Dopa’s INSANE Cannon Minion Strategy: Learn How! | Skill Capped

Dopa’s INSANE Cannon Minion Strategy: Learn How! | Skill Capped

Hey everyone! Today we’re bringing you a really sweet video,
where you’re going to learn a cool lane wave management strategy from the master himself
Dopa, playing TF in Korean Challenger. This strategy works on any champion, and is
mostly used to get the best resets or opportunities to pressure without dying to the enemy jungler,
and not giving the enemy laner a chance to freeze. Let’s get started by breaking down the matchup,
then we will get into the strategy. TF is an AP control mage, vs Akali an AP assassin. TF has the ranged advantage and the Waveclear
advantage, while AKali does more overall damage. The only thing required for this strategy
is that you have more waveclear than the enemy champion. Dopas MIssion will be: Mission 1: Keep the wave in the middle We will talk about why this is important soon. Mission 2: Harass when Akali goes for last
hits Just like in any ranged vs melee matchup,
Dopa wants to use his ranged advantage to poke Akali when she steps up for a CS. Mission 3: Crash every cannon wave Crashing the wave on a cannon has multiple
benefits, which we talk about throughout the video. Alright, lets get into the gameplay. At the start of the lane, Dopa does something
here that were not exactly sure on, as he walks into lane, then out of vision top side. Our guess is, he wanted to fake that he put
a ward down in this area, as this is something he has done before. The enemy jungler is olaf. let us know what
you think the reason was in the comments. Anyways, after that, he’s going to head into
lane and use a red card to grab all 3 of these minions. He’s not touching any minions now, working
on mission 1. To keep the wave in the middle, he needs to
match Akalis push the whole time, which definitely isn’t easy and takes practice, especially
when he starts going for poke. AS the next wave gets here, some of the blue
minions start to get low, and Akali is going to be looking to get them, so its time to
start mission 2. Dopa is going to pull a blue card here and
just hold it, which makes akali stay back and give up this minion, then Dopa throws
it to grab a CS. Since his card is down, Akali takes that time
to walk up and grab a minion, then looks to trade with her Q. If you dont know, Akalis level 1 is actually
pretty good if she gets her passive autos off, so Dopa just backs up, giving up a few
CS to aviod this damage. If we look at the waves, both of them have
4 minions each, so mission 1 is looking good. But i’m sure you might be wondering by this
point, why should we use this strategy, over the typical ranged vs melee one where we slow
push a big wave on the enemy tower, then harass? Or, why not use the other strategy Dopa uses
that we go over where he will freeze mid all game which sets up ganks for his jungler? To understand this, we have to talk about
the pros and cons of each strategy. The first and most popular one is the slowpush
into harass on tower strategy. The good part about this one is that it gives
you a lot of time to harass the enemy champion, can get you tower damage, but if you take
a bad trade the enemy can freeze using their tower and you can get stuck in a bad spot. Also, you have to push without dying to ganks,
which a lot of players struggle with. And when playing TF vs Akali, Sylas or any
of these other broken champions that are meta in mid, sometimes a minion wave won’t save
you and you can just die. That leads us to the next one, the freezing
strategy. In this one, you don’t have the risks of dying
to ganks because you’re freezing, and you can set up easy ganks. But, it’s hard to trade because to freeze
a wave the enemy has to have more minions than you, so you’re focus is more on wave
management. So you don’t get the harass and tower damage
from the previous strategy. Now this strategy that you are learning today
is the middle ground of the two. By keeping the wave in the middle, you have
even minions, meaning you can still trade, and you’re not pushing too hard where you
are vulnerable to ganks. The part about crashing the cannon wave we
will get into more soon. So how does Dopa know which strategy to use
in each game? Well the main things are going to be the jungle
and mid matchup. The enemy jungler is Olaf, his jungler is
lee-sin. If you don’t know, Olaf is one of, if not
the strongest early game jungler. If Dopa pushes the wave with the slowpush
strategy, that can pull jungle pressure from Olaf, and Olafs ganks can be tough to avoid
as TF, and if he baits them into a 2v2, the enemy team has a higher chance of winning
with how weak TF is early on, and how strong Akali and Olaf are. If he tries to freeze early and set up ganks,
Akali has cleanse, and again if a 2v2 breaks out,they will probably lose. So the point is, Dopa wants to avoid 2v2s,
which is what this strategy is good for. Alright let’s get back into the gameplay now. Dopa is going to continue working on mission
1 and 2, and the third wave is here now, which is the cannon, so it’s time to start thinking
about mission 3. As the wave gets here, he uses his Q, hitting
a lot of the minions and grabbing a last hit. Akali tries to get aggressive here, so he
hits her with a blue card, backing up avoiding any big trades. Remember Akali can lay on a lot of damage
with hr passive early. Since Dopa wants to crash the cannon wave
for mission 3, he doesn’t want to keep the waves even anymore, and can start building
up a wave. If he tries to crash the wave here by spamming
waveclear, it will freeze in front of the enemy tower, he can’t push that fast at this
point in the game. So he’s going to combine the cannon wave with
the next wave. To do this, he’s just going to get a minion
lead by pushing a little bit, but not too fast. He still wants the wave in the middle while
he prepares a big wave. Ok if we stop here, look at how the wave is
still in the middle, but he has a minion advantage and the next wave is showing up to be a big
one. THis is exactly what you want. Now watch the difference in his gameplay. He’s going to use Q on all 6 minions from
the next wave, use a minion dematerializer on a ranged minion, then clear the wave to
crash it for mission 3. On AP TF, you want to use the minion dematerialiser
on the ranged minions so you can clear them all with one Q around level 9. Alright so he’s crashed the wave, what does
this do for him? Well if you noticed, by crashing the cannon
wave, Akali is forced to back off and there is no way to freeze, she would take way too
much damage. Also, that wave is going to be under her tower
for a while. The benefits of crashing a cannon wave are: You can take a perfect reset You have a lot of mid priority because of
how long the wave is under tower It’s really hard for the enemy to freeze because
of how much damage the cannon does, and this is also why you stack up one more wave like
Dopa did. and the wave will always push back the other
way which puts the enemy laner is a weird spot because if they recall they will lose
CS. Anyways, Dopa is going to use this time to
put a ward on top side, which is the side he’s going to be hugging since he knows Olaf
started Red and does a full clear, he should be on botside at this point. Then he heads back into lane and looks for
some harass on Akali as she finishes clearing the wave. So if we look at the minion waves again, as
we can see, the wave is pushing back to Dopa, so the control of it is in his hands, Akali
can’t do anything to dictate where it will go at this point. The reason it’s pushing back to Dopa is because
of the even minion rule, which just means if the waves have the same amount of minions,
whichever side of the lane it is on, it will push the other way. This is also why mission 1 is: Keep the wave
in the middle, and not keep the minions even. Because if they are even on Dopas side of
the lane, they will push towards Akali. Anyways, Dopa is last hitting while letting
the wave come back to the middle, then works on mission 2 here hitting Akali with a gold
card and a Q when she walks up for this last hit. Notice how he does not auto attack her here
after stunning, and lets her walk up first, then autos to proc electrocute. If he autoed right after using his stun, he
would take a lot more minion damage, but he backed up knowing shes going to walk up for
this CS anyways, then hit her. Akali trades back a little here since Dopa
just used his card, but he managed to quickly throw one as it came off cooldown to poke
her some more. Alright it’s a cannon wave again. Remember before Dopa stacked up another wave
and crashed it for mission 3. Watch what he does here, if you have been
paying attention, you should notice two things he doesn’t differently here. The first thing you should notice is that
he used a minion dematerializer on the cannon after we said you should use all 3 on the
ranged minions. And the second is that he didn’t stack up
the wave and he just hard pushed this right away. He does both of these things for 2 reasons. The first reason is that Olaf just showed
on the map fighting in bot lane right now, so he has no chance of being ganked mid. And the second is that Akali has taken a few
bad trades and is getting low, so if he tries to wait and stack up another wave, she can
recall, he wants to pressure as hard as possible now while he knows he can’t be ganked. Now he’s going to really lay on the harass
while getting tower damage, knowing Akali has no way out of this. She cant fight him with this low health and
nobody is around to save her. Akali sticks around for a while though because
she has cleanse and she knows if she recalls she’s going to miss so much experience and
gold. Notice Dopa isn’t flashing it and using ignite
or anything crazy, he can probably kill her by doing that even if she uses cleanse, but
this is the thing about Dopa, he has a lot of self control and is very calculated with
his aggression. He knows if she recalls she loses lane anyways,
and flashing and getting the kill on her doesn’t even do that much more for him. An AP TF with 1 or 2 kills doesn’t really
snowball that hard, he values the flash more than the 300 gold. The fight is still going on in bot lane, so
he’s hard shoving and Akali refuses to recall, and ends up just dying to Dopa Q auto and
1 tick of ignite. Alright guys, we talked about a lot in this
video, ranging from why each of 3 strategies we talked about were good, why Dopa wanted
to use this particular one, and why he switched it up a little bit in the middle. Hopefully after watching this you really see
how much thinking goes into this game, and why Dopa is the king of solo Q. His wave management is the best of the best,
and it’s always a treat to break down his gameplay. But, that’s going to be it for this video,
thanks for watching!

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