or the 31st I’ll transfer 30 pound into my savings account and on the 24th
you’ll go back into my normal account so then it comes out the point of it is
that in my current account or you have that money to spend boom so I do that
down to 82 even my hair cause and my petrol so the amount of money I spend my
haircuts in a month is not in my banker it’s my savings account so now whatever
is left my bank account is money that’s because everything to a tee has now been
current for me so and then he has all the steps like for example he doesn’t
talk about especially by implementing specially from Omaha game mushroomy
history and I liked it and my spreadsheet has if I have des my
destiny if I shave encasement savings in it has my all those kind of things so
right now my current thing that I’m like really strong on he’s trying to pay off
my car because even though my cause not in interest based finance is I’ve still
got a bit of money on here I’m trying to plow through it but I don’t want to I
don’t want to have any more month lease and stuff and he says about upgrading
your cars or not kind of stuff that helps with the future but I think going
through financial struggles is something that I have gone through and I will
definitely go through because we know the make sure they’re doing at he’s up
and down up and down I’ve seen brothers who have gone from having an 8 million
pound business to overnight not being able to pay for their house so we have
to know that that everything can go and I struggle just like everybody else and
we just make it work because we have to have your henan law the beauty of being
a Muslim is that you never go too far deep in jhana
like it’s like that safety net you can never go too far into like inshallah I
can see like really severe depression if we do everything correctly because we
know that Allah will provide I was speaking to one brother actually I think
was yesterday or day before about this concept of wanting to not really
work for somebody else have something of your of your own like your own business
so ever so you’re not relying upon anyone else for your income for example
and I was thinking I don’t want to have this thing over me that I could have
this job today I might not have it today tomorrow or something like that and I
was thinking if I have my own business and then I’m financially free like all
of that cancer but then I was thinking even if I had that say like I had like a
million pound business overnight that could go down as well like it’s all in
the hands of Allah so yeah and also Dave Ramsey’s plan accounts for that because
one of the steps once you paid off your debt to myself the other step is that
you save about six months worth of income so it’s not certainly six months
worth of your salary is six months of wealth of what you need to survive so
let’s say if you as Norwood need fifteen hundred pound a month to survive that
covers your house rent it covers your food bills it covers your bills and so
every month new 50 hundred pound so you as you would save was fifteen hundred
times six like let’s see call it ten grand because I can’t do my less okay so
that means that your that when you get to that stage you’re saving 12,000 pound
now what happens is if you lose your job role for six months you can survive
while you try and get a new job which tries to get your business going but you
can survive for six months so that’s that’s that’s a really good step but I
really would like it there’s no there’s no choice when you lose your job you
lose your business everything’s in in Hanceville right and and we we will go
through ups and downs until the day we die
that’s what sinking is all that instead of trying to have all these safety nets
to be more content with what you have and just rely on a lot like can you do
your part obviously but then ultimately it goes back to rely on our lockers
likely like this sort of what would you call it
this technique and he’s like a plan like a plan yeah like you could have the plan
but Allah might have a different plan so of course and also I think one of the
most beautiful notes to end this on is How beautiful is it that if you’re
struggling financially, that the test that Allah has put you through is the
test of finances and not the test of Eman or not the test of your family because we know that Allah doesn’t value the dunya (world) and so He’s testing you with something that even He doesn’t value, right? Whereas He values your relationships with your parents, He values your Eman and all this kind of stuff so the thing
that I don’t wanna misquote it but maybe in a story about Umar or a hadith
about Allah not valuing the dunya at all valuing the wing of a fly more than the
dunya, maybe we can research and put in the comments or something but when you
think about that you realize that this dunya is really not that valuable and
you’re being tested with that, Alhamdulillah! law that’s powerful
I’ve never thought of it like that Spinola that’s powerful though it’s so
powerful and it’s a beautiful night to end the podcast on the lot yeah there’s
a lot going on for coming perfectly so much for having me away yeah because
really it was really beneficial man I’ve picked up a lot of things from this I
just hope I didn’t talk too much bro that’s the guest man that’s whispers
happened I’m used to being the first we appreciate thank you so much to listen
if they made it this far and let’s say we DJ’s uncle okay man barakallahu faked
or you could buttock solo and why they come up a lot of cats say Ronnie come on
I thought you were very good

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