Deborah SLAMS enormous £4M valuation with NO PRODUCT! – BBC Dragons’ Den

Deborah SLAMS enormous £4M valuation with NO PRODUCT!  – BBC Dragons’ Den

So you want two hundred thousand for 5 percent. That’s right So 4 million pounds Yes. I am assuming evaluation of 4 million pounds must have some sales
No We have put it in places but it’s processed product You put it in places, how many?
Five in total A trial product with zero turn over and Evaluation based on future potential can be a little cocktail in the Den Is a hangover already setting in For Peter Jones I am Ok with people investing in business where it’s pretty revenue understand that model How much money have you raised for this business 2 million to date You have spent 2 million.
Yes Where did you get that 2 million from A private investor And he said I really like the idea.
Yes And his company has invested 2 million pounds To date.
And how much of that 2 million is still with the business? It’s all spent So you spent the 2 million Who owns the company? he owns 90 percent, I own 10 Ohh Ok. He is here waiting to come in No Why? He is on holiday at the moment You should brought your investor here He got 90 percent shareholder and it’s not here and that’s, that’s a big thing I need to drink Michael’s admission that he owns just 10 percent of the company that already some

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  1. Jenny had every right to say "im out" on this one!

  2. 3:10 Jenny just used that as an excuse to pretend like that she was gonna invest but she never was

  3. Jenny needed a drink the second she realised she wasn't going to invest and needed to use up all the free bes before they were taken away

  4. Jenny: "I might have said to you love this going to invest" Man thinking: "GTFO"

  5. I’m the Boss of my 10%

  6. Lol Jenny had a reason to be out, reality is she would have been out anyway. Thought you could hide behind it Jenny. Nope.

  7. skip to 33 minutes for the full verson

  8. I can't believe Jenny is out!

  9. 3:08 yeah sure sure

  10. 1:44 Jenny there defo for the free drinks

  11. why cant people just be happy with a quid

  12. Ji'moutEi'moutNi'moutNi'moutYi'mout, for that reason i'm out.

  13. It’s like he was sent to fk with their heads lol

  14. Jenny last to talk. Firs to say im out.

  15. 3:32 she just went to fucking sleep.

  16. Meadon blowing her own trumpet again

  17. 1:44 Jenny I need a drink …. That's all you're there for is the free drinks

  18. Jenny: I need a drink.
    As if the drink is going to help you make an offer ffs

  19. Can't even have the pitch. Balls to you BBC

  20. I’m Je, sorry I’m out

  21. What NOT to do with your money.

  22. They must fire the editor of this series. 😂😂😂

  23. Spaceship lands in Jenny's backyard.
    Alien: I got technology that will cure all man diseases and I will give you my spaceship to travel the cosmos.

    Jenny: I'm out.

  24. In fairness I think this time it’s justified if Jenny is out….

  25. Jenny's eyes look like Jenny from down the road, she drinks lot of cider.

  26. weird guy. i think hes lying to get money

  27. Jenny needed a drink after she fooled herself that she may have made an offer

  28. At 4:45 Jenny is still worried about investing even though she's out

  29. Jenny is just in for the free drink.

  30. yer povs kiss my feet

  31. He is on Holiday at the moment. LMAO

  32. Seriously jenny why is she even there so pointless

  33. How do you spend 2 million and the business hasn't even got off the ground? Give me 2million, I'll get you 10% interest minus my commission with no risk to capital.

  34. Scammy prick of a guy. Probably does some dodgy money laundering shit

  35. I like this guy, he wound them up real guud. He taught the dragons some manners.

  36. What was the product?

  37. Jenny: I haven’t said anything yet!
    Him: oh okay. Are you going to invest?
    Jenny: No. I’m out

  38. Listen guys I just wanted to say I'm Jenny and I'm out…😂

  39. Just to let everyone know
    I heard. Might be wrong but the
    Dragons lost out this business went over the roof.

  40. don’t cut away the pitch…!!!

  41. Best Cliff hanger ever still non the wiser what it was – ink cartridges – soda ? – hope it's not gun cartridge he will blow his brains out in the lift…wait no he won't he's smart

  42. What’s he pitching ??

  43. My name is Jenny… and for that reason, I'm out.

  44. The main company owner is not at the pitch…
    It’s a total clusterfunk mistake but it seems to happen so often on this show.

  45. Ur smart are u Deborah???? Wat about that 90million£ business that u slagged off, pro gains and missed a huge investment opportunity

  46. I’m Jenny from the block and I’m out

  47. Think we all knew Jenny was going to flake out fist.

  48. 'Delusional People' 101 Masterclass.

  49. Jenny needs a drink and for that reason she’s out

  50. This just became a roasting hahaha

  51. I new before I watch the video that Jenny will be out. What a shame.

  52. Jenny: I'm out…

    Peter Jones: looks out the window
    "Oh yeah…"

  53. He knows nathing Jenna has no money to invest anyway

  54. Also, the dude has already sold 90% of his business for £2m. Therefore his company is only worth a little over 2 million. He can't value at £4m….

  55. Who's surprised that jenny is out?

  56. Haha this guy fucked his investors. He spent all the money on strippers and booze. What’s the business? where did all the money go? The guy who owns 90% of the company is an artificial person😂

  57. What was the product?

  58. James Wood selling wine lol

  59. Does Jenny ever invest??? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  60. Let’s be honest Jenny, you were always out before anything was pitched 😂

  61. Jenny taking advantage of the free drinks.

  62. Me on google: One time Jenny atcually invested on BBC dragons den
    Google: no results found

  63. Jenny thank God I can't invest in I am out

  64. If his business doesn't work out he can alway make a living as a jeremy paxman look-a-like

  65. Lift door opens 1cm
    Jenny: Im out!

  66. This guy raised 2 mill. What a legend. He can convince lonely rich women and milk thier money and also get rich young girls and be thier suger daddy as I thino this guy must have a large ding dong

  67. Hate the bbc but love dragon's den

  68. Jenny: I need a drink…and for that reason I am out!

  69. And the product was..?

  70. Hi, Jenny ,

    I saw bubbles in the bath last night made by my taps.

    For that reason , I’m out .

  71. He's completely deluded

  72. Jenny: I need a drink and for that reason I'm out!

  73. Jenny you never listen

  74. 1:02 Touker's reaction on his face though! 😂😂😂


  76. My name is Jenny and I'm just here for the free booze

  77. Michael's rather arrogant.

  78. 3:24 for anyone who’s interested

  79. Jenny : I need a drink before I say I’m out

  80. wtf is the product?

  81. I wouldn't do any better. Take my hat of to him for having the conjones to public with this.

  82. The Dragons are just people like me and you. Timing and luck is what separates them from average Joe. One fall, one diagnosis, one whatever but they all have one thing in common. Arrogance. The one most dispised trait our created warns us about.

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  84. Hi…I'm jenny…talla..I'm out of here

  85. TRY THIS.. A New brand of Lorazepam..To Dragons.."Please try the Product."
    Walk away with the piles of dosh on their tables.
    Job well done.
    Clean Gettaway. 😉

  86. Jenny so happy because she knows no one will invest

  87. Jenny: I'm Out

    Yes Jenny… We knew that before we even started watching

  88. Jenny's job made easy


  90. the women were out anyway or sometimes go in with one of the lads no balls.

  91. Jenny – you've seen my facial expressions and its for that reason – I'm out!!

  92. It's reported that Jenny has been in touch with Shark Tank- the American version of Dragons Den:

    (phone rings)
    Producer: "hello"
    Jenny: "I'm out"
    Producer: "Excuse me"?
    Jenny: "I'm out"
    Producer:"Who is this "?
    Jenny: "You still there"?
    Producer: "Yes I am. Never heard of you"
    Jenny: "And"?
    Producer: "Look, it's 3am here. What's your problem"?
    Jenny: "Are you deaf? I'm out!"
    Producer: "You weren't in in the first place"
    Jenny: "Wait what? Yeah well….."
    Producer: "Can I do something else for y…
    Jenny:" I'M OUT!!" (Hangs up)
    Producer to self: "What was that all about?."
    Jenny to self: "Mwahahahahaha"

  93. Two words I’m out

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