Drake Maverick flees Baton Rouge with 24/7 Title: SmackDown Exclusive, Aug. 27, 2019

Drake Maverick flees Baton Rouge with 24/7 Title: SmackDown Exclusive, Aug. 27, 2019

>>Come on, we’ve gotta go,
we’ve gotta go. Where is she, where is she? Renee, Renee, we’ve gotta go. We’ve gotta go, come on, fast, faster. Hurry up.>>Help, help me out!>>For.>>Here, hold my purse!>>Will you hurry up?>>I’m trying.>>There’s people after me.>>Take it all.>>Renee? Renee, hey, Renee!

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  1. Dreak happy is baby 👶 is back

  2. that chick sexy as hell

  3. Renee Michelle ran very well even with high heels on, but was smart to take them off..

  4. Wwe why is papa smurf drake still 24/7 Champion. I want that Belt. Papa smurf come back to San Diego and give me my belt drake. Don't hide in a costume papa smurf..Don't forget your wife purse. Little man Bring her too.

  5. I think 🤔 she going to call referee🤣

  6. Imagine this…consummating the marriage has begun…rennee michelle is on top….1 2 3. New champion is renee young…let the consummation continue

  7. Better be off to consummate that marriage, dammit.

  8. Marriage Consummation on a Pole match.

  9. They need to close up on Renee's feet for a whole. Yum! All the lads here are thinking it.

  10. His wife has to pin him once in a swerve during or after the supposed consummation of the marriage.

  11. Glad he finally got the belt back

  12. Drake, man to man, it's about time to put some white babies in that hot bod, bruh.



    Drake Maverick-2019

  15. Drakes wife better get ready at home because it’s time to deal with that constipation

  16. Happy for Drake, now he can consummate his marriage lol

  17. Dis guy try always third time

  18. Drake can now finally constipate with his wife.

  19. His wife is finer then some of the WWE female superstars

  20. R-Truth r best 24/7 title

  21. Well maybe Drake can finally lose his virginity

  22. 💚💚💚💚💚

  23. With no shoes she can run.

  24. Still waiting for the cameramen to pin down the 24/7 champ

  25. It's better then Raw I think

  26. damn she hot running without heels . beach bod

  27. Dah fuq?! Did Rene achieve lightspeed when she took off the heels?? XD

  28. Hard to run with high heels huh

  29. Drake maverick : * is in the middle of making his marriage official on top of his wife-*

    R -truth sneaks out from under the bed and pins maverick

  30. This is comedy for sure 😄 😄 😄 I can't stop laughing 😂 😂 😂 😂

  31. I bet that his wife will take the title from homhim

  32. Aww he really needs the toilet that bad. I hope he relieves his Constipation!

  33. Go get laid my man

  34. Big Show side swipes drake for the title. 😁

  35. Why the hell is he running? I think most of the superstars gave up on the 24/7 championship, knowing how much of a waste of time it is.

  36. now he will finally Bang her

  37. What would have made that hilarious, is have Drake almost out the door, when Brock Lesnar stops him, and he just hands Brock the belt. Then let's see if anyone challenges Brock.

  38. Lol I thought she was Sasha, I thought whats wrong with her fighting with everybody lol

  39. Wow I'm really glad I watched that

  40. He can finally consummate his marriage😂

  41. Who knows when and if someone will get seriously hurt fighting for the 24/7 Title because there are no count-outs or disqaulifications and its defended at any location,no matter where it is.

  42. Man Drake's wife haves a body on her

  43. Camera man is everywhere..why he did not win a title..24/7

  44. The 24/7 belt looking thin next to Thicc

  45. Definitely a mangina 😆😆
    She says: "hold my purse"
    And like a true cuck he obeys 😆😆

  46. Drake’s wife is SMOKIN’ HOT!!!!💨

  47. good thing he can consummate his marriage now lol 😏

  48. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  49. tired of the whole can't consumate the marriage thing

  50. So the question is Will truth Pin drake before or after Drake finally consummates his Marriage

  51. The 24 7 title is a joke .it was fun in the beginning but now its a joke .there is no real value in the belt and its not prestigious whatsoever .its sure purpose is silly entertainment.come on who gets pinned sleeping on an airplane lol.disband this uselesss title quickly


  53. Sexy lady😆😆😆😆👌👌👌😀😀

  54. His wife is so fucken beautiful, it's no joke!! Its nice to know that our Society is not gone… there is a beautiful women.. not even In the same universe as drake.. and she married him… so at the end of the day.. DRAKE you already won!!

  55. Thumbnail looks like Sasha banks lol

  56. The 24/7 Title is a COMPLETE EMBARRASSMENT to both WWE and Sports Entertainment!!! Instead of a title which is nothing more than an absolute joke, WWE needs to make the 24/7 Title become the Television Title. The TV Title could be defended across all brands.

  57. Now get your end away champ 😊
    Speak to Bruce about Blue Chew!

  58. Its the 7/11 European Championship 😂

  59. Renee Michelle is gorgeous!

  60. I see that you're trying WWE I think I like Drake Maverick now please please do not make him lose the title.

  61. How he tell her to speed up then she leave him

  62. Wwe now are nerds. Bring back the roids

  63. It's completely crazy Drake Maverick R Truth and the 24/7 title are carriying the wwe

  64. I thought R TRUTH would of came running out of nowhere.

  65. Best couple ever.

  66. I love how renee was placed in the spotlight this time. Time to consumate the marriage.

  67. This 24/7 title is a joke literally. Can't wait till AEW on weekly gives me another thing to watch like back in the day with WCW Nitro. AEW AEW AEW AEW!!!!!!! 😄

  68. 👁️👃👁️😁😁😁😁

  69. does anyone know why drake loves being 24/7 championship? why doesn't he get other championship such as intercontinal, or universal ? 😛

  70. Is Renee Michelle already signed with the company?

  71. Only reason he left is cause YoungBoy didn’t declone Fast enough

  72. Drake Maverick's wife 😍😍😍😍🔥🔥

  73. 😆😆😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  74. Just before Drake Maverick makes penetration on his wife R-Truth pops out from underneath the bed in pins him

  75. Brock Lesnar should be next universal champ

  76. Now that's a couple for ya

  77. Now Drake Maverick finally got to consummate his marriage 😂😂

  78. drake drake drake he fought mike and won…. is a 5 time wwe 24/7 champion….. what now

  79. That's why no one is taking WWE seriously anymore……🙄

  80. Renee super hot….deserves that title

  81. The real power couple

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