Easy way to create Multiple ID Cards in few minutes using Photoshop ( with ESubs )

Easy way  to create Multiple ID Cards in few minutes using Photoshop ( with ESubs )

Open – id card template create a new layer using type tool type the first word as it is type the other words in separate layers as it is create a new layer using rectangular marquee tool , draw a rectangle fill with black color add stroke to the rectangle don’t forget to name the layer as photo go to image – variables – define type the words one by one in the text replacement box as shown click ok keep all the details needed for the cards in one folder type all the details of the cards in an Excel sheet go to file – save as – other format – text ( tab delimited ) go to image – variables – data sets – import select file – load file select data and apply click ok go to file – export – data sets as files- select folder

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  1. thanks madam, can you told me which photoshop version you should work/use..!!!

  2. madem i am k.Raju you have shown very good but if we are keeping house name it is not coming. is there is any another method to show

  3. thnkz could tel me your
    email addres

  4. how to wrap text variable data ???

  5. hi madam , pleaseletme know why this msg is comming ? – " Could not parse the file contents as a data set.there were too many variables in the first line of the text file "
    please reply

  6. which photoshop supported mam

  7. but why is it that when I saved them, they were saved as psd files and not jpg? 🙁

  8. Dear Madam, it will be not generated id card after export -> data sets, using, it will be save single images its work but export not working plz solve the problem

  9. madam I have used Photoshop 7 how to create I'd card

  10. hi, how did you rename the photo?

  11. madam, after i saved my data why is it blank? plz help to fix this. thank you

  12. வணக்கம் அருமை சகோதரி அவர்களே
    எக்ஸல் ஷீட்டில் இந்த டேட்டா தயாரிக்க வீடியோ இணைத்துள்ளீர்களா. நன்றி

  13. Madam how to fill Photo in excel data

  14. madam i couldn't export as png file or .jpg . help me

  15. Madam, I have tamil font but not import dataset. it will msg " there were not enough variable names in the first line of the text file error". how to fix it… plz help madam

  16. SUPERB 🙂 Everything explained very well

  17. Excellent! Very useful. Thank U Mam.

  18. How to alien A4 and A3 sheet plz post the video

  19. thank you mam very usefull

  20. Error replacement file was not found applying data sheet

  21. automate names on photos (passport size) for school work. How to do it

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