Drug Dealing prostitutes in South Africa – vpro Metropolis

Drug Dealing prostitutes in South Africa – vpro Metropolis

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  1. wow!!
    This is great investigative journalism. This is very very sad, great job uncovering this.

  2. thats horrible you cannot buy drugs without having sex with this women!!!

  3. They are in South Africa. They have their own currency( South African Rand). 150R is only $20.

  4. Pretty large mic 😀

  5. Man look at that microphone ha ha ha

  6. The reporter is terrible too.

  7. it's a boom and a mic in one. it's takes away the need to have a guy holding a boom over her head to take away the sound of wind and other noises.

  8. 2 dealers to every bed? even the drug dealers in africa can't do well, fuck

  9. me and my friends just hook each other up and its all chill, too bad africa aint chill like alaska

  10. Maybe they said, 'show me your crack' and they took it the wrong way.?

  11. i think the reporter got some of these drugs O.O

  12. the most melodramatic reporter ever…

  13. 5:45 really them bitches are going to hell for that how your going to trick some1 into smoking crack

  14. 1 kilo hidden inside

  15. When is this "Proudly South Africa" country going to come right? Morality is so taboo.

  16. Are all white south africans so uptight and boring? You guys should take lessons from white americans and try showing emotion once in a while…or is it considered too savage ?

  17. trick? are you fucking kidding me? The clients know damn well what they are getting into, and id imagine a seeking euphoria more than anything else. Crack isnt even physically addictive, unlike heroin, but if it was, they still wouldnt get hooked after one fucking hit. Trick my ass.

  18. the M on the mic means MONSTER MIC!!

  19. the basecoke kill you

  20. Its like she's holding Burt from SS's afro in her hand.

  21. Trick in this context means a mischievous action. Any drug has potential to be physically addictive and if you are speaking from experience just remember that people are different. Besides they wouldn't be in this situation if they weren't addicted. think a little

  22. whats race gotta do with it? In my opinion Americans tent to be over dramatic. Its like for example if someone dies that they didn't really know or even care to know and they die and then all of a sudden they are on the floor crying, going on how close they were, if you know what Im getting at. fake and attention seeking…
    P.s not all white south africans are boring and uptight (don't think that a lack of empathy makes a person boring either
    or uptight either) so don't generalize

  23. Not everyone who takes a hit of crack turns into an addict.

  24. Is it me or is this journalist high?

  25. Pablo Escobar is long gone.  But his legacy of world wide cocaine distribution lives on.

  26. The M on that mic should be bigger, could hardly see it

  27. Rumor has it the reporter are working those streets now.

  28. They gettin they money…

  29. What a sad story

  30. Those woman are not the best looking
    You would want to wear two condoms on if you fucked one of them

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