(upbeat music) – So this is Heath, the reindeer. Cosy for the whole flight. – [Sam] Hi, how are you doing? – Hi guys, so after my spectacular
new first class ride to Brussels on Emirates, the
next day I flew back to Dubai in their new business class. The new business class features
many upgraded amenities such as the fully flat
bed with a mini bar. I think this is the very
first video on YouTube to showcase the new business class. I’m gonna show you all
the details in the video. How are you? – I’m good, how are you? – [Sam] Good to see you. – I’m a big fan. – [Sam] Thank you. Is this your first time
flying the new business class? – First time with Emirates, first time in the new
business class in the back. Tomorrow we’re in the first class. – [Sam] Congratulations. – Thank you. – [Sam] You’re gonna have a great flight. – I can’t wait. (upbeat music) – [Sam] This video is quite different from my other videos. It is not only going to
focus on business class. I recognise many of the audience here also fly in the economy. So follow me. I’m going to check out
the new economy product during my flights. (upbeat music) – Guys, this is my purser Ahmed. He was with my on the way to Brussels. Now he’s coming back with me. – Yeah, I’m very lucky. – You know yesterday, I freaked out. After landing, I just
realised I lost my GoPro. He managed to find it. So it was such a relief. I was devastated for an
hour in the hotel room. It was such a relief. – Thank you so much. – This is an Emirates family. Let me kiss you. – Thank you so much. – [Sam] It’s good to see you again Chris. – Hello, Sam. Welcome back. – [Sam] Good to see you. – Yeah. – [Sam] Very, very happy you are taking us back home to Dubai today. – It was a short stay in
Brussels and now we’re back. – [Sam] This is also a 300 hours old 777. – [Chris] Yeah, this is pretty
much also a new (mumbles) so pretty new. I don’t know how many
hours this (mumbles). This one’s got a bit more. It’s about two months or 700 hours. We’re departing Brussels. We’ll reach 15 (mumbles)
not too far behind. We can see on the navigational display, we will depart off of on 2.5 right. And we’ll zoom out a bit and we’re gonna follow this dotted line
1700 feet left turn and we will follow this
all the way to Dubai. – [Sam] Awesome. – [Chris] Flight time today is six hours, a bit shorter than yesterday. I think there’s some tail winds. And initially we’re going to
be climbing up to 35,000 feet. – [Sam] OK, because today
I’m not in first class. Could you make it faster today? – Ah, yes, so you’re flying in business. It’ll be 30 minutes less than yesterday. – [Sam] Awesome, awesome. – As well as technical information, we’ve got just over 53 tonnes on board. And that’s the fuel we
have on board today. It’s a particular type of
weight up around 275 tonnes. – [Sam] What is this thing you’re actually holding on your hand? – This is the steering tiller, Sam. So this is what we use to taxi
the aeroplane on the ground. This tiller moves the nose field. So this is what we use on the
ground to turn the aeroplane. It turns the nose field and it turns the aeroplane on the ground. It’s like the steering wheel. – [Sam] It’s like a
steering wheel in a car. What’s this bigger screen
here in the middle? I was always wondering what that was. – [Chris] This is the lower MFD. This is also used to display
various system pages, which we select here. If I select the electric page,
it’ll show the electrical. – [Sam] Oh, it’ll show the electrical. – [Chris] If I push the
hydraulic page, it’ll show the hydraulics are all pressurised now. It’ll show the hydraulic page. Fuel page. It shows we’ve got 26.7
tonnes roughly in here in each of the main tanks. And yeah, it shows the door page, basically almost ready to go. We just have the outer door open. (upbeat music) – [Sam] So what’s this little reindeer, this little moose here? – So this is Heath, the reindeer, and he’s just like a nice
soft little cuddly animal. – [Sam] Yep. – And then you open it up and
it is a cosy little blanket. – [Sam] Oh, it’s a blanket
when you open up the cover. – Yes. And it keeps you nice and
cosy for the whole flight. – Our configuration is three,
four, and three across, progressively after the aircraft. So the configuration changes. It’s two, four, and two. – [Sam] I know these are
actually one of the preferred for single travellers
because if you are in pairs, you prefer to sit together without another person right there. – Exactly. So we also have the new
armrest in the middle. They’re slimmer, so it creates a more
spacious feel in the seat. And they’re nice champagne colours. And actually, no two seat
covers are actually the same in the whole of the cabin. Which it makes it nice and unique. Our headrest is movable
and you can adjust it, so it’s nice and cosy if you’re sleeping. Here are our award-winning
I.C.E. entertainment systems. So here this a 13.3 inch screen, which is the largest one
we’ve had in economy, and we’ve removed the handset
that was usually here. – [Sam] I can see everything is, the buttons and everything,
is on the screen back and there’s nothing more
in between the seats. I like the headrest comes
up all the way to my height. The room is pretty good. I am a pretty big guy and I do have tonnes of room in front of me. (upbeat music) – [Sam] I think you are a
very lucky, lucky passenger. You know why I’m saying it? Because you have extra room here. Look at this. I can tell you will never
get hit by a trolley. Are you happy? Are you comfortable? – I’m very happy. – [Sam] Very happy. – I normally take this seat,
because I have a lot of room and I can store my luggage under it. – [Sam] I can see you are very honest. I can see. – [Captain] Captain speaking. My name is Chris Fondolua. I’d like to welcome you aboard
this brand new 777 300ER, shortly departing to Dubai. – While aboard a 777, I have
met Benjamin from France and he is a follower of mine
on the YouTube channel, right? – That’s right. – So Ben, you are sitting
in the new business class. So I want to hear your opinion about this. What do you think of the new 777? – Well, I did hope it was a new plane, but the seat I’m sitting
in now is very comfortable and I think the finishing
touches even around the seats are a bit more classy than the old ones and the screen is very bright. So, so far, so good. (upbeat music) – So I just met Jeb. He’s from the U.S. He’s actually a av geek just like me. He made a special trip just
to come to Brussels here to fly on the brand new 777 of Emirates in the new business class. So far this first impression
about business class, about the Emirates’ new business class. – Oh absolutely. Well, first of all,
getting to sit next to Sam, that’s pretty crazy as I’m
sure most of you acknowledge. – You’re too nice. – I’m also reflecting your fan base. So yeah, it’s been great so far. The crew are so welcoming. This is my first flight
actually with Emirates and I’m really excited to
see the rest of the trip. – Sam, would you like to
have a chilled apple juice or a freshly squeezed orange
juice or a glass of champagne? – [Sam] I think I’ll go
for a champagne today. – Sounds good. Please enjoy. – [Sam] Thank you so much. Well the privacy is awesome
in the window seats, guys. This is the preferred
seating business class. – Here’s your menu. – [Sam] Thank you very much. – Would you like to look at the wine list? – [Sam] OK. All the screens are very high definition, so you can always look
at the take-off view from the landing gear of the 777 camera. They’re a high definition view. (upbeat music) – So as you can see, it’s more
sitting like a bucket seat than a cradle seat. I can come forward a little bit if you want to have a conversation. So I’ve heard a lot of
nice comments so far from my fellow travellers. My instant feeling about
the new business class is that they’re really posh. They have the luxury finishing. However, there is a
middle seat in the middle and the seat does look very narrow. I’m just gonna show you guys. This is the digital menu, so I’m going to have the roasted duck. I’ll have the cod fillet. There you go. My order’s confirmed. How cool is that? The order is sent to the kitchen. This is called orange fizz. It’s my favourite drink onboard Emirates. This is a non-alcoholic mocktail. So, it is a simple mix of
orange juice and ginger ale. This tastes amazingly fresh. (upbeat music) Oh this is fun. You’re filming me, I’m filming you. – Thumbs up, Mouvance. – [Sam] You like fish? – [Jeb] I do. – [Sam] Enjoy your lunch. (upbeat music) – [Sam] Ah, this is the garlic bread. So the garlic bread is actually
coming out a warmer bag. A warmer bag means it’s actually coming from the oven, right? – [Cook] Yep. – [Sam] You warm it up in the oven. It’s very good. They’re preparing the bread basket. This is a wine chiller. Can you open and have a look? – [Attendant] Sure. – [Sam] OK, this is a wine chiller inside. – [Attendant] First we
heat the soup in here. – [Sam] Oh, you heat the
soup in the microwave. – [Attendant] Yeah, then we
put it back in the flask. – [Sam] This is sour cream? – [Attendant] Yeah. That’s chips. – [Sam] OK, so chips on top. – [Attendant] Yep. This is ready for the passenger. – [Sam] OK, go Jessica. – [Attendant] So that thing
is for the temperature of the food, and to make
sure that it’s well-cooked. – [Sam] So the stick is
checking the temperature? – [Attendant] Yeah. It should turn from black to red. – [Sam] So now it’s red. Red means it’s well-cooked? – [Attendant] Exactly. – [Sam] Ready to serve. – [Attendant] Yeah. (upbeat music) – [Sam] This fish is
different to the other fish. – [Attendant] It’s a special meal. – [Sam] It’s a special meal? – [Attendant] Yes. – [Sam] Ah, a special meal. Is that a seafood meal, or – [Attendant] It’s gluten-free. – [Sam] Gluten-free. (relaxing music) – [Sam] What are you having, Jeb? – The lamb. – [Sam] Lamb. Oh, the lamb rack. Economy class meals are being served. Tell me, what do we have for
dinner tonight in economy? – Dinner tonight, we have the
grilled chicken or the lamb. – [Sam] Grilled chicken or lamb. – Yes. – [Sam] Yummy. (relaxing music) – [Sam] So what are you doing here? – We are preparing our meals for now. We have chicken with mushroom sauce or we have braised beef. Which one would you like? – [Sam] OK, I’m gonna
try the braised beef. Guys, I’m gonna check out my meal. Oh look, it’s beautiful. This is the braised beef. And I think it’s potato salad, right? – [Attendant] Potato salad, yeah. – [Sam] Yummy. I always think the meals are
great in economy on Emirates. That’s where they do well
over their competitors. You get a full three-course meals. I just finished my meals. I ate everything except the vegetable. Despite some of the improvements, I still found the Boeing 777 quite noisy and dry for the skin. So overall, I still prefer the A380 if I fly in economy class. – [Attendant] Are you
listening to anything good? Some new music? – Here’s something I want to tell you. This one’s called Love in the Air, Love at First Flight. So it’s a string of love
songs that, you know. For example, I like these songs here. I’m a big sucker for love songs. I like this, Slave to Love, Bryan Ferry. You always have the maximum amount of fun. Say hello, guys, to the camera. Hey. This is where the fun is,
is in the rear galley. Come to the rear galley, guys. – Oh yeah. – This is Hadarli. She’s from Egypt and interesting. – Hi. – Egyptians interesting. – Oh my god. Thank you. So back in business class, the good thing is that the
fully flat bed is really long. Let me show you a little hint here. The arm rest can be lowered to create a little bit more room for you. Depends on where you sit, your privacy may be really amazing or you feel exposed in the aisle seat. In the middle, we know you have
to jump over your neighbour if you want to get out. I definitely recommend you
to reserve a window seat for the privacy. Overall, I think the new Emirates 777 features good improvement
over the old version. The two-three-two
seating in business class may not be everyone’s choice, but I was able to sleep fully flat, enjoy the good food, and an excellent
multinational crew service. This is the end of the flight. I just want to thank you for all the beautiful ladies with me. Without their help, my
filming wouldn’t be so smooth. So it’s very important that all my films get well-supported and
the love from the crew. Thank you very much again. – Thank you. (upbeat music) – [Sam] I hope you enjoyed my video and thank you for watching again.

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