ENG | SPA Eunhyuk dealing with Donghae’s narcissism ?? – EunHae

ENG | SPA Eunhyuk dealing with Donghae’s narcissism ?? – EunHae

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  1. Your comment at the end is gold xD

  2. it's ok hyukjae. my room is filled with you instead :3

  3. May i translate this into Vietnamese for my fansite ? 😀 of crouse your credit will be there ^^ hope you agree <3

  4. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! Omg!!!!! Am going to die of laughing too much

  5. this story always confused me because Hyukie and Donghae don't even live in the same dorm :/

  6. You want to throw up a bit every time you see it, Hyukjae?
    Right, as if we believe you -_- Just admit that you actually love it 😀

  7. kkkk hyuk the more often you see a person, the more annoying it will be later xD so I guess……. you spent too much time with Donghae already hmm hmm hmmm?? /sweet smile

  8. hyukkie my room is filed with eunhae pics and the fan arts that ELFs made 🙂 im seriously wondering what your reaction might be when you see my room ^^

  9. But my room is full of u baby, how? are u going to throw also LOL

  10. the pic in the video, where did u get it? please tell me, I want it.

  11. Ik that eunhyuk probs doesn't really feel that way right? But even still he sounds so serious when he says it it almost scares me…

  12. such a funny topic to talk about I love you eunhyuk 🙂  I think eunhyuk once the picture gone because he likes it and probably stares at it to much, and don't want the others to get the wrong idea haha maybe 😉

  13. he just wants to take it to his room~

  14. Your comment the end of video kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  15. 1:00 jajajjajjajja

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