English Travel Vocabulary: Planning a Trip

English Travel Vocabulary: Planning a Trip

Hi. Welcome again to My name is Adam.
Today, I’m talking about a very interesting topic because, for example, in Toronto right
now, it’s very, very cold. I’m thinking about travelling; I would love to go somewhere hot to
get away from this winter. So, when I travel, I have, of course, to make travel arrangements.
So here, we have a list of words, a list of things that you must think about before you
go on a trip to a different country. We’re going to go over each of these. We’re going to start with “booking” and “reservation”.
Now, many people think that this is more or less the same, which it is. To book something
or to reserve something means to keep a place, to keep your place. You book a flight, you
book a hotel room. Generally speaking, you make a reservation at a restaurant; you make a
booking with a travel agency or with a hotel, with accommodations, any type of accommodation.
Speaking of, accommodations are hotel, motel, hostel, B&B, bed and breakfast; all kinds of
accommodations. Make sure you have a booking before you go, so your place is safe, it’s kept for you.
When you arrive, it’s all good. Next, when you’re at your destination, the place
you’re going to, you might want to “rent” a car. Okay? Sorry, this is accommodation. One thing
I wanted to also make sure – “accommodations”, without the “s”, “accommodation” means something different.
Okay? “Accommodations” is where you’re going to sleep. And you might want to “rent” a car. You can also
“hire” a car. Means the same thing. British people generally use “hire” more, North
Americans use “rent” more often. Next, you have to think about your “baggage”.
Suitcase, luggage, bags, anything you’re carrying with you. You might have “check-in baggage”.
Sorry, I don’t know if you can see this guy. “Check-in baggage” and “carry-on baggage”.
“Check-in baggage” means you give it to the airline, they put it under the plane, you
pick it up at your destination. “Carry-on” means you carry on, so you carry it on your
shoulder on to the plane. Okay? In your carry-on, you have to be careful, it has to be small.
You can’t have liquids because of security and all that stuff. So things that you can’t
put in your carry-on, you must put in your check-in baggage and give to the airline. Next, when you get to the airport, assuming
you’re flying, you will have to do a few things that concern the word “boarding”. Before you
board your plane, get on your plane – you will get a boarding pass that lets you pass
through security and into the airport. On the boarding pass, you will see your “boarding
time”, this is when you get on the plane and your “boarding gate”, the place in the airport
where you’re going to get on your plane before takeoff. Okay? We can also use this for a train.
You board a train, you get a boarding pass with a boarding time, and generally a
boarding platform. Okay? So “boarding”, getting on your vehicle, whatever
vehicle that might be. You will also generally need to get a “visa”
to many countries. Now, a “visa” is something that you use to get into a country, it gives
you permission to stay in that country. But be aware: many places, if you’re going through
another country… So, for example: I’m going to country “C” via country “B”. “Via” means by
way of or through. So I might need a “transit visa”, means I can go there, switch planes
and keep going on my journey. But I’m still in another country, I need a transit visa. Excuse me.
Also, make sure you’re prepared to spend money as soon as you
get to your destination. If you’re going to a different country, that
country will but using a different “currency”, type of money. In Canada, we have Canadian dollar.
America has American dollar. Okay? For things like that. In Europe, you need the euro.
So make sure you have some of the currency before you go, or purchase it at the
airport or at the destination you’re going to. Some countries, especially hot countries,
are not very… You don’t have very clean water or there may be lots of diseases or other
things you need to worry about; mosquitoes, malaria, etcetera. You might need to get “vaccination”.
You might need to get a shot or you might need to get pills or anything like that to
protect you from whatever troubles there are. “Vaccinations” are sometimes called “inoculation”,
same thing. It’s a pill or it’s a shot, a needle. When you purchase your ticket, the travel
agent will probably send you an “itinerary.” “Itinerary” is a plan; you’re leaving this
day, this time, this airport, arriving this airport, this day, this time. Itinerary is
also a plan if you’re doing like a package tour with excursions. “Excursion” means an outing.
You have planned outings; you’re going different places, you’re going to do different things.
If you’re going to Africa, you’re probably going to go on safari, that is a type
of excursion. You’re going to go somewhere and do this, this, and that on this, this, and that day.
Okay? So your itinerary is a plan, a written plan of
what you’re going to do. Then, if you buy anything overseas, when you
come home, you might have to “declare” to the “customs” officer what you bought, how
much you spent. What are you bringing back home with you? Right? So you have to make a declaration.
Be prepared to declare anything that you bought because if you get caught, not
going to be very good; you might get into a bit of trouble with the customs officer. And then, once you do all of these things,
pack your bag – don’t forget your bathing suit, sunscreen. I need sunscreen every time I
travel because I’m kind of pale. And all… Then you’re ready to go. Right? Anyway, if you need to work on these words a
little bit more, go to I’ll be putting up a quiz there for you to work on these words.
And come visit us again. Bye.

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