Dealing with Worship Team Apathy

Dealing with Worship Team Apathy

Hey, thanks for joining me today. I’ve got a question from Yelena in Costa Rica. Hi, Don How do you deal with apathy and lack of engagement from someone or several members in the worship team that’s a short question but but but a good question you Know the challenge is how do we keep it fresh week after week? Because you know you’re going through sometimes the same songs It can get so predictable Everybody in not only the worship team but sometimes your congregation kind of knows what’s going to happen next and we need to be intentional about Keeping it fresh and don’t get apathetic about what we’re doing as worship leaders One passage of Scripture that I want to share with you comes from second Chronicles chapter 20 and you can read the whole story of Jehoshaphat It’s a great story three armies were coming against him And he had fear in his heart but he set himself to seek the Lord and fast and pray and the Lord spoke to To him through a prophet and said you’ll not need to fight in this battle Stand and see the salvation of the Lord and gave him a battle plan For the singers and the Musicians to go in front of the battle not to read the whole story in the second chronicles chapter 20 but here’s what I want to share with you in verse 22 First of all the Lord told him what they’re supposed to sing in in verse 21 Said go out in front of the army and here’s what you’re to sing praise the lord for his mercy endures forever, praise the Lord for his mercy endures forever and when they began to sing and praise the Lord set ambushes against the people against their enemies and It’s that that’s the phrase I want you to think about when they began to sing and praise the Lord set Ambushments against the enemy think about the next time and share this with your with your worship team as you go on the stage to lead worship to To guard against the apathy and the familiarity of doing the same thing over and over in some churches there are two or three Services so you’re going through the same thing over and over again, but I want you to think about What happens in the Heavenlies when you begin to sing? praises to God when when they began to sing and praise the Lord set ambushes, ambushes against the enemy Think about that when you begin to lift up a song of praise what happens in the heavenlies. God? Confuses and confounds the enemy And and that’s what I want to be about I want my songs To be pleasing to the lord and when we offer up songs of praise just focus on the the power of a song of praise what it can do it can Destroy the enemy in People’s lives It’s not just putting three songs together and your setlist and off the stage you go when you begin to sing and praise and when the people began to sing and praise the Lord Will deliver you from your enemies. Well it kind of puts a whole new perspective on Leading worship and I think it’s a it’s a really good Key to Fighting against any apathy or familiarity in in just doing the same thing week after week after week of course the basic things Just stay in the word of God spend time in prayer Spend time in prayer as a worship team Do anything you can do to prevent it from getting? Too familiar and we have to do this when we go on the road touring to pull ourselves away Before the concert begins and just say Lord tonight. This is your house This is your home come and do all that you want to do here tonight, and every time we go up and sing I expect something new to happen because It’s not just a set list of songs we are creating an atmosphere With our praise to invite God’s presence to visit his people in ways that he has not Done before and and that ought to change your perspective and get you excited About what God is going to do in your service Every Sunday, so thanks again for your question I’m praying that God will keep your team fresh keep you fresh keep your church fresh and I know that he will answer that prayer hey, if you’ve got a question you want to ask me go to Don moen Dot Com forward Slash ask Don [], and I’ll give it my best shot. God bless. They get a great day

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  1. Brother Don I am from Nepal, I would like to ask a question that can we use word in worship entertainment for praise and worship? Because some people they use the word entertainment instead of praises.

  2. May God continue to bless you bro. Don and use you in all of His ways.

  3. Hi Don Moen,God bless you…

  4. Mr don Moen how can I play chord s in piano during worship songs, I'm Adam from Tanzania..

  5. God bless you sir. more grace

  6. Thanks Don for this very inspiring sharing.
    With love, from Couples for Christ in Mississauga, Ontario.

  7. Amen β™ͺβ™₯

  8. Very useful and Word-Spirit-centred… thanks!

  9. Question?? What can I do with a person that does:
    Does not respect my authority as leaders and pastor
    Complain about all the songs except if she or he like the song.
    Have a negative demeanor with the other members of the group.
    Does not want to be ready, this has the binder with the songs or make notes.
    Is full of pride.
    and others,
    In general, make the practice and Sunday morning worship heavy and difficult.

    I do not when the person out of the team because is very skillful, And I praying for a change of attitude but until that happens I can not have that person on the team.

    With all that the pastor want that person on the team.

    What can I do?

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