Do the Right Thing (5/10) Movie CLIP – Racist Stereotypes (1989) HD

Do the Right Thing (5/10) Movie CLIP – Racist Stereotypes (1989) HD

Can l talk to you
for a second? What? Who’s your favorite
basketball player? Magic Johnson. Who’s your favorite
movie star? Eddie Murphy. Who’s your favorite rock star? Prince. You’re a Prince freak. Boss. Bruce. Prince. All you talk about
is nigger this and nigger that. Your favorite people
are niggers. lt’s different.
Magic, Eddie, Prince… are not niggers. l mean, they’re not black, l mean–
Let me explain myself. They’re–
They’re not really black. l mean, they’re black,
but not really. They’re more than black.
lt’s different. lt’s different? Yeah. To me,
it’s different. Deep down you wish
you were black. Get the fuck out of here. Go ahead, laugh. Your hair’s kinkier than mine. What does that mean? And you know what they say
about dark ltalians. You know, l been listening…
and reading– You been reading now? l read. l’ve been reading
about your leaders. Reverend Al
”Mister Doo” Sharpton. Jesse ”Keep hope alive”… That’s fucked up. ”Keep hope alive.” That’s fucked.
Don’t talk about Jesse. And even the other guy,
what’s his name? Faraman, Fairakan– Minister Farakhan. Right. Sorry. Minister Farakhan. Anyway, Minister Farakhan
always talks about the so-called day… when the black man
will rise. What does he say? ”We will one day
rule the earth as we did
in our glorious past”? That’s right. What past?
What did l miss? We started civilization. Man, keep dreaming, man. Then you woke up! Pino, fuck you. Fuck your fucking pizza, and fuck Frank Sinatra. Yeah? Well, fuck you, too,
and fuck Michael Jackson. You dago, wop, guinea, garlic-breath,
pizza-slinging, spaghetti-bending,
Vic Damone, Perry Como, Luciano Pavarotti,
solo mio, nonsinging motherfucker. You gold-teeth,
gold-chain-wearing, fried-chicken
and biscuit-eating monkey, ape, baboon, big thigh,
fast-running, high-jumping,
spear-chucking, 360-degree basketball-dunking, tit, soon, spade,
moulan, yan. Take your fucking pizza piece and go the fuck back to Africa. You little slanty-eyed,
me-no-speaky-American, own every fruit and vegetable stand
in New York, bullshit,
Reverend Sun Yung Moon, Summer Olympic ’88, Korean kick-boxing,
son-of-a-bitch. You Goya bean-eating,
15-in-a-car, 30-in-an-apartment,
pointy shoes, red-wearing, menudo, mira-mira,
Puerto Rican cocksucker. Yeah, you! lt’s cheap. l got good price for you, Mayor Kochie,
”How l’m doing?” Chocolate-egg-cream drinking, bagel-and-lox,
B’nai B’rith, Jew asshole. Yo! Hold up!
Time out! Time out! Y’all, take a chill! Ya need to cool
that shit out!

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  1. This is how I actually talk haha

  2. The double truth… and he double dares you to say what again ! You double dig ?


  4. "The Rev. Jessie: 'Keep hope ALIVE!' "

  5. People forget to mention not only there was racism between Italian and blacks but there was also racism 25th Puerto Ricans and whites and Chinese.

  6. Back n in the day we all hated each other lol white ' black n Spanish and Asian

  7. Never seen him so young. Dam lifes crazy.

  8. Back when MJ jokes where about him being a great entertainer not allegations about him 🙁


  10. Lmfao😂😂😂

  11. I’m Italian and one of my closest friends is black.

    He’s someone I really care about and he cares about me.

    This movie hits pretty close to home for me……

  12. Goya bean eaten

  13. 0:08 Pack of cigarettes for $1.50

  14. Id slap everyone in the face, tell them to stop. And think, are you all dumb? Were in the same city. You don't want to be here? Leave!

  15. What Americans think of each other. Sad. Yet Spike Lee made it with dark humor.

  16. I watched this like 20 times over …. first time witnessing this creative scene 💀💀💀

  17. I forgot how important this movie was….dang.

  18. What about Jimi Hendrixs

  19. I mean if they only knew the truth of Michael jackson

  20. Too many run on sentences

  21. 1:34
    We wuz Kangz n shiet!

  22. Im not yelling that’s the way I talk. A [email protected]&king shark ate me

  23. Got to say as a jew I wasn't impressed with the Jewish insults I have heard a lot better

  24. 1:42 – 1:50 Hilarious.

  25. Gold chain wearing, Fast running, and high jumping dont seem like insults to me 😎😎😎

  26. If this movie was made today there would a million hashtags made by every sjws.

  27. “Gold chain wearing”
    Bish you’re wearing a gold necklace

  28. 2019 YouTube comments.. Hold my beer

  29. 15 in a car, 30 in an apartment. 😂

  30. Omg .. But that little Asian guy .. lol .. 😆😜😂😁

  31. Lmaooooo classic

  32. Pino has a bigger 'fro than Mookie.

  33. I never remembered Samuel L Jackson and John Turturro in this movie?!

  34. Black people need to take responsibility

  35. People actually paid money to watch this?

  36. Love being a ape

  37. Life was good. Nothing wrong wit it ITS JUST WORDS

  38. I still have no idea who the Asian dude is talking about

  39. Everyday I wake up to this everyday in the usa

  40. Thing is blacks and Italians are pretty much the same.

  41. More than black? Is that mean they are super black?

  42. Can someone tell me what they say about “dark Italians” please

  43. I get why people hate they are the most polite people I've met and keep to them selves

  44. Now, you know what they say about dark Eye-talians. 😃

  45. Today it would be "F you too and F Tupac Shakur"

  46. "Bruce". "Bruuuce"

  47. I like this scene before the insults, it's nice seeing Mookie and Pino communicating and talking calm at the start. "Can I talk to you for a second?"

  48. Lol i love this movie

  49. 2:31 The actor playing the police officer is Sal's real life son, Danny Aiello III who died in 2010 of pancreatic cancer. He was also a movie stuntman. He looks like Sal(Danny Aiello) too.

  50. "Keep Hope Alive!" "Keep Hope Alive!". That wasn't f up. Pino was imitating Jesse Jackson in a sincere form of flattery

  51. Today it would be F You too and F Tupac Shakur.

  52. Ha-ha Mayor Kochie "How I'm Doing?" Chocolate Egg Cream Drinking!

  53. Lmao I forget that Samuel L. Jackson is in this

  54. I hate this movie with a passion

  55. I think racism has always existed since ancient times. It’s a hard habit to get rid of.

  56. "You gold teeth, gold chain wearin…" What's that? I couldn't hear you over the sound of the two golden crosses around your neck.

  57. Mesopotamians started civilization. And they were in Iraq.

  58. "Then you Woke UP!" exactly. some of em are STILL asleep.


  60. This scene proves the human race is nowhere near as advanced as we think. The average man is extremely primitive and weak, especially in America 🇺🇸👎

  61. Filipinos: 😀🍿

  62. John Turturo's roast was too brutal man 1:59

  63. I think Samuel Jackson speaks to the majority of the way Americans feel.

  64. Their were multiple races before civilization even other types of human such as Neanderthal’s, even a dwarf like race existed skin color only differs because of where that skin color evolved their was no original skin color if it did exist it was most likely a dude with a bit of every skin color possible

  65. Pino realizes he’s lost the argument, so he changes the subject. Classic.

  66. I wish I was black

  67. Who would believe that Samuel L Jackson would be the voice of reason here.

  68. It's Jewels at the end

  69. Greatest movie ever. ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾💯💯💯

  70. Was that the Democrats 2020 pitch. .. i don't see this being different to identity politics

  71. This reminds me of Norton’s rant in 25th Hour. Spike Lee must love doing stuff like this

  72. 😂Everybody is Rasicist.

  73. Red shoe Wearing I’m so dead 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  74. This is the real America that people in other countries don’t see and when a segment of people that live in America don’t see or want to acknowledge

  75. Only one of these comments tho were worthy of ice cubes amerikkkas most wanted . Just sayin 😂


  77. I was 22 in 1989..please take me back

  78. Cigarettes were a $1.50. Times have changed.

  79. I'm face with this everyday in USA racism is so powerful that no peaceful words gets no respect

  80. Spike is a shell of his former self

  81. 1:50 the start of the funniest scenes in any SPIKE LEE movie.

  82. There is more racism among blacks, and I personally suffered a lot from this black racism

  83. There's a solution to this, just act like the culture that you're a part of – AMERICA

  84. You toilet using….
    food eating….
    water drinking….
    bill having……
    toe nail clipping…..
    youtube having….
    human you !!!!

  85. MAYER COTCH GOOD MAN not life style but a GOOD HONEST MAN [email protected]#$%

  86. I feel like they need to play Samuel Jackson's part in Portland on repeat over a loud speaker.

  87. Where can i find that beautiful 90s background soundtrack 0:00 – 0:50

  88. Civilization began in Iraq you gold chain wearing MF.

  89. "Owm every fruit and vegetables street in ny" lol

  90. Alot of racism but a very true good movie 🎥

  91. The delayed sub titles had me buggin

  92. Always and Forever

  93. Spike Lee would be crucified by social justice warriors on social media if this movie was made today.

  94. Most of what Pino was saying was compliments lmao

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