Dress Ultra-Casual With Style? | How To Rock Athleisure Like A Boss

Dress Ultra-Casual With Style? | How To Rock Athleisure Like A Boss

Dress Ultra-Casual With Style How To Rock
Athleisure Like A Boss [0:00:00]
Pop quiz, gentleman. Can you wear ultra casual clothing and still be stylish?
Well, of course you can, but you got to wear it in the right way, you’ve got to choose
the right pieces for you or you could end up looking sloppy and that’s not what we want.
So, in today’s video, five ultra casual pieces that any stylish man can bring into his wardrobe
and look great in, that’s the subject of today’s video.
[Music] So, item number one, gentlemen, a great-looking
casual jacket. So, you probably noticed right out the gate Antonio is not wearing a sports
jacket, he’s not wearing a suit jacket, he’s not even wearing a leather jacket. He’s wearing
a very casual jacket. In this case, this one has a bomber jacket type of design.
You’re going to find all types of different casual jackets out there, some of them are
going to be track jackets. At the end of the day, what you’re looking for is something
that first off fits. That’s the most important thing with this jacket it’s got to fit your
body. If it doesn’t fit you, do not buy it. It doesn’t matter if it’s 90% off. Do not
spend your money on a jacket that doesn’t fit you.
So, you want to look first at the shoulder points. You wanted them put your arms out
and make sure the sleeves are long enough. Now, if they’re a little bit long, that’s
okay. If they’re really long, you may be able to get it adjusted make sure you get a price
quote on that or understand that you can do it yourself. If they’re too short, do not
buy. Now, the jacket length. You don’t want something
that when you pull it, you know, when you put your hands up that shows your midsection,
that’s too short. Now, whenever you pull it down, you want to make sure, okay, I don’t
fully cover my buttocks and you want that sweet spot between the middle of your buttocks
and just a couple inches below the waist. That is basically where you want the length
of the jacket going to be. Now, it depends also on the style. This one is a bomber style,
so what that means is it has an elastic going in and around here. I like that because it
basically creates a leaner silhouette. So, speaking of silhouettes, let’s now talk
about fabric. So, notice, this is a solid color. It gives me — it basically flatters
my build and it’s going to make me look taller, leaner. Now, you can go with a lighter color
in a solid, that’s perfectly fine as well. But, you want to be careful of all the sudden
when they go with multi colors they start bringing in neons. Things like that, they’re
cool if you’re going to go out running and I understand the functional aspect of it,
that’s definitely cool. But, when it comes to something that you can wear, you know,
in and around town you’re going to find that this is really where it’s going to be. You
don’t want to do that with something that just looks too sport.
Now, on the fabric, I really like going with something that’s going to be very breathable
you’re going to want to look for something maybe that’s cotton that’s going to have
different stretch fabrics in there, spandex a few other different types of stretch fabrics.
I like these a lot because what they are is they’re going to be more forgiving. So, they
can be a little bit tighter in an area, you’re not going to get any hot spots.
Now, let’s talk about the style. I like the little style details on a great jacket. So,
I’m going to look — I really like this right here because it draws your attention here
it kind of builds up the chest. This right over here, it actually is a working zipper.
I could put a credit card in here or maybe an ID or something. I like having zippers
on my pockets, again, if I’m going to be using this as athletic wear I don’t want to lose
anything. So, all these details for me go into a great casual jacket which for me is
number one on the list. Now, throughout this video, you’re going to
see some great looking clothing. If you want to grab any of it, the link down in the description
over to Public Rec, they’re the paid sponsor in today’s video. And, guys, back in 2015,
Public Rec raised almost $200,000 basically starting with one product, the all day everyday
pants and this is still their bestseller. I know why because I’ve had a pair now for
over a year. I’ve probably worn these fifty times, have washed them at least twenty five
to thirty five times, they have stood up. You know how I know? Because they sent me
another pair and I compared the two I’m like there’s no change that we did not have any
loss of color, the stitching all the details has held up. And I’m like you know this is
a great product they’re a good company. And what I like about them is they spent eighteen
months researching how can we actually create a product great clothing that’s going to fit
that middle area when a man gets home he maybe he doesn’t want to wear a suit around the
house where he wants to wear something a bit more comfortable, but he’s still got to maybe
go out and run errands. He’s got a, you know, he needs something that’s functional that
still looks good that’s stylish. And, guys, they are filling the niche, so
go check them out. I’m going to put the link down in the description. I’ve got a great
discount code. Go use it, guys. Good company. Proud to support them.
Item number two on my list men’s casual trousers. And when I’m talking about this let me explain
what I’m not referring to. I’m not referring to jeans. Yes, I love denim, but in today’s
video, we’re talking about more athleisure wear. And I think the whole athleisure kind
of movement the fashion trend, there have been a lot of bad things than this, but there’s
also some good things. Now, the yoga pants. Now, I’m not going to
say anything bad about the yoga pants for the ladies, I’ve actually enjoyed that trend.
But what, guys, if you are wearing yoga pants in and around town, well, all the more power
to you, but understand the pants I’m talking about are going to be less form-fitting, but
they’re going to be more form-fitting than actually we will see sweats.
[0:05:04] Now, sweats have been around for a long time
and they’re great when you’re out running, but they are something that really they just
don’t compliment your legs or that build down there. So, what I’m talking about is something
like this. First off, what you’re going to notice on
a pair of pants like this is going to be the fit. So, in the waist area you’re going to
have a bit of elastic very similar to sweats, but going down we’re going to have a trimmer
closer fit on the leg line going down and at the bottom we’re not going to have an elastic
band there. Another quick detail to pay attention to is
the fabric of the casual trousers. So, this one right here, notice how smooth than I should
drape the overall hand on the fabric feels very luxurious. This is what you’re looking
for in the casual trousers. Now, if you go look at a pair of sweatpants
what do you notice? It’s got any rougher weave. They’re using a thicker just basically a cheap
cotton and therefore you can actually see the holes in the fabric. You can’t see this
with this one because they’re actually using I think a little bit of nylon and a few other
different types of synthetic fabrics that are made in a way and sewn in a way that it
can be a tighter weave and still be breathable. So, those are it’s a pretty cool combination.
So, another thing is the dark color. Don’t go for light-colored trousers, guys, you’re
just asking for stains and dirt to be able to show, so you want to make sure you go with
something dark and something that has a nice smooth weave.
Last but not least, guys, pay attention to the style details of the trousers. So, if
they’re using a zipper, go ahead and take the zipper down take the zipper back up, then
was that smooth? Did it feel like it was a quality zipper? Go look at the back pockets,
are they lining up correctly? It’s these small details that a lot of companies skip on. If
they’re skipping on this, they’re not paying attention to that. Understand that they’re
probably not paying attention to a lot of other things and it could lead to other problems.
Item number three on this list, gentlemen, a great looking Henley. So, I took the jacket
off had a Henley on underneath. Now, a Henley is very distinctive because it has no collar,
yet it has the opening with the buttons right here in the front. Number of buttons you’re
going to see change up sometimes one sometimes you’re going to see four, it really doesn’t
matter too much. What does matter though is the fit, you’ve
got to make sure it fits you in the shoulder points, you got to make sure that it is long
enough so that when you raise your arms up it doesn’t expose your midsection. You want
to put those hands out make sure that the sleeves are long enough and make sure that
you get something that fits your body type. What you don’t want to do is get something
that’s just way too baggy or way too tight. Now, speaking of the different styles out
there, you’re going to see short sleeve Henleys you’re going to see long sleeve Henley’s.
Personally, I like them longer sleeves because I can just roll them up and you know it’s
just for me this look works best. Now, when it comes to the various colors and fabrics
I like going with a dark-colored Henley. When it comes down to it, guys, the Henley is a
great piece to have in your ultra casual wardrobe. Item number four on my list, gentleman, the
classic hoodie. You heard me correctly, classic. Let’s go back to medieval times. Monks used
to wear clothing similar to this. It was simply functional, it did a good job. Think about
what the hoodie does. It’s got this nice extra piece of clothing that can cover your head,
protect you from the elements. Guys, it’s been around a long time, but it’s
kind of gotten a bad rep. The reason being is a lot of people are wearing it to events
they should probably should wear a suit to or they’re wearing it with it’s made from
a fabric that’s just way too heavy way too bulky, they’re wearing sizes that are two
sizes too large. If you actually were to wear a hoodie that
fits you correctly made from a fabric that had a very nice drape and all of, you know,
just didn’t have a huge maybe logo or team name on it, it is a much cleaner and I think
better look something that a lot of guys actually will look great on. Now, this is going to
look best on athletic body types on thin body types that wear a slimmer cut.
Now, when it comes to the colors, this is about as light as I like to go. You could
maybe look at going with something with a darker blue go something with a very dark
grey. Try to avoid too hard of maybe like a black that’s for me a little bit too stark
of a contrast. And when it comes to the style details, now,
I really love having a band in here sometimes, but you don’t always need, you know, to have
that pull-string. Identify which style details matter to you, sometimes you want to have
maybe a functional pocket. You know this one right here has a nice zipper pocket where
you could keep things from losing them, but it still has the ability for you to place
your hands in here to keep them warm. Next stop, gentlemen, let’s talk about footwear.
Now, I’m not a sneaker head, but I do understand that in casual footwear there’s a couple things
that matter. Number one, what’s the purpose of the shoe? Is it going to be for training
purposes or is it going to be for show? If it’s going to be for training purposes, you
got to get the right shoe for the training purpose make sure it fits your foot.
Understand that your arch can change over time that as your body changes especially
if you’re into running shoes, you’re maybe going to want to get something that has more
support. I know I went through this and I found that I needed a different type of shoe.
I went to one of those specialty shops they actually watch you run and they help you find
the right shoes. Now, when it comes to show, you know, it’s
probably less to matter about the function more about what you’re wearing and what it’s
made from what brand it comes from. I’m not even going to pretend, you know, fully understand
this realm. If you go check out the support article which I’m going to link to, I’ll link
over to a few sneaker heads, guys, that actually know a lot more about this. But, what I will
say is learn to take care of your investment. [0:10:11]
So you want to make sure, you know, if you’re wearing a light-colored pair of shoes you
know how to clean them up get them back to being white. If you’re going to be wearing
a pair of shoes that are made from specialty material that could be damaged especially
leather when it comes to exposure to water to salt, you want to know how to take care
of them guys. So, your shoes a fun investment and something I actually been looking at,
so don’t be surprised here at Real Men Real Style if we start talking about some casual
footwear and sneakers. Bonus points, gentlemen. So, you can really
step up your casual style game by paying attention to the small details like accessories. So,
wear the right pair of sunglasses for your face shape, the right style that are going
to be a classic like these aviators maybe go for Wayfarers. Make sure that if you’re
carrying a bag you’re carrying the right bag something that, yeah, may cost you a little
bit more it maybe uses luxury materials, but it’s going to just be beautiful something
that’s going to draw compliments. Pay attention to your grooming, your hair,
your facial hair. If you’ve got a beard, make sure you’re using a beard oil that it’s actually
well taken care of. Your hair make sure it’s in the right — you’re using the right product
that you actually took care of it you actually combed it. Fragrance, don’t forget the fragrance.
Yes, guys, there are specific sport fragrances that are very light aren’t going to be overpowering
and work great when you’re wearing casual clothing.
So, guys that’s it. Hopefully you enjoyed this video. Go check out Public Rec. I’m going
to link to them down in the description. Almost all the pictures of all the clothing you saw
was from Public Rec. They’re e a good company, make a great product and I’m proud to support
them. Again, I tested out the product for over a year.
And, guys, that’s it. Take care. I’ll see you in the next video.
[Music] [0:12:02] End of Audio

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