Dilraba opens up, and what is a Booting Ceremony? [Chinese Entertainment Update]

Dilraba opens up, and what is a Booting Ceremony? [Chinese Entertainment Update]

Hi guys, Marcus here and welcome to Chinese
Entertainment Update October 11th 2019 edition. Make sure to watch till the end where for
your convenience I do a recap of all the dramas with premiere dates. In this edition, what is a booting ceremony?
and Dilraba opens up, but first.. Love in Shanghai
is an upcoming modern drama starring Victoria Song, Zhang Jianing, Li Chun and Selina Jade. The drama tells the story of four career-minded
women and the problems they face in their career and love lives. Their male counterparts are played by Zheng
Kai, Tony Yang, Wang Yaoqing and Huang Zheng. The drama is slated for 36 episodes and held
it’s booting ceremony in August so it will be a while before it gets released. Speaking of booting ceremonies, I have been
asked on many occasions, what exactly are those? Great question! I speak of booting ceremonies so often that I’ve never stopped to think maybe some people aren’t familiar with what they are. Well simply put they are like a small opening
ceremonies held on the first day of filming. The cast and crew are all in attendance and
they burn incense and offer a prayer for a smooth shoot. They will also unveil the cameras which are
initially covered with red cloth. There are red banners, red cloth, red carpets,
pretty much red everywhere – it’s a symbol of luck and happiness. It’s also serves as a great marketing opportunity
for the production as usually the stars will be there for the media to take photos. I’ve been to a couple of small ones for Chinese
productions here in Vancouver but never a full fledged booting ceremony
in China. I would love to go to one though, they can
be quite the party atmosphere. On the topic of booting ceremonies, I introduced
Cecilia Liu’s comeback drama My Dear Selfin a previous video and
spoke about how low key it was. Well it now has an official Weibo page and
released these booting ceremony stills. The drama’s English title is now To Dear Myself. It’s is a female-centric story about three
women, played by Cecilia Liu, Adi Kan and Chen Miqi
and their troubled romances and careers. Their male counterparts are played by Zhu
Yilong, Peng Guanying and Li Zefeng. Ding Hei, who helmed Nothing Gold Can Stay,
directs. And still sticking with topic of booting ceremonies,
here’s a drama that recently started shooting. Don’t Lie to Your Lover
is an upcoming modern drama starring Liang Jie and Xin Yunlai. It is based on the comic of the same name
and they held their booting ceremony yesterday October 10th. The drama tells the story of a girl who loses
her job and relationship in one unfortunate night. She then lands a new job at an architecture
company but is tasked with having to constantly lie for her boss. I haven’t the seen the trailer or the comic
but this has got comedy written all over it. It is produced by one of Hong Kong’s finest
directors Gordon Chan. Liang Jie is probably best known for her The
Eternal Love series with Xing Zhaolin. This is Xin Yunlai’s first lead role in a
drama. He recently had a supporting role in Waiting
For You In The Future. And now a rundown of some dramas that have
premiere dates. All I Want For Love Is You
is a youth drama starring Lu Zhaohua and Liu Yuhan
and it premiered earlier today. It tells the story of a martial arts and action
loving girl who studies hard to get into the same school as her crush, a book smarts guy
who wants to major in medicine. In university, they get into hilarious situations
and fall in love over time. I watched the trailer and it totally reminded
me of A Love So Beautiful with Shen Yue and Hu Yitian. If you enjoyed that drama, then this one might
be your cup of tea. It is available on Youtube. The Gravity of a Rainbow
is an upcoming modern drama starring Godfrey Gao and Xuan Lu
and it is slated for an October 16th premiere. The drama tells the story of a girl who, on
her search for her soulmate, falls in love with a young professor. However, her mother is against it and wants
her to marry the son of wealthy family friend instead. Not the most original story but we’ll see
what they can bring to it. It will be available Tencent and probably
on Youtube too. Dilraba opens up and gets emotional on a Chinese
travel show. Feel the World is a Chinese travel show where
guest stars go to different destinations and live life like a local. Dilraba starred in an episode in season 2
where she traveled to Greece and stayed with an elderly couple. In one of the scenes, she watched as the elderly
woman prepares lunch and she got emotional. When she spoke to the camera she said, “Seeing
the grandpa and grandma’s happy lifestyle and tasting this familiar taste
made me feel like I was at home. ..whenever I see elderly people, I will think
about my grandmother”. She continued, “My grandmother was a very
quiet person. ..when she became ill, the whole neighborhood,
a few hundred people went to see her.. except me”. It’s been reported that Dilraba’s grandmother
fell ill in 2014 during the time she filmed Diamond Lover. She wasn’t able to take the time off to pay
respects to her grandmother for one last time. Whether she was denied permission or whether
she decided on her own not to hold up production is unclear,
but she soldiered on with filming. If you search “Feel the World Dilraba”, you
can find links to the episode on Youtube. It would take incredible circumstances to
stop me from saying goodbye to someone I love, especially a family member. That said, I’m not in Dilraba’s shoes so I’m
not going to speak like I know what she was going through. It was obviously an agonizing decision. On film sets, situations like this can be
hard to deal with especially if you’re a lead actor because they can’t simply replace
you, they have to completely shut down the days
of work, as oppose to say an office job where they can keep operating. If you ever find yourself in a dilemma like
this, here’s one way of looking at it. Think of what the person who you’re saying
goodbye to will honestly want you to do. Some who will absolutely want you to be there
with them and some will be stoic and they will insist that you
stay at work or that you sit for that exam. Whatever happens after, at least you have
the peace of mind of knowing that you made the decision with that person in mind. And now a quick recap of the dramas with premiere
dates. All I Want For Love Is You 满满喜欢你
premiered on October 10th. The Gravity of a Rainbow 彩虹的重力 will
premiere on October 16th. So that’s it for today guys but while I have
your attention, I’d like to ask you to visit my crowdfunding page, Patreon,
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all in the next one. Cheers.

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