DOJ launches probe into automakers’ emissions deal with California

DOJ launches probe into automakers’ emissions deal with California

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  1. We have nothing but Frauds fakes liars and Thieves that the past 3 years especially they are no longer hiding their Traitorous ways and they are no longer happy with just stealing from the people to keep them down and dependent on Gov. and we the people in the USA and now people around the world are being manipulated to do the Rich scumbags will with their puppets in the CIA and media and they are the ones that led to the people despising them for good reason they are out of control

  2. Government tries to stop a private business from making profits.

    You are all socialists.

  3. People are buying some electric cars. Tesla sales are soaring. But most people aren't going to buy braindead EVs that don't have enough range or have been uglified beyond belief. No other car company makes an EV that matches or exceeds the specs of the 2012 Tesla Model S, let alone the current Model S. Also, availability of most EVs is still a problem. Most dealers don't carry them, and many car makers refuse to sell them in states that don't mandate them. It's no wonder that the sales figures are so dismal. They also aren't advertising them even when they're available. (Tesla doesn't have to because they rely on other ways to promote their cars, but other car makers do need to advertise if they expect to sell their cars.)

  4. Electric vehicles are impractical and ironically eco-unfriendly. If I ever own one, it will be because I didn't buy it.

  5. DOJ needs to devote resources for those against President Trump

  6. Supremacy clause…preemption by Federal lawor regulations…never heard of those legal concepts? You have. You just didn't know what they were talking about when they were talking about it.

  7. I'm sure there is no corruption or kickbacks anywhere! At all!

  8. California sucks don’t follow them Americans

  9. The DOJ should be looking into EPSTEIN.. finding Maxwell.. Looking in All the CLINTON crap… putting COMEY in jail.. ect ect ect..

  10. EV'S suck in cold weather areas, take to long to recharge, have short driving range unless you buy a 100k car. What a scam, and it creates a very large environmental impact which Will take over 10 years to recoup.

  11. 🤗 I have an electric Mustang ! Chaooo !

  12. Any of these companies if any of you own them are pieces of crap and spend more time at the dealership then they do in your driveway or garage, I mean pieces of crap, check engine lights on, engine missing Transmissions going out radiator overheating, I am a mechanic and I have never in my life seen it this bad these cars and trucks are rotten

  13. Can't afford their electric cars. Can't even afford a car made after 2010.

  14. Time to make California red again in 2020!!!

  15. UNLESS YOU DONT HAVE A SIMPLE V8 ITS NOT A VEHICLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F Electric and eco boost 💩🤢🤢🤢

  16. DOJudas worried about car emissions and ignores the corruption that is destroying our nation.

  17. Simply stop selling California cars see how fast their attitude changes

  18. Need to hit the RESET button hard, on Kalifornia and a couple more states.

  19. Where all the batteries go after they retired and how the electric charge station getting their electricity?

  20. Isn't 35 miles per gallon a minimum requirement rather than 50mpg? No one is against or prohibiting the more efficient cars just more inclusive for lesser which generates bigger economy

  21. So much for GOP wanting a free markets. DOJ trying to sue companies for choosing to go above and beyond federal standards.

  22. California is a very corrupt state. They have so many homeless, druggies, trash on the streets, dirty needles everywhere, illegals, and corrupt politicians that don't give a d**n about the American people. Not to mention Hellyweird full of mental cases living in la la land.

  23. Electronic car it just means that you will pay a tax on how many miles you drive. Have fun! Seriously you think you are going to drive it for free. Haha.

  24. California..

    Nut cases, cheats, liars and corruption personified

    86 California from the Union and place an impregnable Wall along the CA border.
    Place tariffs on Ca exports.

  25. What Emission Standards?
    California wants control of
    Who pollutes…. That's all.

  26. Auto makers are making a Deal with the Devil…

  27. As you can see, businesses making good deals that go against republicans ideas causes them to get mad. Talk about free market. What idiots.

  28. The US Gov will throw the book at a US company…yet VW got a pass on a real crime.

  29. Of course an electric vehicle cost so much more the Gov gives you 7500 for buying one.

  30. What lies and fake news are doing now. Fox news and O'Reilly and Hannity are fake and propaganda news

  31. Tesla is Far from a bust.
    In fact I'm a hardcore muscle guy, and I want a Tesla.
    Expensive though, I hope they get cheaper to produce.

  32. There too expensive

  33. What the hell kind of suit are you wearing.??
    Did you think that looked good big pimp.???

  34. I'm sure no one said a word about your suit at work…

  35. How the hell does that play into California's over the top vehicle emission standards for decades?

  36. Will the doj investigate the fed and automakers for quashing consumers with their un wanted safety features? They have been driving up prices in the name of fear for half a century. This is sht journalism. You should be fired.

  37. We need more of her.

  38. Hello Jodie Foster…you're looking young these days!

  39. The Dems are stealing money like theyre going to live forever!

  40. I have to look at price when I buy a car. If Ford wants to deal with commiefornia and try to charge me 2 or 3k more, sorry man, I'll look elsewhere.

  41. Don't buy their products, period! Money talks.

  42. Why not any mention of VW scam for emissions?

  43. That young lady , Kristen (??) , she reminds me of Jodie Foster at about the same age …

  44. Dems want the auto industries to fail.

  45. The Left push EVs, but they don't tell you the electricity to recharge them comes from Coal Fired Plants…so how does this reduce emissions…IDIOTS!

  46. Hell, California's plastic waste gets shipped to Vietnam but they intentionally never asked how the waste would be deal with. They have a tually stated on camera that they have no idea where itgoes. Meanwhile, Vietnam is dumping it in the ocean. So all you Californicators that are so high on yourself, guess what? YOUR taxes are paying to polute the oceans. THE straws are yours and have been all along.

  47. Trump: Our nut-case deranged president

  48. Electric cars are unaffordable

  49. But no probe into the Clinton Foundation or the attempted coup staged by McCabe, Comey, Strzok, Page, et al.?

  50. DOJ focuses on this while doing nothing about an attempted coup in this country. Incredible.

  51. I have a 2006 Impala and went to buy a new 2018 Impala. They downsized it. I am a big man and do not fir. I checked many other brands and they all were downsized. They were meeting stupid liberal regulations and forgot comfort. I am just refurbishing my 2 old cars and screw the new junk.

  52. Electric cars are crap and worthless unless you are in a city and do short driving and charging stations everywhere. Hydrogen is the way to go

  53. What could be worse, a Horse pulling a Hearse.?

  54. Pelosi prob sold out Cali for cheap

  55. The only thing a liberal would like more than an electric car
    Is an electric car made in China.

  56. California is really clinging to old dirty technology , I thought they were supposed to be innovative leaders in tech. Did they not ask for a full cradle to grave environment impact report on these electric vehicles they are pushing? And their electric grid can't even barley support homes running ac, what happens when everyone gets home and charges their dirty electric cars?

  57. Good to see a conservative consensus against states rights.

  58. LMAO, justice system is a joke. Democrats are the largest criminal enterprise and their going after working class people.

  59. I wonder how much Feinstein and Pelosi pocketed with this deal ?

  60. I work on cars and I would never own an electric vehicle !!!!

  61. Is All Americans Equal and Living under the Same Laws …Arrest…Arrest ….Arrest if there is None then we are Demanding Equal Justice under the Law

  62. Kristin is gorgeous

  63. With just about 17% of electricity production in the US (17% in France, 24% in China) created with renewables, and 40% of the world's electricity production created with coal, electric cars aren't at all clean. Additionally, consider the environmental costs of all the rare minerals and everything else that goes into the batteries. Who are they trying to deceive?

  64. Passing CA smog is always a nail biter. No other state has such high standards. Trying to keep an older, working, paid for car on the road is hard work and costly here. When you live in other states, you don't get it🥺

  65. If you give me a Tesla, I'll happily drive it… when I don't need to carry my band equipment, when I don't have to go more than 100 miles each way, and when I don't need to tow anything.

  66. She's wrong. Send her back

  67. …time for the 4 wheel mountain bike, all manual, stand up, hook up, shuffle to the floor, 4 count spring charged, semi automatic, pneumatic gun for fun Red Cross nebulizing method, mode, and mean for a home based facilitated vendor free agency transport. Support the medical bill with a brand new log & ekg , ' Doc in the Box ' corrosion liner (sponsor magnet ) tool and part , contrivance. Stay in shape, in a truly eco friendly vocation for diplomacy, and support your local Post Office by ordering all the parts through the mail, build it as you can afford it….wheres the protract for this amphibious design besides on my drawing table ?? FEMA should have had this smart part invention before Katrina ever hit,,, just another brick in the wall of planned obsolescence I guess.

  68. The reason I believe these car companies are doing this is to create artificial barriers to entry for potential competition.

  69. Obama standard's? Obama brought charging plugs and charging pipe hose to electrify the car's!
    But California is a silicon valley where silicon products of woodworks and wood log association have majority working labor. Now did the global warming melted the silicon valleys and landscapes which had made to plug-n-play electrics?

    IEEE and IEC approved these electrification of human wiring with neurologist, gynecologist, cardio vascular, doctor's association?
    How WHO approved these devices into humans and release of nano instrument's into human blood and body?

    This is CRIME and NOT innovation😡

  70. America would be better without California or New York City.

  71. While the Feds are at it look into how Fucker Fords stole stockholders money instead of an Oloser bailout too. COCKFUCKINGSUCKERS!

  72. "consumers aren't buying these electric car" meanwhile the all electric Tesla 3 is the #1 selling car in the US. 🤔 Wrong sister. try again

  73. If America wants to sell cars to Europe and Japan they are going to need to make more efficient cars since Europe and Japan are not going to lower their emission targets for American cars.

  74. Republicans actually want more pollution from burning fossils fuels. They will sue car companies who try to reduce that pollution. If you think global warming is a hoax created by China, vote Republican. If you think increasing co2 pollution is dangerous vote Democrat.

  75. After all is said and done, a lot more is said than done.

  76. Kristen makes an excellent point regarding eco-regulations. Most of them are regressive and cost middle and working class people disproportionately more than the rich. A prime example is California's summer blend gasoline which is often in short supply and therefore costs about 75 cents a gallon more than the national average. I paid $3.29 at Costco for my last fill. The national average is $2.55. Simply complying with the Federal standard would put billions of dollars into the pockets of the working class and have a direct benefit on their lives.

  77. Imagine what the world would look like today, if, Henry Ford stopped and asked permission.

    when you have to stop and ask the government to create any industry, you're already setting yourself up for failure.

    The marijuana industry for example. People are so happy to get legalized weed, they don't even realize that they are asking the government to create run and control an entire industry.

    What industry has the government successfully run, as of today?

  78. In 1948 Ford Motor Company headed to indestructible body. Made from hemp. And a flathead v8 not produced steam out of the tailpipe. Steam that would eventually be recovered and reintroduced into the air fuel mixture. Pushed into the cylinder, to create the steam engine affect.

    As of today. The worst thing the automotive industry has ever done is, sold a lawyer a Corvair.

  79. If you really believe car companies are damaging themselves financially short their sticks.

  80. Millennial generation is whacked, it was part of the 16 yr plan!!

  81. Californians have let the Democrat mafia into our state government! Get off your butts and vote these corrupt Democrats the hell out of office!

  82. Ford, the only auto company that didn’t kneel down and take the Feds tit !

  83. eCars are heavier for their size so tires won't last as long, they're going to be cheaper to maintain but far more expensive to repair. Because of that expense, cars like the Leaf or the Prius are going to be 'one-trick-ponies'. Unless the cars have less then 80K miles, no one wants to afford the on coming costs. I heard locally to me that a 6 yr. old Prius w/ 143K miles needed a generator(charging the battery) to be replaced. The replacement cost was $5K plus labor. Scrap it…right(?)…wrong! You'll be charged by the dealer to take the battery to a recycler(like is done w/ tires) but the battery is toxic so you can't do it, unlike tires. Green people suck.

  84. The Soviet satellite of California strikes again.

  85. Large corporations only exist because of corruption in government.

  86. Everyone forced to buy/drive electric cars= power grid overload and toxic pollution from discarded lithium batteries= no one gets to own/drive an electric vehicle! That’s all. Stop mega corporations from producing cheap wares in countries like China and leveraging themselves to be the sole supplier or all our needs, and we won’t need as many vehicles on the road. Make and sell things in this country. Build merchant businesses in all towns and support community growth in all sectors. We could walk or bike for most of our needs. A powerful few corporations are now the sole providers of all goods sold to Americans and of which is produced by foreign slave labor. Thus allowing these select few oligarchs to make more profit. I have questions for these greedy pricks…haven’t you figured out we all die? How much money is too much? Does how you get this wealth bother you at all? Guess you can’t ask sociopaths anything to do with humility! Move on.

  87. See movie, "who killed the electric car". Then understand America will never be an electric car country.

  88. Since nearly 90% of all our electrical energy comes from coal-burning
    powerplants, it makes NO sense to think electrical cars are "Green." The
    more electric cars there are on the road, the more coal is needed to produce
    the energy required to charge up those batteries. Duh!
    How much more stupid can libs get??? Good grief!

  89. How come no democrats are behind the bars..?maybe they are clean..

  90. i love her accent.. no idea what it is though

  91. These people are retarted when they charge electric cars how do they think the electric was produced

  92. It seems like Fox News is against anything green, good or bad. What is going on there?

  93. Electricity comes from coal
    Milk comes from cows

  94. The auto makers please move your car factories to the US, or else sell your cars to young black people for free, they need money and cars, please make yourself useful like that

  95. Trump is corrupted. Because he want Saudi Arabia to get more richer.

  96. DOJ has much much more important things to investigate , uranium used to make atomic bombs sold to Russia, the media and there bias, election fraud like Brevard county in Florida ,the Coup against President Trump, and much much more

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