English for Human Resources VV 43 – HR Management (1) | Business English Vocabulary

English for Human Resources VV 43 – HR Management (1) | Business English Vocabulary

you’re Watching Video Vocab by Business English In This Lesson we’ll Look at Vocabulary related to human Resources or HR. People who Work in Hr. Think About a company’s Headcount and how to recruit new Employees or Headhunt People From other Companies. Will Look at ideas Such as Job Descriptions as, well as Compensation and Benefits and How These Different from Incentives Human Resources, HR [Human] [Resources] HR Human Resources Deals With The Management of A Company’s Employees Hr. Includes Hiring Training Employee Development, Pay and Benefits If you Have Any Questions About your Benefits or Vacation please Talk to our Office hr Manager Headcount Head Count The Number of People Employed in A Company or [Organization] is called the [headcount] In hr. We often Talk About Increasing reducing or cutting the headcount? Reducing our Headcount by 15 People has, allowed Us to cut our Payroll Expense By 25% you To Recruit to Recruit Recruiting Is the Process of attracting Finding and Selecting new Employees Recruiters Must Match Qualified People with the right Jobs Through Screening and interviews Rather Than Hiring Experienced Employees on High Salaries We prefer to recruit and Train Young college Graduates to headhunt to headhunt Instead of Hiring People who Apply for a Job a Company May headhunt them from other Organizations A headhunters Job is to find Qualified Employees to fill Positions I Worked at Kpmg for ten Years But Recently I was Headhunted for an executive Position at deloitte Job Description Job Description [A] Job Description lists the Tasks Responsibilities and Qualifications of A Job You Should Read the Job Description Carefully before your interview [so] you Can Match your skills to the Position you Compensation Compensation The Money A Company Pays its Employees in Salary wages or Bonuses is called Compensation Many Companies Have an Organized Compensation Structure That Links Pay to Performance [and] The length of Employment I Enjoy my [Job] but the Compensation isn’t really good enough to live in A city, like New York Benefits Benefits Benefits are the Compensation given To Employees [in] Addition to Salary or wages Benefits May include Vacation Time insurance Plans and Pension Plans Recent Changes To our employee Benefits Package include a new Dental Plan and extended Holidays Incentives Incentives Incentives Differ From Benefits as They Are [Usually] Tied to [specific] performance goals Such as Meeting A sales Target Incentives May include Financial Bonuses Company Funded Trips Or Conferences Sales Teams are often Offered Incentives Such as Bonuses for Meeting or Exceeding sales Targets Now it’s your turn to practice some of the words we’ve looked at in This Lesson in A moment you’ll Hear a Series of Sentences With A word replaced with a beep Repeat each Sentence Including The Missing Word for example if You hear With so many new Contracts We need to Increase our? By 10 People you [Can] Say With so Many new Contracts We need to Increase our Headcount by 10 People We’ll Provide the correct answer After each Question Ready Let’s give it a go? Instead of Raising Salaries Why, Don’t We improve our Package Answer Instead of Raising Salaries why, Don’t We improve our Benefits Package you Our Competitors Are Angry Because, we always Their best Engineers? Answer our Competitors Are Angry Because, We always Had hunt Their Best Engineers? Workers Can Get Frustrated When Asked to do things outside Their Job Answer Workers Can Get Frustrated When Asked to do things outside Their Job Description That’s all for this [Episode] of Video Vocab, be Sure to Check out our Website at,

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  15. Storey and other theorists consider HRM to be integral to the overall strategy of an organisation. In your experience, what function have HR professionals played in your working life, both as a manager and as an employee, and with what effect?

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