Demo of USC CCI Decentralized Data Marketplace (DDM)

This is a demo of the USC CCI Decentralized Marketplace We first search for data items on the marketplace A seller can register their data product using this form They enter various metadata relevant to their IoT device here including price and SDPP server info Registering stores the metadata on IPFS and a hash pointer to it on an Ethereum Smart Contract Now a buyer can search for the product We see that after some time the newly added demo data product is visible A buyer can select that item and proceed to order it using SDPP by entering their IOTA wallet info (seed) It takes some time for the SDPP-based buyer-seller connection to be set up The order is placed on the IOTA Tangle (using SDPP) The SDPP server shows that the data transfer has begun. The buyer is now receiving the streaming IoT data from the seller’s server at some steady rate (not shown here) Along the way, the buyer’s SDPP client automatically makes payments for the data using IOTA, shown here Depending on the selected granularity of payment, there may be multiple micro-payment steps The server shows corresponding invoices it sent for each payment This file shows the data items received by the buyer from the seller.. We can examine the SDPP transaction corresponding to the order on the IOTA tangle Thanks for watching For more info, please visit

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