Doctors, business owners concerned amid vaping scare

Doctors, business owners concerned amid vaping scare

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  1. This is how fucked up it is…seems to me that the biggest influencing authority and research subjects for the ban are their teenagers including the first Ladys…i have been a smoker for 20 years and I started with regular cigarettes, not with flavored vape juice…Thanks to vaping I feel so much better and I have completely quit cancer causing cigarettes for over 1 year now! So does this mean we don't ban real cigarettes? Which BTW is a money pit for the government obviously…Isn't it the responsibility of parents to know what their children are doing? Rather than just ban it for their ease and convenience???

    So let's get this straight…when teenage girls started getting pregnant with STD’s, did the government ban sex altogether? What kind of dumb ass solution is this??? Is this Hitler nation??? Hmmm! They are not exposing the real danger here which is HTC the substance in marijuana oil vaping products! Common!!! intelligent people think a little…Marijuana is crazy and impairs your thinking, and yet it's becoming more and more legal…while VG that is used on infants mouths for soothing sores and nicotine that does next to no harm on it's own is suddenly the culprit…Also just all of the sudden when Juul is hitting it out of the park…people just seem to drop dead..I smell conspiracy…

    I am sure now they would say tobacco (combustibe) owns shares in Juul…so its not the tobacco companies behind this…no doubt that's a decoy tactic to get access to lead vape companies nice and early and defuse any uprising, simply because now they have a stake and a say inside the board of these vape compaies…think people, think!!!!!! Watch the ole movie ”Insider”a true story and educate yourselves please!!!!

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