Digital Business Cards – Mobile Business Cards – Video Business Cards

Digital Business Cards – Mobile Business Cards – Video Business Cards

Businesses spend hundreds of millions of dollars
every year on business cards only to end up in a pile like this in someone’s desk drawer.
Unfortunately, 90% of all business cards are thrown out within one week.
Why keep wasting money on paper cards when there’s a smarter solution?
Digital business cards solve all of the problems associated with standard paper cards. Your card won’t be thrown in the trash or
run through the laundry. You never run out of cards or forget to bring
them with you. Set yourself apart from everyone else at networking
events. Digital business cards are multimedia with
embedded video and social media integration They are environmentally friendly Can be changed at any time Have mobile friendly features like Click to
call, click to email Compatible with all smart phones How do they work you ask? It’s simple. The
digital card is opened in any web browser on your smart phone, and is shared using your
phone’s native browser sharing functions. Once you share it via text messaging or email,
a link to your digital business card is instantly sent to your customer’s phone. You can even
get instant verification from your customer that it arrived.
A digital business card is a great way to present your business in a much more interactive
and engaging way. Take handing out a business card to a whole new level. Need one for multiple
employees? NO PROBLEM! Volume discounts are available! Click on the link in the description
to view a sample and call 91 Media today to talk to one of our digital card specialists!

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  1. Digital business cards a great way to engage your customers and grow your business.

  2. Digital business cards are a great way to set yourself apart from the competition
      #digitalbusinesscards #91media #mobilemarketing  

  3. I will have to check into this

  4. These could work well with the type of business I do! Great video! Keep it up!

  5. what's the difference between this and sending a text " hi it's me from ___" ? seen people for this. It seems very redundant to text someone your business card unless they text someone else for a referral.

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