Embroider Hats on a 5×7 Hoop | Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine | SEWING REPORT

welcome back to the Sewing Report in
this edition we are embroidering a baseball cap using our 5 by 7 inch hoop
and the Brother PE 800 so we’re gonna start off with some tearaway stabilizer
we’re gonna cut it to size this is a roll I got in a starter kit which I
found very helpful so we’re gonna hoop this tearaway stabilizer and you can
also use peel-and-stick stabilizer but I don’t have any but it’s something I’m
interested in trying so get that stabilizer hooped then you’re gonna mark
Center gridlines I’m using this ruler and an air soluble marker and this is so
you’ll be able to line up the hat on to the stabilizer all right so I’m
protecting the hoop with some painters tape because I’m going to be using a
temporary adhesive the quilt basting spray and I’ve even created sort of a spray
booth using a Trader Joe’s bag I cut a little opening at the top I’m putting
the hoop in there and then busting out the quilt basting
spray and I put the tape on it just so that the hoop doesn’t get real sticky all right now we’re taking the tape off
I started off using pins to try to secure the hat to the stabilizer and I
lined up the center seam line of the Hat with the grid lines which actually
worked out quite nicely except I found because the stabilizer
was so taut in the hoop I was having a lot of trouble with the pins after struggling for a bit I decided to
bust out my curved quilt basting safety pins and those worked out a bit better
although I still couldn’t close the safety pins but I was at least able to
get them all the way through the stabilizer and the Hat this is a hundred
percent cotton hat and I got it from jiffy shirts dot-com I will link it
below if you’re interested it was under $3 all right so I’m getting the pins
onto the Hat got it place I’m actually using more painters tape to
keep the pins out of the way now we’re ready to embroider I’m doing a more
approved tap making it for my husband James and one thing about embroidering
designs especially on unorthodox items like hats babysit it for every second
just in case something goes wrong my embroidery design was going okay until I
got to the a and I’m just using one of the standard
fonts that comes with the Brother PE 800 so nothing fancy here one tip you do want to make sure you
have enough clearance around the design to wear the edge of the Hat lays because
I ran into this issue and my design is only about three inches wide so when I got to the a the presser foot
didn’t have enough clearance for that edge of the Hat and it got stuck so my
design got a little messed up still looks okay but I know for next
time what not to do all right now we are unhooking the Hat
and I’m going to tear away that stabilizer and on the front I used a seam ripper
and some very small embroidery scissors to try to get off those loose threads
now this was not the only hat I did and on the other one I did I ran into some
tension issues definitely play around with it make sure you’re embroidering on
a slow-speed other than the slightly messed up a I think it looks all right
don’t you think anyways I hope you enjoyed this video if you did be sure to
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everything sewing crafts and DIY projects i’m jennifer Moore and i’ll see
you again next time you

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