Doug Collins: Dems ‘desperately seeking’ a Trump takedown

Doug Collins: Dems ‘desperately seeking’ a Trump takedown

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  1. Lock up Shifted Schiff now!! Garbage Democrats have destroyed everything!! They are Commie!! Period!! Idiots scumbag corrupted Shifted  Schiff is not testifying is an admission of guilt and the American people know it.  These corruption such as: Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Maine Water, Chuck Schumer & the Four Squad Commie, these Democrats are base on a Marxist platform, all of these Democrats like is Socialism!!  Radical Dems which is by the time. Democrats can’t hide any longer their socialism dream!! Democrats become a dictatorial Communist Government. We American loves Freedom and Freedom is not Free!! 👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸 American  can never except Communist in Our Government!!

  2. Adam Schiff is guilty of Treason and Nancy Pelosi as well!! Time to take them both down and make them pay dearly for their corruption and crimes against a sitting President.

  3. Look at Schiff. He is in a self glorification mode. It appears that he is almost orgasmic in the pleasure he is getting from being in charge of this folly. His eyes are going to pop out of his head. A fool.

  4. Get rid the wamp Demonkkkrat shifty shitf and Pelosi the uniti Americans enemy of the people. The do nothing communist party.



  7. Schiff better start looking over his shoulder, as something might just happen to him for all his lies, cheating and treasonist actions in the house. Schiff has become a target for a lot of people and they do not like him and they might just wish physical harm to him, but you will have to wait and see!

  8. sad,sad,sad,,,best comet was that all credit goes to Bumer.

  9. Stiffy neck Schiff is a pack of lies. He is destroying the Democratic Party along with Pelosi. What a waste of taxpayers money this witch-hunt. This is a disgrace.

  10. Maybe you should you should suggest it Adam shift have a drug test he might be on something

  11. Adam Schiff belongs in prison with Ed Buck

  12. Nothing to find Democrats waisting tax payer 💰.what a joke!

  13. I'm done watching this bull. I'm going to vote Trump and any good Republican in 2020. It really is about Trump draining the swamp.

  14. Democrat mind set- You say yes, I say no. They've always loved the argument more than
    the solution.

  15. Democrats have destroyed our democracy we are ashamed all over the world

  16. Some Way Dems are going to avoid another defeat next year
    A bloody coup – Globalists Deep State will Assassinate
    🇺🇸 President Donald Trump 🇺🇸

  17. Hunter biden, eric ciarramella. Chalupa, Nellie ohr all memorizing the fifth Haha

  18. Will the IG and the FISA Court conclude that the
    Deep State was clearly in charge of the Assassination
    Team but that there is no proof that the Deep State ever
    intended that the Trump Assassination itself would
    actually be so horrific

  19. Breaking news…I am a whistleblower. I have verified video tape of Adam Schiff sucking two huge black cocks at the same time! Of course I am unable to show you the video or release the names of the democrats involved, but you can trust me!

  20. The whistle blowers identity will be revealed Sunday by the NFL

  21. Thank you Brain For Helping President Trump And The Country

  22. I believe Adam Schaffer’s has real mental issues. I think he is a compulsive liar,and a narcissist. His lies will catch up to him,and he will be caught. He is also guilty of treason.

  23. Adam Schiff needs to be prosecuted as a traitor to America

  24. What terrible thing. A President trying to weed out a Thief and his son. Someone who made millions just for being vice President and his son. Biden just the guy I want for President. NOT  TRUMP 2020

  25. Doesn't make any sense what's going on. This started with the whistleblower, now won't let him testify 🤔This is manufactured buy Adam Schiff .He didn't let the questions to be asked. He was instructing the witnesses not to answer.

  26. Adam shittforbrains is a disgusting human being

  27. Taylor and Kent couldn’t say a peep when ask about a impeccable offence 👍🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡😂😂😂😂

  28. Adam Schiff represents no one or anything but Satan’s agenda.

  29. Dems are done .. Need a name change and new party

  30. Merriam Webster dictionary defines delusion as a persistent false psychotic belief regarding the self or persons or objects outside the self that is maintained despite indisputable evidence to the contrary.  This is the problem we are facing in our times.

  31. Why is shitty still in office? He should be the person getting impeached, not the president.

  32. Trish , I hope God will bless you, you are a intelligent beautiful woman. That is very hard to challenge. God bless you and your family.

  33. They are Terrified that the facts are going to point Directly back at THEM and O"Vomit, on Russia, Ukraine, and the Attempted Coup/Treason.
    They HAVE to get rid of Trump, or THEIR Goose is Cooked, for at least a generation

  34. Boomerangs back on the Dems !!

  35. Didn't Adam shift have to stand down from Congress ,
    asked by some members to excuse himself
    due to his lies for 2 years about president Donald Trump,
    as they could longer have any trust in his incredible to speak the truths
    , now he doing it again no stopping him
    breaking laws and still people allowed him to do what he wants
    , is there no authority that has responsibilities for creating order and ethics to this smearing of your president also the damage to the Administration for government
    this deliberate indefinite process creating a diversion of what fits their narrative ,
    bullying witnesses to testifying their opinions of Trump ,is this not a criminal offence why should your government have him employed,
    he with others should be changed with treason. ,Adam likes to act out having his own platform a specially on TV he really should leave politics for Hollywood

  36. It's funny to watch the Dems on a fool's errand….

  37. Impeach Schiff and Pelosi And Hillary For Jail

  38. The IG report had better come out soon, because there are a lot of very angry Americans who can't hold it together much longer.

  39. shifty is a big joke, lies and doesn't get fired and gets a boss job, sounds like working inn the school dist, what a joke , his as- should go up in smoke. Just like his side kick Nancy and a lot of the dems, hoping the dems are going to have to PAY BACK BIG TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Anyone who listens to the full hearings are VERY concerned about the corrupt media reporting. Schitt auditioned those people in his secret hearings, he knows the answers but he acts like he's making up questions as he goes along. The entire fake media called this first hearing in public a bombshell…..there was nothing new, everything said was what schitt already leaked. They call what two guys who never met the president, didn't hear the call and are just repeating "office" gossip to be damning evidence. There was NO evidence, all we heard was the opinions of two guys who have worked in the deep state for 25-30 years and don't like this new guy thinking it's HIS job to be the president!

  41. the best part of the first day of schitts public clown show is……the president got $3.5 million in donations today.

  42. So if Adam Schiff has been making up lies in order to damage the president’s reputation, then why hasn’t he been brought up on charges of perjury? Or even had charges of slander? He should be sanctioned and removed from the judiciary committee

  43. senator collins is RIGHT.

  44. If you feel this is wrong call your Congress @202-224-3121. God bless America

  45. Dems can see after the reception of their"impeachment" hearing, they might as well go along with the USMCA agreement; at least they will have done SOMETHING.

  46. Nancy Pelosi has become the Dumbest leader of the Hose ever. She has won this tittle!!



  49. So Trish,they are all afraid of what is going to come out? If they were so afraid of what was going to come out they would be distancing themselves as much as humanly possible from the people who committed the coup. Each and every one of these liberal scumbags know what was done. And if they knew what was going to come out they be retiring and running as fast as possible from their current positions. Here's the fact, they know the deep state is running the investigation through that Bush hack Barr, They know nothing is going to happen to them that's why they keep doing this to the president. The president in turn is actually believing Barr that hes going to do something about the coup attempt. Barr is no different from sessions, Same type of traitor just wearing different clothes. Barr is slow playing this entire investigation and destroying evidence of the coup attempt, Hoping the liberals can damage the president enough before the president get sick and tired of waiting and has to fire Barr And starting the whole process again. This whole thing is a stall tactic. The president just needs to say screw everybody and declassify everything and burn that rathole of DC down.

  50. SCHIFF IS S I C K‼️👎🏻

  51. Let's just agree that if trump was impeached, Pence would pardon him.
    So the Democrats are doing,

  52. When you lie the First time the lie becomes an exponential problem!! Schiff.!!

  53. The big difference between Trish and Covuto

  54. schiff and pelosi's credibility is lying

  55. Ode To the Democrats in the House…"And they're all made out of ticky tacky..and they're lies sound just the same."

  56. It is the job of POTUS to set Foreign Policy of the country, not the bureaucrats who should be promoting POTUS's stated policy. If these bureaucrats have issues with POTUS's policy, they can raise them up personally with POTUS. And if they still cannot agree with POTUS, they should tender their resignation, instead of undermining his policies; because doing so will only make the job of POTUS difficult, and is tantamount to a mutiny. Remember, POTUS is elected by the people, and bureaucrats are not.

  57. Shifty Adam Schiff, in not allowing the requested people to be subpoenaed by the Republicans in the House Intelligence Committee, just doesn't want to search for the truth in this Trump-Zelensky phone call. This farcical inquisition of Pres. Trump is just another way of the Democrats' evil intention to nullify the votes of the American people who voted for Pres. Trump as their Commander-In-Chief in the 2016 presidential election. This SHAM INVESTIGATION, concocted by Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler and the rest of the Democrats who voted for this inquisition of Pres. Trump, is to bring down his presidency by any means necessary, which is tantamount to a COUP D'ETAT.

  58. While you watch their show, I'd like to know what they're doing behind the stage unseen.
    Planning their next Coup Attempt?
    Why are they not Arrested, an held in Jail, like a treasonous criminal???
    All Part Of The Show Folks…

  59. Schiff’s eyes betray him 👁👁 schemings, unpatriotic & dishonest 🐀🐀🐀 STINKS ! They rightly belong to the basement 😅😂🤣

  60. Adam Shits credibility is not zero….it’s a negative number. LOL. He has crap for a brain.

  61. Can't even spell truth much less tell it …. brutal

  62. This whole thing is a Huge performance, and shifty is the second rate actor. What a friggin dope.

  63. Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon should buggerize Schiff!!

  64. Schitt like the rest of the moron's KNOW , their time is almost up , corrupt to the core and can't wait till they pay the ferryman !!!

  65. Dems are digging their own graves! Hell awaits!

  66. Why is this not treason of the democrats?

  67. Political hit job. Attempted coup = treason.

  68. Is Adam Schiff really that stupid or is he actually a spy for the Republicans trying to take down the Democrats to make them look stupid cuz he is really making the Democrats look stupid I love the guy he's helping us Republicans out

  69. Sorry forgot my classes at home.can't find them. Hope you can understand this.

  70. These Democrat party leaders are going down @!!!!!!

  71. Since Adam Schiff is a lying horrible individual why are the Republicans allowing this man to run Congress?

  72. Why is Adam Schiff still there he should be taken down someone replace him

  73. The dems dirt is coming to the surface. Biden bragging about withholding aid until a prosecutor was fired….and saying he was speaking for the pres pretty much sums up where they all get their big money. Tip of the iceberg

  74. When will it come out that the Democrats are covering up for Schiff being a pedophile ?

  75. Flashback: Obama Fired All Bush Appointed Ambassadors In 2008
    By Daily Caller

    Shelby Talcott on November 15, 2019

    The former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch testified Friday about President Donald Trump firing her amid an alleged “smear campaign,” but firing ambassadors appointed by former presidents is commonplace.

    Former President Barack Obama fired all ambassadors appointed by former President George W. Bush in 2008, the Washington Post previously reported. Yovanovitch testified Friday that the Trump administration, including the president’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, “kneecapped” her. She said that she was not supported by State Department leaders after being recalled in May.

    “Political ambassadors sometimes are permitted to stay on briefly during a new administration, but the sweeping nature of the directive suggests that Obama has little interest in retaining any of Bush’s ambassadorial appointees,” WaPo’s 2008 article about Obama’s decision to fire all political ambassadors reads.

    Yovanovitch was appointed by Obama in 2016, and newly-elected presidents typically re-vamp the positions with their own choices once taking office. Yovanovitch was allowed to stay on for three years after Trump took office, but has testified that senior officials “declined to acknowledge” the “smear campaign” against her leading up to her firing, Politico reported.

    “Often the posts involving the most important bilateral relations (such as with Great Britain, Japan and India) or desirable locales (such as the Bahamas) are given to close friends and well-heeled contributors of the president,” the WaPo article adds.

  76. Schiff is a bugeyed liar

  77. we have President Trump that's all we need we don't need to deep State all they are is handle orders that's what the Democrats depended on was Handler and it didn't work we've become very close to losing our country because of them

  78. Just another bad Hollywood movie.

  79. Where are the rest of the Republicans

  80. The bottom line is to protect Obama and his compadres in Crime. Talk about Cover-up Galore.

  81. Adam Schiff credibility is in the public toilets. He costed so much hatred and divisiveness in this country. America should do the fully investigation and corruption on Adam Schiff. He should be in prison for lied to America.

  82. Don't believe any sane person could support this Schiff clown show, regardless of their political party. Only the guilty support impeachment because they will otherwise soon be arrested for treason, fraud, human trafficking………


  84. This is not a democrat channel thank God.

  85. Thank you, Doug Collins!

  86. and the senators turned to their little ceasar …and he knew ….

  87. Adam Schiff you tried to silence a Ukrainian-American voice today in not allowing Elise Stefanik from asking important questions. Keep fulfilling the Stalinist agenda….you will loose.

  88. Now shift says he doesn't know who the Whistleblower is because it's him

  89. Schiff is a drowning man clutching at straws…paper ones !! ….Drowning in his own Schiff !!

  90. Seeking a Trump shakedown? No, fighting for the return of the rule of law

  91. Adam Schiff is a disgrace, shame on him for grandstanding. He was behaving like movie star in front of the camera, well articulated speech consoling some lady that got fired, what a joke!

  92. He can’t spell truth 😂

  93. The Constitution is being trashed by Schiff who is subversive and incompetent. Our military has a right to step in, arrest Schiff for Treason and Sedition and put an end to this farce!

  94. I am only going to say this 7 times so you better listen Schiff, Impeach yourself and all those rats you are working with. Also get some help. You can't impeach Trump for working hard for all people.

  95. Maybe there is not whistleblower. It's all made up.

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