DIY Duct Tape and Leather Luggage Tags

DIY Duct Tape and Leather Luggage Tags

– Hey guys, so a few weeks
ago in my travel tips video, I asked if you guys wanted to
see a DIY luggage tag video. And you guys said you did, so here it is. I’m going to be making
two different versions, one made out of duct tape,
and one made out of leather. Let’s get started. (gentle guitar music) So for the duct tape luggage tag you’re going to need three rolls of tape. Two with contrasting colors or patterns, and then one roll of clear packing tape. Start by cutting off a piece
of the solid color tape that is about as long as you
want your luggage tag to be. Cut off a second piece of tape, and stick it directly on
top of the first piece, smoothing out any air bubbles. To make it a little bit stronger, cut out a third piece that’s
the same length again, and stick it directly on top, and then flip it over and do the same thing on the other side. Then trim the edges and you
should have a piece of duct tape that is four layers thick. I want to add a decorative shape to the end of my luggage tag, so I’m going to grab
a little business card and fold it in half to make a pattern. Once you have the shape that you want, trace that onto the duct
tape, and then cut it out. Now grab your packing
tape and cut off a piece that is the same size as your duct tape. Cut off a second piece and stick that directly on top of the first piece. Trim the edges so it is
exactly the same size and shape as the duct tape. Now grab a long piece
of your patterned tape and stick it directly to your cutting mat. Use your ruler and X-Acto knife to cut off a quarter inch strip. Then, cut a piece out of that that is the length of the
short side of your duct tape. Use this to finish the
top edge of the duct tape, and then trim off the edges. Then, cut a piece of your patterned tape that is the same length as the
long side of your duct tape. Use that to tape the duct tape and the packing tape together, folding it over and then
trimming off the edges. Do the same thing on the other side. To close off the bottom, cut
a piece of your patterned tape that is as wide as your luggage tag, and then stick it to the bottom triangle. Cut off all of the excess tape so that you just have two flaps hanging over the edge like this. And then, just fold those over. Cut off another piece of duct tape, and tape it over the triangle on the back, and then trim off the excess completely. Now that your luggage
tag is all put together, grab a ruler and measure exactly how big the paper with your address
should be to fit inside. You could cut this out of paper and hand-write your
name and address on it, but I decided to make a label in Photoshop and print it out. Then just cut this out of your paper, and slide it into your luggage tag. To attach it to your suitcase, grab the rest of your long
piece of patterned duct tape and make a long, thin strip by
folding it over onto itself. Then grab your X-Acto
knife or utility knife and cut a slit at the
top of your luggage tag, cutting through both the packing tape and the duct tape layers. This may take a minute to cut
through all of the layers, but just keep at it. Once you’ve done that, just thread the long
piece of patterned tape through the slit. For one final touch,
I’m just going to grab one of these gold letters that I used in my business card banner project. This time it is a K for Karen, and I’m going to stick it to
the back of my luggage tag. And that’s it. Your duct tape luggage tag is finished. To attach it to your suitcase, just cut off another small piece of tape and use that to attach the two
ends of the hanging together. (gentle guitar music) Okay, so now it is time to
make the leather luggage tag. Since you don’t need a ton
of leather for this project, I just got a handful of leather scraps from a recycled craft supply store. And I only paid a couple dollars for them. Or, if you don’t wanna use leather, you could probably do it
just as well with felt. Let me know if any of you guys try that. Okay, so I’m going to be using this piece of gray
leather for this project. Decide how big you want
your luggage tag to be, and then draw a guide on
the back of your leather. I made mine four inches by two inches. Carefully cut that out,
trying to keep your edges as straight as possible. Then trace that piece and cut it out so you have two pieces that
are the exact same size. Now, take one piece and draw a guide for a window in the center. Take your scissors and
carefully cut it out. Now at this point, you could
skip straight to the gluing. But I’m going to add a
little bit of decoration with this seafoam colored
embroidery thread. Make sure you also have a needle that is big enough for embroidery thread. A regular, small sewing needle won’t be good enough for this. Put down a cutting mat,
and then grab your awl, or if you don’t have an awl, a thumbtack could work too. Decide where you’re going to sew. I’m going to stitch an outline
around the inner rectangle, So take your awl, and start
poking holes in the leather as close together or as
far apart as you want. Technically, you don’t
have to do this step, but it’s so much easier to sew leather if the holes are already there. Once you’ve poked all of the holes, thread your needle and start sewing. And then, once you’ve
gone all the way around, tie off the ends and grab
your other piece of leather. Sketch out whatever
design you want to make. I decided to sew a cute little heart. Then grab your awl, and once again, start poking holes around the outline. Once you’ve gone all the way around, thread your needle again and sew all the way around the outline. And there you go. A
cute little sewn heart. So now that the front and
the back are finished, it’s time to glue them together. I’m going to be using E-6000, which is a really strong glue that works really well on leather. Just open up your glue and apply a line around three sides of the luggage tag, being careful not to apply too much glue. Place the other piece on
top, and press it down to really set the glue. And use a tissue to
wipe off any excess glue that leaks out the sides. And then go and wash your hands right away if you got glue all over them like I did, because it can cause some minor irritation if you leave it on your
hands for too long. So set it aside, and let it dry overnight. The next day, once the
glue has fully dried, trim the edges to make them
look a little bit neater, making sure that you don’t
cut all of the glue off. Then once again, measure how
big the address label should be and print it off, or write it by hand. Since there’s no plastic
built into this luggage tag, I’m just going to cover
it with packing tape so it doesn’t get ruined
if I am out in the rain. So just slide that in, trimming
it down if you have to, until it fits nice and snug. To attach it to your suitcase, cut off a piece of string
and fold it in half. Thread the loop through
the luggage tag window, and then pull the two
ends through the loop and pull that tight. Grab your suitcase and tie the two ends
of the string together. And you can dab the
knot with a little glue if you really wanna make
sure it doesn’t come apart. And there you go. Your own custom leather luggage tag. So I hope you guys liked
these luggage tags. If you want to make them, I put a list of all the materials in the new Sublime list right down below. So let me know in the Comments
which one you liked better. And also, if you could
travel anywhere in the world, where would you wanna go? So if you missed my
last travel tips video, you can watch that right here. And if you’re just really
in a DIY mood right now, I put up a video that’s
three projects you can make with old business cards. You can watch that video right here. Thank you guys so much for watching. I will see you all next time. (pulsing synthesizer music)

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