Ellen’s Thanksgiving Table Seating Strategy Is Failproof

Ellen’s Thanksgiving Table Seating Strategy Is Failproof

I gave in. I did it. I decorated before Thanksgiving. [CHEERING] I’m officially in
the holiday spirits, and by that, I mean I’m
drunk on peppermint schnapps. Thanksgiving is this week. And then there’s Black Friday. Then there’s Hanukkah. And then the big
one, the one everyone gets excited for, my
birthday in January. [CHEERING] I know. Yeah. They’re already playing
happy birthday in the mall. One of the most stressful
parts of the holidays– I think everyone can agree–
is getting the family together for dinner and where
people are going to sit. The whole seating plan
is really thought out. You have to think of
who’s sitting where. So every year, I like to
prepare you for what to expect. So, please bring out my table. Hopefully, this helps. All right. So, we have grandpa right here. And– I knew you were
going to be here. The most important
thing is to keep grandpa eating the entire time. When his mouth is full, he
can’t talk about the caravan. They’re coming over the wall! Oh, [INAUDIBLE]. All right. [CLAPPING] [SPUTTERING] All right. Since nobody else wanted
to sit next to him, that’s where you put your friend
from work, who had nowhere else to go for Thanksgiving. And you’ve worked with
her for six years, but you still don’t
know her name. It could be Carolyn. It could be Caroline. It could be– look
at your eyebrows. It could be Teresa. You think you saw her
stealing your silverware. You’re not sure. Did you take it? OK. What else? Is there anything else? You took my People’s
Choice Award? Is there anything else? All right. Keep that on your lap then. All right. Next, of course, is
your Aunt Melissa. You didn’t invite her,
but she’s here this year. She just showed up anyway. [CLAPPING] Aunt Melissa seems very
interested in your friend from work. And it’s not Thanksgiving
without some kids at the table. So next, we have little
Polly right here. And, oh. Oh my. Oh my god. How do you like the food? Oh my god. OK, happy Thanksgiving. Oh, that’s the
line you remember? All right. Next is Polly’s older brother,
who’s home from college. [COUGHING] And by home from college, I mean
he dropped out to become a DJ. He also made $3 billion in
Bitcoin, but for some reason, he’s still on your
cell phone plan. And he brought his
Tinder date, and you’re hoping she’s not some
weird girl from college. But no, she’s not. Don’t worry about that. [CHEERING] Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel, so you can see more
awesome videos. Like videos of me getting scared
or saying embarrassing things, like ball peen hammer. And also some videos of
Ellen and other celebrities, if you’re into
that sort of thing. [SCREAM] [BLEEP] God. [BLEEP]

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    like if your birthday is in january as well

  19. my birthday 🎂 is in january as well
    like if your birthday is in january as well

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