Discover Facebook Marketplace

Discover Facebook Marketplace

did you know that Facebook is creating a very awesome way to connect customers to specific services or specific vendors well Google actually has done and they maybe have created kind of a new Craigslist for businesses and this has been something that actually has been evolving for the past few years I’ve seen it evolve but they just recently opened a marketplace for automotive dealerships where you can actually list the cars you have in your lot on Facebook or even if you’re some type of plumber or a gardener or if you are if you offer house cleaning services you can actually go to Home Services on marketplace which is owned by Facebook and you can actually put all of your services in there and people can actually find you for these services so Facebook is actually taking a lot of advantage to help local businesses become more aware to their users as you may know Google actually did this with the local local service ads so Google has another platform other than the Google AdWords which are kind of the place ads you add on on on the ads you see when you do a search query they also have the same thing with local services with a new edition of actually adding images so people can understand and know the experience of your business and what they do for for this specific house or type of repair or type of mobile service that you offer so I would say to go to the marketplace and try to see if you can create your own listing and see and play around with it to see if this is gonna help you for your local business or even if your national business if you have some type of service for your franchise franchises this could be something that can help create more social proof or even have more people interact with messenger and send you questions and that can lead to a potential sale so this is my tip of the day if you have any questions you can always DM me at Twitter with John geek and jo-jo ng okay or you can always find me at LinkedIn @i n slash Alonzo John al ons o jo n have a great day

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  1. Great info, Jonathon, and thanks. I have subscribed to your channel as I am also a marketing geek. Let's stay in touch! Nate

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