{Engsubbed} 100406 Nichkhun dealing with Dirty Joke

{Engsubbed} 100406 Nichkhun dealing with Dirty Joke

P: Tender and fast~ // K: That’s right. Tender is the feeling of touching something soft. Fast is… Eh~ Khun, are you usually fast? Do you usually do things fast? Sometimes..well..we should be fast. Oh, really? What about..that kind of thing? Are you fast? K: About driving, right? // P: Yes, about driving. K: Fast enough. // P: Good getaway~ You like riding??? You like to ride, don’t you? It’s fun I think. K: Especially with this Jelato. // P: Oh, he refers to motorcycle. What’s the similarity between you and Jelato? Cute, Clear and No Polution. (It rhymes perfectly in Thai) No need to do more. Cute, Clear and No Polution. I agree, he’s got clear skin. Who agree with me?? Awesome~ [Thai-Eng by Yipyee]

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  1. but what did he ask ??

  2. @koonaataa
    i'll put the subtitle later, i'm so tired tonight.

  3. เหมือนนิชคุณจะฟังภาษาไทยไม่ค่อยออกแล้วนะเนี่ย
    เอ๋อเรย พี่นิชเป้ก็นะรัวเรย อิอิ กลับมาไทยบ่อยๆนะคะ

  4. เป้ แกจ้องทำลายความเป็นไทยตลอดเลย


    พี่คุณ มีแต่สร้างชื่อให้คนไทย

  5. can't wait for the subbed version… thanks for the uploads!

  6. thank you for the sub! I totally got it and the way he got away with is very smart~

  7. i dun get the joke….even w/ the subs..TAT

  8. lol how can people not understabnd?
    hahaha sexual innuendo LOL

  9. ขอบคุณคุณยิบหยีมากเลยค่ะ

  10. OMG SO MUCH INSIDE DIRTINESSS , this host is pretty funny xD

  11. lols at the questions and answer I SERIOUSLY LOL-ED

    The MC is hilarious, and Khun is so smart and cute

  13. khun's face @ 0:33 looks like his thinking his escape from the pervy mc LOL! hahaha the mc is like flirting w/ him

  14. i understand it well…hehehe…………. i know what MC trying to say bout if Khun fast and bout riding thing….. even in all event related to Jelato…bout if Khun like front or back… Khun being asked if he like front or the back…if front…ok..but it will be a problem if Khun choose back….. and Khun aswer ..he like both…. i believe Khun understand it well….ehehehee… he too funny!!

  15. @yipyeee2 OMG ! thank you so muucch <3

  16. What's with the mc? I don't really find it funny at all, but disturbing and annoying. Must have felt weird and uncomfortable for Khun, seriously. :l

  17. lol
    i love this mc


  19. disrespectful much?

  20. Lmao, they were actually talking about motorcycles but they use a misinterpreted vocabulary. xD

    Hey, I find the questions in court dirty too. 😛

  21. @Jbloom55 Kind of, since th


    Interviewer: "Are you fast?"

    Khun: O.O

  23. first I thought they were speaking Korean but then realize they were speaking thai XD

  24. ommo ommo i was laughing so hard hahahaha "Cute, Clear, and No Polution"

  25. hahhahha nichkhun expressions is make me laugh so hard hahhaha

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