Dirty hotel rooms: Hidden camera shows what really gets cleaned (CBC Marketplace)

Dirty hotel rooms: Hidden camera shows what really gets cleaned (CBC Marketplace)

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  1. I wonder how much money these people spend doing tasks to figure out about stuff.

  2. i went to a days inn hotel it was nasty there was stankbugs all over i pit my baby sister down to get my pjs on and when i looked back she was about to eat a stankbug i rushed then when i went to brushed i went to shut the door and i shut it and the my grandma went to knok and the door flung open there was a notepad to ask them to change any thing and i was told not to write on it but i did then the next night we go to a differnt hotel clean as a wisle i loved it

  3. All the thumbs down for this wonderful video are left by terrible maids. The toilet brush doesn't go in the sink.

  4. Housekeeper are freaking lazy to clean everything really good.

  5. This channel is one of the few reasons I still watch YouTube

  6. Thank you so much for doing this video because u gave honest reviews and now I know where to go and not to go
    Thank you🙏🙏🙏😂😂😂


  8. Wow terrible. Thank goodness for yall


  10. 2019 i had to stay once recently in econolodge.for just quick night stop in my 10 day journey from America to canada .dirty sheets, dirty room. Never in life staying on any econolodge they should change their name from econolodge to Filtheo Lodge… gross

  11. Where can we buy one of those black lights maybe we need to all check our rooms before we stay in them

  12. Instead of using rags and just bringing contamination from one place to another they need to use spray bottles and one rag per room…. no chemical green spray bottles are very easy to make and cheap ….A water vinegar essential oil spray

  13. That was baby batter on the wall.

  14. i use to clean Hotel rooms and i have NEVER done anything nasty! you only get like maybe 15 to 30 mins to clean a room before it's booked again for the next Stayer.

  15. That's similar to china

  16. Over 20 years ago one of the motels in my area (California) paid employees the hourly minimum wage for cleaning SIX stay over rooms and one hour for three rooms where the guest had checked out. That is one reason why it is so filthy. The workers cut corners to try to get the room cleaned in that time. I was new at it and it took close to an hour for one room that the guest had checked out of. I quit to find employment elsewhere after working ten hours a day for three days (with help from a friend) and had blisters all over my feet. I took what pay I was able to get and quit.

  17. Everyone: 2018?


  18. What the hell @ 10:56 ?

  19. I freakin love marketplace, and I’m not even Canadian.

  20. "How where they missed? " Ummm toenails are kinda small but that's unacceptable

  21. i mean that’s disgusting but maybe that urine stain on the wall is so set in its impossible to get out

  22. I can't even finish this vid or take you guys seriously. You guys are an embarrassment to investigative reporting.

  23. U pay cheap, u get cheap

  24. I can't sleep it become nightmare

  25. That’s why I clean my own room from top to bottom. I change the sheets and ask for new clean ones. I clean the coffee maker and all glass top tables and wash the glass cups and ice bucket. I breach the tub, walls, toilet, sink and floors. I even clean the remote to the tv and door handles.

  26. Econolodge in Orillia, Ontario was absolutely disgusting. The sheets were actually not clean sheets. The beds were badly made. I got the impression that someone had left and that the room had not been cleaned at all. I was relieved that I had a sleeping bag in my car and of course I always bring my own pillows.

  27. Super Eight, Super Great

  28. That is so gross!! It's almost as gross as the smell of the toliet!!! Ewww!!! Leave! Just leave! Please! That's my advice!

  29. If l'm paying all of this money to stay in an hotel it should be clean. Cleaning supplies don't cost that much. I guess l will start bringing my own cleaning supplies and linen.

  30. I mean they are probably stains you can’t get off but still. Get new blankets

  31. I'd like to turn the tables on these fussy Bettys. I would test their eye glasses, cell phones, and car keys. They would be speechless. Get over it. Life is not about dodging germs.

  32. Wow I will never go to any other hotel other than Super 8 again in my life. I'm going to share this with family and friends. Thank you marketplace. 👍🏻

  33. And somehow housekeeping missed this giant SPLAT on the couch.

  34. Since Yall wanna complain so bad go do that job for a week and see how you feel

  35. Just wear a bio-harard suit, thick rubber gloves and dont touch anything

  36. This is terrible and we the guests believe they have our best interests. I stayed at the Fairmont airport in Vancouver and the glass which I have a picture of looked like someone had threw up in it. Disgusting. I don’t trust them anymore so I do just like the reporter does and look at the room first.


  38. for the beds just use a sleapingbag liner could be cotton or silk just make sure you get one

  39. I was working at the hotel. When we did not have enough sheets, the boss told us to leave old one where someone had slept a week ago if they did not have any visible flecks. With one sponge we cleaned the toilets and glasses from which guests were drinking. Curtains never washed, unless they were noticeably dirty. Sometimes when we didnt have enough bedding, we would just drop out old one,on wich people was already slept and stime it. Pillows are never washed . When you go to the room, remove the bedding from the bed and pillow and see how much it is that disgusting.If everything is perfectly clean this is probably because it was a hotel inspection recently.I did not work only in one hotel.I did a lot of them with different stars.They are all the same.

  40. Yup rooms are.dirty

  41. Do you walk around with a blue light after cleaning your home!? This is excessive!

  42. Go back to using bleach to clean with. The expensive bulk cleaners promoted in the 1980s resulted in MRSA spread.

  43. Both my husband and son travel in their work. They both wipe the room immediately upon entering the room. Those disinfectant wipes are great. They don't travel with black lights though. We never stay in the 6 mentioned hotels, not that it makes that much difference. Can you imagine what a cruise ship has? Last year I turned down a cruise. Been there, done that. Got off a ship once so sick.


  44. I'm not surprised about their findings. I worked in Housekeeping as a summer job when I was in my early 20's. The pay was low, they only gave us 30 minutes to clean a room including the bathroom, and I would have up to 25 rooms to do a day. The housekeepers never had enough time to make the room truly clean.

  45. OK, I'm not really interested in this video, but…WHAT IS A CAMERA DOING IN THE WASHROOM?

  46. towels bed sheets are often dirty

  47. I think it prolly depends the person that cleans the room too…one cleaning lady may be better then another… curious if Marketstar only checked one room at each hotel instead of maybe 3 rooms…typically different cleaning ladies on different floors

  48. You should do kitchens in restrants, believe !e it will
    I make you want to go screaming in the dark.

  49. I'm only half way thru this video and I had to turn it off. This is DISGUSTING! it actually made my stomach roll! UGH! Even in high end hotels! Hard to believe. I no longer trust ANY hotel, none! In all my travels I "thought" I'd had only one horrible experience. But now I suspect the rooms weren't as clean as I thought they were. GROSS! From now on I'll be requesting cleaning products be left in the room upon arrival. I can clean it myself!

  50. schitt's creek hotel.

  51. next test prostitutes.

  52. I dont mind the buffering
    I dont mind the ads
    But When the ads buffer
    I suffer….

  53. Oh dear, you request that we clean room as much as we can within a very specific window of time.

    Try this, as a mother or a parent go and try to clean your house within a specific window of time.

    And yet, that is what you expected from cleaners coming into your home. The whole house or the whole chores need to be clean within a certain period of agreed time.

    Time that have been assessed previously by a manager that wont be doing the job but pushing them to the workers/cleaner as shortest time possible as the cleaners charged by the time of task completion.

    During training the "manager" have shown us the proper procedure to the letter and "DEMANDED" everyone to follow it.

    And yet housekeeping are getting paid by the total room finished meaning the more room we finished cleaning, the more pay.

    Oh yeah, i like to do them by procedure as i have a mindset of "do to other as you do upon yourself"

    And yet, of the group, im the one making the least money lol.

    After i asked the "senior" how do they do it, lols…. another job hunting is on the way

    Are you all living in a fantasy?

  54. Extraterrestrial Composition 👽 🎶

  55. Talk about going to the extreme…I take my own sheets, pillows & cases. I take Raid bug spray & I pull out dresser drawers & spray away, I spray the bed board, any cracks I find. I take bleach, comet cleaner, in other words I take my own cleaning supplies, and I clean & wipe everthing. Guess what???? Never got sick & never took home any bugs,

  56. I always thought hotels were clean

  57. I wanna do the dirt swipe on their teeth… literally all British people ..

  58. Why is this entertaining me

  59. Who else is watching this 2019

  60. Once in New York the housekeeping didn’t even bother flushing the toilet

  61. I love this show😂😂👍👍👍

  62. In our country remote controls on hotels are put in a plastic bag. But we dont know if they change the plastic bags

  63. I use to be a house keeper and it's really sad because nothing in a hotel room is clean unless you get the room as soon as the hotel is built. Otherwise, cleaning is just spay and wipe. Your top cover is usually washed once every three months. You also get your housekeepers that don't really change the sheets.The only time they want you to super clean a room is during inspections.

  64. This was awesome, but why didn’t you test Hilton, or Hyatt? Just curious.
    You did get the others though.
    Best Western- No Comment Needed
    Econo Lodge- Choice Hotels
    Holiday Inn- IHG Hotels
    Sheraton- Marriot (They own Sheraton now)
    Royal York- Fairmont
    Super 8- Wyndham

  65. Cleaning crew usually have no training and sometimes are underpaid because hire undocumented people. Regarding cleaning companies, they don't care about training the cleaners even though they no have experience. So, cleaners just do what they guess are the proper way to do it or how it looks better but no disinfection protocols are done. These companies just care about profits.

  66. Like y’all house isn’t way nastier than that

  67. How did you get in the same room

  68. UV light she meant

  69. I really like this show alot

  70. Great video. I remember watching a show on how clean hotels are on television years ago; and they found out that hotels never clean bed spreads but maybe once a year. They don't steam carpets very often either. As far as walls go maids are never expected to wash the walls down. They usually only get cleaned every few years when a hotel has the walls repainted or have new wall paper put up. Never thought about bed pads before. Seems ridiculous that when paying for an expensive room somewhere, you have to bring you own cleaning supplies along to clean it up. This and how filthy airliners are makes you not want to travel at all. I can't stand traveling on the airlines anymore.

  71. Error 40 years ago I worked as a maid and nothing under the sheet was ever changed and I don't ever remember the top blanket or comforter being removed and washed. No matter what state the room was in you had less than 20 minutes to clean it and you can't really clean in that short of time.

  72. 4:34 Sink to toilet ≠ toilet to sink …

  73. I am a housekeeper

  74. These are 1 star hotels… what do you expect lol

  75. It's MRSA not MSRA.

  76. Didn’t know the CBC did sensationalist bs.

  77. We were banned from Island View casino resort for video taping the filthy room we were in as we evacuated hurricane Barry

  78. Those foreign hotel owners are cheap . They dont want to pay for proper cleaning. Bedspreads are only washed when obviously filthy.

  79. Glasses and dishes are often wiped out with windex.Always wash dishes before using them. Coffee makers are never cleaned. Remotes are never wiped.

  80. sembra pulito ma non e .tanto bacterii

  81. in 20 minue devi fare camera non e suficiente much dirty

  82. The first thing I do when getting to a hotel room is turn on the air con. The second is disinfect EVERYTHING. I normally sleep on top of the bed with my own blanket and take my own pillow.

  83. No one should allow smokers inside. They reek and emit nasty third-hand smoke poisons.

  84. I need one of those Clean Meters!

  85. I saw what she did to try and not be contaminated, but what about the filthy beds, omg,🤮

  86. You are lucky to get 18 minutes to clean a room 15 at most places . it takes at lest 10 to 15 minutes to clean just the bathroom until the hotel gives there workers more time to clean you will find the nasty .

  87. If you forget your slippers. Ask for more towels and lay them on the floors from bed to bathroom and room door.

  88. Best Western here in UK is also shite.

  89. They should have invited Gordon Ramsay.

  90. there are soo many hotels in America that don't wash the sheets in between guests. its far more common than one might want to think

  91. there are soo many hotels in America that don't wash the sheets in between guests. its far more common than one might want to think

  92. Soo discusting. I used to be a janitor and that's not how you clean. Everything is separate and sprayed down daily. Everything is wiped separately with cleaners.

  93. I only stay at Marriott so let’s see if they stand up to the challenge

  94. Why is it not a thing for hotels to use black light in the cleaning process?

  95. I travel to over 20 countries each year (I’m an International Law lawyer), and even though I stay in the fanciest hotels anywhere I go…I do everything the host done at the end of this video AND I never travel without my own bed sheets. I cover the hotel outer blanket/ comforter with one of my sheets and then request several hotel clean sheets (usually come pressed and folded), and use them as a blanket over another sheet of mine.
    Oh, and I also travel with my own small blanket and plane seat cover even at first class! 🙂

  96. I just looked at the duct cleaning, furniture moving and now this video. Is is a coincidence that the majority of primary persons involved in these scams and poor service cases are immigrants and /or naturalized citizens?

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